If we want to stop global warming, we need to shut down underwater volcanoes

“The last 1 million years have been the coolest million years in the last 250 million years.” – Ray Kraft

If we want to stop global warming, we need to shut down underwater volcanoes

By Ray Kraft

Wikipedia / Paleoclimatology has a good illustration of constant climate change over 500,000,000 years, with hundreds of cycles of global warming / cooling in the last 50 million years, and 10 cycles of global warming / cooling (“ice ages”) in the last 1 million years.

The last 1 million years have been the coolest million years in the last 250 million years, the long-term trendline has been cooling for 250 million years.

Palaeotemperature graphs compressed

No theory of climate change / global warming even begins to be credible UNLESS it plausibly explains the vast climate changes of the past fifty million years, at least, as global warmings and coolings and ice ages have come and gone and sea level has risen and fallen 400 feet or more again and again and again.

I.e., to be credible, the theory must credibly explain the evidence.

Looking at this circus as a lawyer, it seems to me that anyone who actually believes that changing a few hundred parts per million or parts per billion of trace gases in a climate where local temperatures rise and fall by fifty degrees or more, in many places, every day, warming in sunlight, cooling in shadow, is just being foolish.

Illogical, irrational, delusional

The world has has become infatuated with a mass folly.

The fact that temps can rise and fall fifty degrees or more between noon and midnight is CONCLUSIVE PROOF that CO2, NO2, and Methane, which are fairly evenly distributed throughout the atmosphere, obviously have trivial powers to “trap heat,” if they were “heat trappers,” the temp couldn’t rise or fall very much very quickly, but it does.

Water vapor is a different story; where the local climate is dry, the local temps heat up very quickly when the sun is shining, cool down very quickly when the sun is not shining. Go camping on the Mojave desert, conclusive proof. Where the local climate is very humid, as in the tropics, there isn’t much warming in daytime, and there isn’t much cooling at night, i.e., the water vapor is “trapping heat,” for real.

In a full-page message in the Sacramento Bee on Sunday, September 27, paid for by Dr. Lawrence Gelman of MCallen, Texas, he points out that water vapor in the atmosphere absorbs 20,000 times more heat energy than does CO2.

If we want to stop global warming, we need to shut down the volcanoes under the oceans that heat the ocean and cause increased evaporation of water vapor from the sea into the atmosphere.


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  1. And you can’t do that when the Sun itself describes a major AMP event trefoil obits around the Solar System Barrycentre every 172 years.

    That orbit change not only moderates the Sun’s output via Sun Spots, the gravitation changes pull and tug harshly on our fragile plates causing more plate tectonic rifting and more heating in the oceans.

    • Could you expand upon that Jimbob?
      I agree that volcanic warming of the oceans is plausible where-as warming by the atmosphere is not.

    • I’m fairly new at studying this stuff. I learn a lot about the sun at suspicious observers, but I’ve never heard the stuff you mentioned. Can you direct me to more info, please?

      • I will answer both John and J Pak with the following:
        The following paper from http://www.landscheidt.info/?q=node/50
        Describes the mechanism for causes of the trefoil orbit: International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics September 3rd 2013 volume 3 number 3.
        The full paper can be downloaded for free at:http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?paperID=36513&#reference
        Official Paper downloads: 3017
        A Guide to Understanding Type A & B AMP Events
        Posted Sat, 06/27/2015 – 00:51 by Geoff Sharp
        There seems to be a lot of confusion lately in regards to Type A & B Angular Momentum Perturbances (AMP Events), so Geoff Sharp has created a new graphic along with a PowerPoint slideshow which will hopefully relieve some of the confusion.
        The AMP events are all different and no two are the same over the 4627 year cycle that returns the outer 4 planets to their original positions in relation to each other. Where Saturn ends up in relation to Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune is the key, which ultimately controls the shape of the 10 year disordered orbit and the related solar downturn.
        To download a detailed PowerPoint presentation on this topic, click the link below.

      • Sir John,

        Simply thumb through archives Robert has entertained us to.
        Including data from the old website as well.
        This website is a fantastic source of info from professionals of
        many fields of science.

        Happy Hunting

  2. I am always amazed that undersea volcanoes are not considered a likely candidate for the El-Nino/LaNina cycles. We are always talking about the ring of fire which follows the western edge of the Americas – right where both these phenomena originate.

    They certainly seem likely candidates to me !

    NASA celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Nimbus satellite programs in 2004. On the website they produce a graph which proves that their “global warming is caused by heat trapping gases” hypothesis is just plain nonsense.

    The graph shows a positive radiation anomaly for the whole of the supposed “unnatural warming from 1979 to 2004”.

    A positive anomaly is entirely consistent with warming forced by the Sun – it is entirely inconsistent with warming due to “heat trapping” gases – if it were due to “heat trapping” gases the anomaly would be negative NOT positive.

    The numerical values recorded far exceed the proposed “radiative forcing” due to CO2.

    It is impossible for “heat trapping” to occur whilst more radiation is escaping – QED !

    But radiation is NOT the dominant method of “heat” transfer in the atmosphere anyway.

    We are repeatedly told most of the atmosphere is virtually transparent to infra-red radiation as support for “heat trapping” gases hence radiation plays very little part in heating 99% of the atmosphere – and virtually zero at altitude.

    Convection is the predominant “heat” transfer method in the atmosphere and a clear night in a desert proves this beyond doubt. When there is no cloud cover there is unrestricted convection from an initially warm surface plus no hindrance to radiation.

    Why does this prove convection dominates ?

    Firstly convection causes the wind, storms and cyclones, lightning etc. etc. None of these are primarily due to radiation – it only impacts the water vapour caught up in the developing storms. Further, the majority of the energy may well be coming from the Sun anyway as the clouds pile up high in the atmosphere.

    Also we are always told that apparently 99% of the atmosphere does not absorb IR and also has limited capability to emit IR – so radiation cannot reduce the hot desert air temperatures – it must be convection because IR active molecules are almost non-existent in a desert atmosphere – no water vapour.

    The simple biggest failing of climate science’s greenhouse hypothesis is how does 99% of the atmosphere ever heat up in the first place and how does it lose the energy it accumulates during the day by absorbing energy by contact with the heated surfaces and convecting that “heat” away ?

    And yes water is the major climate moderating factor after the Sun.

  3. The BBC weather forecast this morning mentions the unusually cold air over eastern Europe for the time of year and bookies, William Hill are only offering 3:1 against a White Christmas in Scotland this year—are these new AGW sceptics ?

  4. Yes we can calm those volcanoe of all kinds.Just call intergalactic ship and tow away that moon of ours.No more erratic behavior as far as liquids are concerned, that include magma.And bye bye lunacies may be even in Washington.

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