Ignorance, intolerance, violence

A spreading cancer.


As Mark Twain might say, our students are being taught a lot of facts that just ain’t so – by a lot of academics who know all kinds of things for sure that just ain’t so.The recent science and climate marches underscore both this and the dangers of having such ignorance determine economic and energy policy. Topping the list of wildly misinformed academics is a University of Michigan history professor who claims plant-fertilizing, life-giving carbon dioxide is more deadly than sarin gas!

Perhaps even more dangerous, this ignorance is compounded by rampant intolerance toward other views, and even violence toward anyone who tries to present contrarian perspectives on climate change, sustainability, personal responsibility and other topics, on college campuses or other public forums. For example, just yesterday, CFACT was denied previously given permission to participate in the “People’s Climate March,” when the CFACT team turned up with large posters that contradicted the “planet is being destroyed” meme. Once again, the “people” is only the far left, and freedom of speech is only for people of the far left.

This article by Paul Driessen explores the nature and scope of this problem – what George Mason University professor Walter Williams calls a “spreading cancer.” Thank you for posting it, quoting from it, and forwarding it to your friends and colleagues.



Ignorance, intolerance, violence

Using junk science marches, ignorant professors, resistance and violence to drive public policy

By Paul Driessen

Recent science and climate marches demonstrated how misinformed, indoctrinated, politicized and anti-Trump these activists are – and how indifferent about condemning millions in industrialized nations and billions in developing countries to green energy poverty. Amid it all, University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole helped illustrate how the marchers became so ignorant, insensitive and intolerant.

Confusing poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) with plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide (CO2

It’s always amazed me how frequently academics, journalists, politicians and students confuse poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) with plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide (CO2). But Professor Cole’s April 17 article in The Nation presents unfathomable ignorance from the intellectual class that is “educating” our young people, while displaying and teaching intolerance toward countervailing facts and viewpoints.

Bashar al Assad’s sarin gas attack “consumed the world’s attention,” Prof. Cole intones, but President Trump is committed to releasing hundreds of thousands of tons a day “of a far more deadly gas – carbon dioxide.” Even CO2 that is washed out of the atmosphere “typically goes straight into the oceans,” he continues, “where it turns them acidic,” threatening a “mass die-off of marine life.”

Cole’s polemical nonsense is too extensive to address in full. But these two claims require rebuttal.

A deadly gas?

Carbon dioxide is the Miracle Molecule that enables plants to grow and makes all life on Earth possible. Plants absorb CO2 exhaled by humans and animals, and emitted by burning wood, dung, fossil fuels and biofuels – and then release oxygen that people and wildlife need to survive.

Hundreds of studies demonstrate how slightly higher atmospheric CO2 levels (rising from 0.03% a century ago to 0.04% today) are making crop, forest and grassland plants more drought resistant, helping them grow faster and better, and “greening” vast areas that had been brown and barren. Claims that CO2 has replaced the solar and other powerful natural forces that have always controlled Earth’s climate, and is now causing “dangerous manmade climate change,” are not supported by actual planetary evidence.

Marine life thrived when CO2 levels were many times higher during past geologic eras.

Far from being or becoming acidic, the oceans are mildly alkaline, and their vast volumes of water will not become acidic from human fossil fuel use: that is, to drop from their current pH of 8.1 into the acidic realm below 7.0 on this logarithmic scale. Oceans may become slightly less alkaline with another century or two of human carbon dioxide emissions, but most marine organisms will be unaffected; others will adapt or evolve.

The science marchers forget that President Trump’s actions are in response to eight Obama years of “highly politicized so-called research on climate,” under grants that “anticipated particular scientific outcomes before funding was provided,” Princeton University physicist Dr. Will Happer told me. Real science “is not based on political agendas, belief systems or computer models. It’s based on evidence – and actual observations have found normal icecap fluctuations, seas rising a foot or less per century, drought cycles little different from the twentieth century, and a decline in major landfalling hurricanes.”

These inconvenient truths contradict the dominant narratives in college classrooms and political circles. Climate alarmists thus demand that they be vilified, banned and silenced, through vile, even violent confrontations if need be – along with other conservative speech on and beyond too many campuses.

Taken over by jack-booted fascists

It’s as if reality, truth, discussion and debate have become irrelevant where feelings, leftist dogma, climate science or public policies are involved. Even more troubling, it’s as if our culture, education and public forums have been taken over by jack-booted fascists, Mao’s Red Guards, Maduro thugs, and “heroes” like Pavlik Morozov, memorialized by Stalin for betraying his father to the secret police.

