If the science is settled

“Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology.”
– Wm Craig Barnard


Wm. Craig Barnard

If the science is settled, why are so many scientists now coming forward with contrarian views that support climate change that leans to the cold extreme rather than the warm?

Too many scientists are speaking up and the proof is in the sky’s. We see stronger earthquakes, more frequent volcanic eruptions and the longer-term scientific material like many of the great graphs shown in this web site (iceagenow.info) are blowing the lid off their fallacy.

Lets think about something that isn’t widely discussed. Why are governments so hell bent on pushing global warming as climate change? If they had a true interest in helping their citizens prepare for these devastating events wouldn’t it be far better to inform us that cold is coming and they need money from us to help us prepare? Forty eight years ago when 30 scientists went to the UN and asked to make a presentation with a warning that a severe cold period that had the potential to be for en extended period of time was to start in 50 years, why didn’t they let them make the announcement to the world community?

Could it be that the world community, more specifically those who promote globalism and population decreases do not want us to be prepared?

Here is a bit of fact many may not be aware of, The UN granted the presentation 2 or 3 years later, but only after another theory was ready to be presented. That theory was a global warming theory and it was supported by some organization that was then identified by letters. It was reported it had very deep pockets and it’s core mission was to depopulate the globe. The two are not mutually exclusive. They are united.

The information I just typed is from my own memory. I was in school at the time and our science professor was very interested in this information and kept us informed. He showed us many articles with pro’s and con’s to the information including many articles with comic like images of the world covered in ice.

There was a full blown effort by those who wanted to misdirect the worlds population from the truth. Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology. They are very dangerous to our family’s future as well as our Republics.

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  1. sadly the fact that so many are close to illiterate when it comes to science matters let alone geography and a whole lot of other mundane vital knowledge..cos it was all too hard/boring/saw no use in learning that..
    thats enabled the media releasedalsehoods and weaselwords to be accepted by the jane n jackschitt families globally
    you can understand 3rd world people who need to work from childhood where education availability is limited or even banned for some(girls)
    but in 1st world with access to the net and much material there isnt any excuse but willful ignorance
    and that..is what the agw scam relies on
    when 6pm to 10pm(at least) is mindless garbage on tv- effectively dis abling any serious discussion on any subject, other than Kim new buttlift or almost there dress etc
    or a faux science show by clowns like fat albert etc
    no wonder the battle is uphill to make people think or get informed

  2. They couldn’t figure out how to blame modern industrial society for “Global Cooling”.
    Underneath all of the theories about authoritarian government there seems to be a common note.
    Some individuals are anxious about something. The next step is the belief that if I force someone else to do something they would not otherwise do, it will relieve my anxiety.
    Often this involves more taxes and more regulation.
    But the scary thing is that personal anxieties seem never to be relieved.
    What’s more government will always come up with more concerns to be fixed.

  3. “Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology.”

    They know it and they don’t care.

  4. Yet another “light” being shown in the correct direction. AGW and its many other names have nothing to do with science, and the only connection to climate that it has is the intent to use climate as the great killing machine, This has never been about the science, it has always been about world government and steep population decline. And as long as the MSM, and its owners that direct what it says, survive, the anti science push will continue, more and more unreliable power generation will be added while removing that which is dependable, and eventually “one bitter winter” will accomplish that which all the wars in history have failed to di, and that is reduce the population to a controllable number.

  5. I could be wrong, but I always thought science forms a theory based on observations to date and continues to look for new observations which don’t fit the theory. If that happens then a new theory is needed. Therefore the science is never settled, and those who claim it is are jumping to unscientific conclusions. Tossing out new observations that don’t fit your theory could very well lead you to the ends of the flat earth where you are in extreme danger of falling of the edge.

  6. The Marxist( aka Democrats) have been using the slight up tick in temp as a means to put us all back on the plantation. Make us all serfs beholden to the government, because you know, they know best right?
    You can bet your last dollar that the Marxist(aka Democrats) will use the down turn in temps to do the exact same thing.

  7. Because they need the CO2 scam-fraud (i.e. increased warming) to ‘get rid’ of hydrocarbon fuel use and push us into the dark age of eco fascism.

    • eco fascism? No such thing. Just various shades of communism and capitalist oligarchy clubbed together and posing as democracy or some kind of progressive politics.

      Kings, Nazis and fascists no longer rule as they are the right and the only right. Right now only the left rules and they are the global schemers, criminals, oligarchs and governments…. They like to call themselves democratic, social democratic, conservative, capitalist or progressive.
      Like the good book says you can’t get good fruit from a corrupt tree and the left is corrupt and immoral right to the core. By their fruit you shall know them.
      So you have a choice. You can believe the big lie of global warming and that it is all your fault and die from global cooling and its effects or you can accept the truth and prepare to survive and thrive. The ball is in your court!

      • In the round there isn’t any difference between the socialism of communists or national fascists, or for that matter Islamic socialism, all three of them create the leader cult over time, all three of them subvert the people into acquiescence by thuggery, hatred of the different, propaganda of the young, and re-education of dissident thought. With Green socialism and the AEW cult quickly following to catch up.
        During the last four centuries of human development, the side for Good has spent vast amounts of hard earnt treasure fighting the tyranny of the political collective controlled by the few or worse the dictator.
        The fight against Greenism is no different, it is far better to cut the cancer out of science now and expose the fraud for what it is, then allow it to fester into a war of climate oppression by the UN.

  8. Settled science? Point the following out to global warmists – they will scream at you afterwards.

    Al Gore and the IPCC scientists shared the Nobel Prize. Al Gore said sea levels were going up 20+ feet in the near future.
    The IPCC report said (if everything followed their models and if there were no intervening occurences) the rise would be 1/2 meter to 1 1/2 meters over 100 years.

    So their conclusions were wildly different. That’s how settled the science is!

  9. Even ex-NOAA scientist says it’s wrong!
    Dr. Rex J. Fleming, a former NOAA climate scientist who earned both his Master’s and Ph.D in meteorology, has published a new paper in the Environmental Earth Sciences journal that details the lack of an identifiable causal relationship between CO2 concentration changes and Earth’s temperature changes. He suggests “there is no propensity for CO2 to store heat in a systematic way over time to produce a climate change effect”.

    Dr. Fleming introduces an alternative “theory of climate change—due to the Sun’s magnetic field interacting with cosmic rays”. He theorizes that the Earth’s temperature has warmed in the modern era as a consequence of the strong solar activity during the 20th century (the Modern Maximum) shielding cosmic ray intensification and thus reducing decadal-scale cloud cover, which leads to warming via an increase in absorbed surface solar radiation (as illustrated here by Ogurtsov et al., 2012 and detailed by Avakyan, 2013, McLean, 2014, and others).

    Dr. Fleming further proposes that the Earth may cool as it slides into a Solar Grand Minimum in the coming few decades (~2030) due to a predicted decline in the solar magnetic field and concomitant cloud cover increases seeded by cosmic ray intensification.
    Reported on http://notrickszone.com/2018/04/05/ex-noaa-climate-scientist-no-role-of-co2-in-any-signi%EF%AC%81cant-change-of-the-earths-climate/ and many others but did not get a wide coverage by the MSM.
    The full paper is available for viewing via subscription at https://www.readcube.com/articles/10.1007/s12665-018-7438-y
    or you can pay to download at https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12665-018-7438-y

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