If you were wondering if there’s any bias in the media, here’s your answer – Video

“We’re not going to give time to climate deniers: The science is settled,” asserted NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”

Meet the Press covered the “climate crisis” for a full hour on Sunday morning, with NBC News anchor Chuck Todd hosting a series of so-called experts and advocates — including Michael Bloomberg, NASA climate scientist Kate Marvel and California Governor Jerry Brown.


“A Happy New Year’s weekend,” Todd begins. We’re going to talk about climate change this hour. What we’re not going to do, “we’re not going to debate climate change, (or) the existence of it. The earth is getting hotter, and human activity is a major cause. Period. We’re not going to give time to climate deniers: The science is settled.”

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  1. I thought he said weather isn’t climate then the only scary stuff they immediately show is – weather !

    What a bunch of frauds !

    But the really funny thing is they actually believe they can control the weather !

    Give ’em what they want I say – shut down coal and gas electricity and see how long it takes for the backlash.

    At least the population could make a choice and I know what it would be – turn the power on !

  2. I wonder what the “Carbon Footprint” of President Macron is over in France, including the helicopter he had on standby at the Elysee Palace in case he needed to flee from the “Yellow Vest” demonstrators. Kind of like the “Carbon Footprints” of wide wide Al Gore and his friends.

    • Laurent

      President Macron came out of nowhere funded by the bankers. The French were to close to a drastic change that would have caused people to think.

      That is voting for the far right. They probably would not have necessarily liked what they got, but it would have made a lot of people think.

      Instead, the bankers funded someone the people could feel cosy and safer with.

      The French got conned like so many others have. We all need to wake up.

  3. Couldn’t watch Todd, he is a leftist mouthpiece of the worst kind. The MSM has been going at this for 20+ years and in the last 5 (all evidence to the contrary), they continue their one sided agenda and attacks on common sense.

    Global (AGW) Warming = Man Made Lies

  4. The first time I heard the Alarmists claim that the science was settled many years ago I knew right then that it was a lie, a deception, and a scam. Science is never settled, and to claim otherwise is anti-science. The Chuck Todds of the world are too scared to debate skeptics. They’ve demonized the word “skeptics” to make those who don’t believe their lies seem evil. All Chuck Todd has to do to see evil is look in the mirror. What’s really disturbing is that we have large numbers of unthinking, uncritical people with no capacity for reason or logic who believe the Chuck Todds of the world. That is what it boils down to: the destruction of reason, or the destruction of the mind so that logic is eliminated from civilization, and then it’s easy to control the automatons who stripped of what makes them human – their minds – become slaves. Chuck Todd is simply a useful idiot in this ongoing war on the mind.

    • It’s the politically motivated media which has said the (fraudulent) science is settled. The BBC, ABC. Both government sponsored, government controlled, funded by legal levies with criminal sanctions for not paying the tax to receive enforced state propaganda, has said the science is settled, it isn’t the real science has only just got going with Planetary Science and Solar Science and the impact of UV and Coronial Holes during solar minimum period on the Earth’s atmosphere. With the latter completely ignored by the IPCC and all of the climate models, as its cyclic and inconvenient cooling detracting from a perfect hockey stick graph.
      With the reason that carbon taxes and levies are to replace the lost income tax from the working class unable to work because of globalisation, the export of carbon energy based jobs to other economies with no environmental standards.
      Example: coal powered steel making in China, Rainbow warrior being scrapped on a beach in Bangladesh, with its steel being shipped to china, and its plastic being dumped into the sea for the plastic to be washed into the Indian Ocean to join the rest washed there by repeated tidal waves.

  5. How exactly is the science settled if it’s record cold on the East Coast on Thanksgiving? Just because they are in whatever popular, trndy secret society that only admits people with total fsilure of the sense of temperature? It was literslly 30 below here last night. Heaters full blast temperature of 40 degrees. Not telling the full story is suicidal when there are entire mountains disappearing overnight. Krakatoa. Best get the whole story, not obscure popular group delusions

    • Pity the real science developing as we speak is not being reported.
      This period of Solar GSM activity running since 2008 has proven previous would done by Swiss researcher in documenting the climate change, and the climate does cyclically change, of the changeover from a Solar Warm Period to a GSM, then further enhanced by three T6/7 massive volcanic eruptions spread around the world on plate subduction zone.
      This investigation looks at the LALIA period starting from 585AD to 670AD; its findings was based on fossil records of European fresh water shell fish using volcanic ash as sedimentary markers.
      Their conclusions confirmed a 10 years switch over from benign warm to cold, very wet and very windy weather lasting tens of years after the changeover period. From my perspective on the Western Costal fringe of Europe that is what we have now, but without the killer volcanic eruption.
      As volcanos tend to lag the pulls and tugs of our Sun’s Trefoil orbit around the Solar System Barry Centre which is concluding during this single active AM cycle SC24, we have those to contend with over the next 30 years. Volcano Tourism might just become a terminal sport.

  6. Galactic Cycle Denier – Love that one.
    These desperadoes suffer from a case of theatrical hysteria,
    they build too fast, no room left to escalate any further,
    one exaggerated insult to normal intelligence after another.
    Media is now Barnum and Bailey, the sideshow part. They are hilarious weather extremists, apparently brain dead or just unaware that they are achieving the exact opposite of what they intend, the shrieking is just alienating anyone sensible, turning people off by being so constantly over the top.
    Got to admit, don’t they come across like carnie barkers at a freak show, unsubtle and farcical, paid purveyors of climate religious fervor, pushing CCCC (Climate Catastrophe & Continuous Crisis)
    Who buys into this kind of low rent evangelical junk anyway?