Near-constant intimidation

Some intolerant protesters may be delicate snowflakes, too easily intimidated, offended or made to feel “unsafe” by conservative or other contrarian thought. However, the near-constant intimidation and threats of expulsion or violence have become a deliberate tactic, used repeatedly to impose speech codes and political agendas – and too often ignored, acquiesced in or supported by professors, administrators and politicians who welcome the silencing of opposition voices or lack the courage to confront  it. During Science March weekend in Huntsville, Alabama, shots were fired into the offices where reality-based climatologist John Christy works. “Mainstream media” and academia coverage was minimal.

They demand diversity of race, language, handicaps, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status and sexual self-identification. They cannot tolerate diversity of thought, speech or faculty and student ideology.

A spreading cancer

George Mason University economics professor Walter Williams calls it “a spreading cancer,” a re-emerging mentality that gave us loyalty oaths, which today come in the form of demands that faculty members sign “diversity statements, especially as part of hiring and promotion procedures…. The last thing diversity hustlers want is diversity of ideas.” The goal is “political conformity among the faculty indoctrinating our impressionable, intellectually immature young people,” Williams says.

As far-left protest marches, window smashing, limousine burning and physical assaults in Berkeley, Portland, Washington, DC and other cities attest, the cancer is metastasizing – particularly when movements and political groups believe their money, power, influence and control are threatened.

Boundless power for politicians and bureaucrats

On the climate front, at stake are $100 billion a year in reparation funds for poor countries, $7 trillion a year for companies that want to build “sustainable low-carbon” energy systems, and boundless power for politicians and bureaucrats who want to control economic growth, livelihoods and living standards. They cannot tolerate “climate deniers,” even those who merely question the extent of human influences, the degree and impact of temperature and climate changes, whether changes will all be bad, or the supposed inability of wildlife and wealthy, technologically advanced societies to adapt to future changes.

Members of this activist, governing and corporate elite also excel at inflating trivial risks and dismissing easy solutions, to advance their agendas and self-interests. For example, as President Trump revises many Obama era environmental rules, activist groups are using other tactics to continue their war on coal.

Dry ash from coal-fired power plants can be used in wallboard and to partially replace sand in high-strength concrete for bridges, roads and buildings. However, regulations, engineering considerations and other factors limited that option and resulted in most wet and dry ash being sent to impoundments that can leak barely detectable pollutants into surface and ground water. Studies have shown that these levels of chromium and other metals pose little risk to humans, but scare campaigns are creating pressure to force utility companies to spend billions of dollars relocating the ash and closing more power plants.

The best solution is likely to leave the ash in place, shore up the coffer dams, put solid clay seals over the deposits, and let them dry out, locking the metals in place. Radical groups demand relocation and seek to bankrupt the utilities – after which they intend to intensify their attacks on natural gas-fired power plants, drilling, fracking, and the factories, petrochemical plants and other industries that use fossil fuels.

In essence, they have brilliantly established a mantra that can ensure victory in every campaign. Whatever they support is safe, sustainable, climate-friendly environmental justice; whatever they oppose is dangerous, unsustainable, ecologically destructive and unjust. End of discussion.

In the process, they are unwilling or unable to recognize two facts. One, cheap, reliable energy improves living standards, saves lives, and supports new technologies and opportunities, with poor families benefitting most. Policies that make energy less accessible and affordable harm the poorest most of all.

Intolerant ideologues

Two, fossil fuels have undeniable environmental impacts, but allow us to produce vast amounts of cheap energy from relatively few acres. Replacing those fuels with wind, solar and biofuel energy would require hundreds of millions of acres worldwide that are now cropland or wildlife habitats. Those “eco-friendly” alternatives are actually our least sustainable, most ecologically destructive energy options.

The stakes are too high to let intolerant ideologues continue to control energy policy decisions.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org) and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

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  1. How can a dribble of incoming CO2 molecules flowing into the oceans,cause a big “acidification” run,when the Oceans are already packed with 99.9% of the free CO2 of the system in it?

    • In reality they can’t. The oceans are somewhat alkaline because they are essentially immense evaporation pans. Water runs into them, and as it does it carries dissolved solids including sodium and calcium, which are very abundant alkaline elements. Those elements can’t leave the ocean basins except via subduction and ultimately volcanic or igneous action. In addition the chemistry of the dissolved solids “buffers” the marine pH, making the waters resistant to lowered pH.

      There are also three chemical states of interest. The native, alkaline state of the oceans, the reduced alkalinity created by an overabundance of an acid or acid forming agent (like CO2) and an actual acidic state which can only exist after the alkaline state has been neutralized. Only after the water is neutral can it become acidic. Consequently, despite the hype, the oceans are not acidifying. They MAY be showing evidence of a reduced pH – neutralizing, but they are no where near acidifying. However “acidifying” is scary. You hear about “acidic” attacks, acid burns, something dissolved by acid, etc. However, highly alkaline liquids like lye are easily as “scary.” But with respect to the oceans, trying to raise alarm because the “oceans are neutralizing” simply doesn’t have cachet of dread. No one is really going to worry about coral that are not being “burned” by acid.

  2. I’m afraid that this cancer is not going to be cured. We are just going to have to let nature teach mankind a nasty lesson in the power of the sun and earth’s mantle over the climate.
    It will take many years. Hopefully future generations will recover, if say fusion can be done.

    • Umm, Chris ?

      This “Cancer” [ will ] be cured !

      And soon !!

      Just hope that you (Or I for that matter) won’t be here to see it !!!

      It will be shut down so quickly that one would have to see it to believe it ?

      And those are (Will be) Dark Days…

  3. A question. Why I’m provided with religion of peace date ads?

    I’m not Moslim, this is not a Moslim site, nor this is some Germany. Oh, the key word intolerance appears…

      • he’s referring to the ads which appear on the pages. they tend to be based on user site visits etc as determined by doubleclick et al web cookie tracking / preferences … nothing you can necessarily do to change the behavior except people can use their anonymous / private browser settings.

    • Try CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. if you are looking for intolerant left wing propaganda!

      P.S. if you are having trouble with pop up ads on the sites you visit there are blockers available? One never knows what will pop up on any site visited.

      Good Day

  4. Ocean Acidification stems from SO2 and not CO2.
    Given that the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption emitted more SO2 into the atmosphere than the US, Europe and Russia emits over one year in 9 weeks and given that CO2 rains out of the atmosphere after a few months.
    99% of CO2 is re injected into he Atmosphere by Volcanism and by Ocean surface heating, Human emission is immediately taken up by plants, hence the greening of normally arid regions. Who is pulling whose leg?

  5. What employer will want to hire the graduates of American Universities? What tends to happen is that politicians of a certain stripe end up making jobs in Government specifically for them.
    This may not be the end of a great nation . . . . . . . . . .but you can see it from here.

  6. Anyone want to bet Trump is going to withdraw the US from the Paris agreement ?

    I, once excited about the prospect, am now totally pessimistic – especially as he seems more interested in collecting another “coalition of the willing” to prepare for yet another war than in dismantling climate BS. After all the major allies are European and climate crazies !

    WMDs and 2003 deja-vu all over again anyone ?

    • The past 3 administrations have left the doors open for other nations to expand and threaten with military might other nations. The count down to all out war was very close indeed, Mr. Trump must show a force of might and the will to use force at all extremes if necessary.
      Don’t worry Rosco, China will not test our power nor North Korea. Iran, India and Pakistan will cause a greater threat of aggression and a possible nuclear exchange considering the multi factions that are intolerant one towards the other in that region.

      The administration is in stalk mode against major traitors of U. S. and the involved political party members and their associates . Heads are fixing to roll, of that be assured! Then these Soros operated cronies will scatter like roaches seeing the Orkin man pull into the drive.

      It is a big, big mess and the clean up has begun. The farming bill has been expanded in favor our farmers just recently, energy is steadily becoming more abundant in the like of coal and oil. The EPA has just got major cuts and if the health care and tax reduction plans get traction then one will see Mr. Trump start to tackle these other irritating drains upon us and other nations in the form of CO2 warming etc. .

      We are a strong nation yet and if we can get some more farms going before the sun goes really quiet we could come out of the storm better that I first believed.

      Wish the WORLD luck everyone, the storm cometh quickly!

  7. isnt it amazing?
    those precious fragile snowflakes sure can get nasty and physically violent towards others when they don’t have a safe room to run n hide in!
    but then i guess safety in numbers of other weirdlings gives them bravado.
    pity nothing on this green earth will give them brains or commonsense!

    as for the shooting
    yeah if it had been goracle or the mannikins offices the outcry would have been huge page one stuff.

    Robert i sent a link to an abc aus show that shows the mindset we are now up against being sceptical..another one will follow

  8. When people turn to violence nothing but violence is the antidote. There has been plenty of war in history. When are you going to learn from it?

    While facts are important people who fake their own facts are immune to truth. Agenda trumps facts. Admit it and organize to deal with it.

    In the end you too will be forced to violence in some form in self protection. Think about what you will do to stop these people. Think about this: We live in the next age of war. War over anything that suits some people’s fancy. The subject does not matter.

  9. A old, and maybe still current, treatment for hyperventilation, that is breathing too fast due to excitement, or stress, is to put a paper bag over your mouth and breathe into it for a minute or two, to, (ahem!), re-breath the carbon dioxide you’ve exhaled. Hyperventilation cause your body to become too alkaline, and re-breathing carbon dioxide can bring the body back into proper ph balance. So, in fact, CO2 can be beneficial to people too.


    • PS, Hyperventilation can be a symptom of panic disorder or other serious illness. See the link above, and seek professional help if you have this problem.

  10. The Jurassic period was “3000” ppm CO2 and the oceans flourished with life.
    With today’s CO2 of around 400 ppm some how we are approaching some dooms day event?

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