  7. IF THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED >>> why are so many scientists now coming forward with contrarian views that support climate change that leans to the cold extreme rather than the warm?

    Too many scientists are speaking up and the proof is in the sky’s. We see stronger earthquakes, more frequent volcanic eruptions and the longer term scientific material like many of the great graphs shown in this web site are blowing the lid off their fallacy.

    Lets think about something that isn’t widely discussed. Why are governments so hell bent on pushing global warming as climate change? If they had a true interest in helping their citizens prepare for these devastating events wouldn’t it be far better to inform us that cold is coming and they need money from us to help us prepare. 48 years ago when 30 scientists went to the UN and asked to make a presentation with a warning that a severe cold period that had the potential to be for en extended period of time was to start in 50 years, why didn’t they let them make the announcement to the world community?

    Could it be that the world community, more specifically those who promote globalism and population decreases do not want us to be prepared?

    Here is a bit of fact many may not be aware of, The UN granted the presentation 2 or 3 years later, but only after another theory was ready to be presented. That theory was a global warming theory and it was supported by some organization that was then identified by letters. It was reported it had very deep pockets and it’s core mission was to depopulate the globe. The two are not mutually exclusive. They are united.

    The information I just typed is from my own memory. I was in school at the time and our science professor was very interested in this information and kept us informed. He showed us many articles with pro’s and con’s to the information including many articles with comic like images of the world covered in ice.

    There was a full blown effort by those who wanted to misdirect the worlds population from the truth. Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology. They are very dangerous to our family’s future as well as our Republics.

  8. Newsreaders are the priests of the leading politics. I point to edberry.com for comments on the junk science of the UN. The UN has made many mistakes in the field of science and politics. Interwaving both is as bad as combining religion and politics. They, the UN, aren’t aware of that? It comes up to my mind that there is a forgery within the UN.

  9. Come on everyone knows we live on a flat earth and the sun revolves around us.
    And Witches caused the Glaciers.

    The Science is settled so shut up.

  10. its weird how with so much info available people just wont go read and assess what they hear on media or see on tv at all.
    confounds me.
    i have a “gifted friend” well hes a math whizz but anything else?
    hes capable of understanding stats n data but simply wont read the info rich emails i send him with anything skeptical hed have to think about, charts whatever he just wont admit theres NOT concensus by all.
    hes been damn near killed by pharma meds, knows they also “massage” trials results to get crap to market, and cant see the similarity n dodgy data from the prowarmists
    the endless references to the fry n die theory every hour every day on all media especially TV for the already docile dumbed down masses is our biggest hurdle to smash down.
    I almost wish a global CME event to make the sources of it unavailable
    as much as losing the really valuable info thats there too would hurt a lot…maybe it will be the only way to make people face reality

  11. I worry that we may yet see something analogous to the Inquisition coming down on us “heretics” (i.e. sceptics).

  12. “The science is settled ”
    Then stop all funding and watch the ” climate scientists ” leave the sinking ship .
    Stop government funding and climate change will be a dead duck in two years , the science is settled use their own rhetoric to stop giving them taxpayers money .

  13. When you have no “evidence” beyond what is spewed by computer programs and the only “evidence” that can be seen by science investigation concludes the opposite, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot debate. You can not, I repeat, cannot permit a different point of view to be shown. You cannot, I repeat, cannot acknowledge anything that is contrary to your programs.

    If your agenda REQUIRES that your evidence is to be accepted, you have no choice but to pretend nothing else exists. Science will not, I repeat, will not negate AGW as it is strictly a political operation, and only an opposing POLITICAL operation can defeat it.

    The primary agenda behind AGW is world government, resource control, and population reduction. Transfer of wealth from the poor to the wealthy is a byproduct, if you will, but it is not the driver, just like CO2 is not the driver of the climate. What is happening has no basis in science, thus “the science is set,” according to their needs.

    Recognizing this as a political matter and not a science matter will help us find a way to reach those other people in the population that have yet to recognize that this has nothing to do with climate or Mother Earth, but it does have everything to do with their future standard of living.

  14. But wait, the models say…

    Yep, all those models and yet our overall understanding of the weather is lacking. The weather modeled forecasts are flawed because at the heart of the programming is so little real understanding and science of how our damp and non-ideal gaseous atmosphere functions.
    Just ask any good weather professional about today’s weather (January 2) at most locations of the Northern Hemisphere (with respect to the accuracy of the weather models’ forecasts), and he will tell you that the confidence in the models after 3 or 4 days is not very high.

    Now remember that those climate models are just fancy weather models that attempt to discern the weather’s overall trend into the distant future. However to a much greater degree than the weather models, they are packed with intended and unintended flaws, errors, assumptions, and tweaked/tunable parameters. All that ensures that any forecast passed a season or two is more or less useless.
    ‘Settled science’ it is not. If it were then these models would be able to accurately tell what will be the hottest, coldest, wettest, or driest days of any year for any point on the planet. Climate science does not explain such weird stuff like ‘teleconnection’, or the overall energy manifestations in and around all types of cloud structures (because it’s not known!).
    If these models were truly as good as they are advertised, then there would never be any weather or climate surprises.

    IMO These models can not and never will be able to forecast with high accuracy.

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