Ignoring the last billion years of constant climate change

Ignoring the last billion years of constant climate change

“The theory that humans burning fossil fuels is the cause of climate change can only be sustained by ignoring the last billion years of constant climate change,” says reader Ray Kraft.

Palaeotemperature graphs compressed together – Wikipedia

“The climate has been changing all the time for at least hundreds of millions of years (link below),” says Kraft, “probably for as long as there has been an atmosphere, a climate.”


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3 thoughts on “Ignoring the last billion years of constant climate change”

  1. “Ignoring the last billion years of constant climate change” ?

    Ignoring what, everyone “knows” that the World wasn’t “made” until 1979 when NASA and NOAA started monitoring Weather !

    “Pre” to 1979 there were “no” Satellites !
    “Pre” to 1979 know one even knew “anything” about.
    Weather !
    “Pre” to 1979 there were “no” Hurricanes, “no”
    Tornadoes and [definitely] “no” Warmth !!!

    Prior to 1979 the Solar System was very “cold” and the Sun was still forming ? ! ?

    And then…

    About January 23, 2008, President Obama came in to form (Even today no one quite knows where President Obama came from, but “suddenly”, He-was-There !) and “prophesied” that, “Soon” Global Warming will set in and destroy Mother Earth (Many believe that President Obama rose somewhere out of the Earth, probably from the furnaces at the Center of our Planet, oops I meant “His” Planet !!!) and “all” caused by Us Humans and our obsession for/with our “Transportation” vehicles which “continually” flood our Atmosphere with toxic CO2 which “everyone” knows is toxic to Plants and Trees !

    Even though Planes, Trains and Automobiles weren’t even “created” until President Reagan ushered their “creation” through a Presidential “Executive” Order (And “without” even consulting/considering the U.S Congress, imagine that ?) which quickly “polluted” the entire Globe, but our Savior (The “entire” World’s SAVIOR) Barack Hussein Obama came up from “below” and rescued Us from ourselves !

    We should be “thankful” of this because if the “World” had been “created” just 9 years earlier (1970) and even despite His “UnWorldy” POWERS, not even President Obama couldn’t have saved Us, it simply would have been Too-Late !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!

    So Yes there were “NO” Billion Years, only “37” Years (2016 – 1979 = 37) since Creation, but now everything is fine, no more need to worry anymore because President Obama is on hand now, with “plenty” of help from the “inventor” of the INTERNET, the “Reverend” Al Gore, and if the “Reverend” says it’s TRUE, then-it-is-TRUE, because He’s a “REVEREND” !

    In AL GORE’S name We Pray, AMen

  2. Very interesting graphic!
    So from 3M years ago with the opening of the Drake passage Antarctica became an ice cap, 2M year ago Greenland gained it’s Ice Cap as the World entered the new normal of a major Glaciation Ice Age, interspaced with powerful Interglacials’, like the previous four interglacial. This one in comparison is a temperature damp squib, caused by the series of re-glaciations during the Younger Dryas, which you can see during the first 5K years of this interglacial, on this time line, we are either well over due, or on the cusp of the next glaciation.
    Perhaps the alarmists were right during the seventies predicting a return to Glaciation, they were not to know that the Sun would then throw three High energy cycles into the mix, or that the single solar cycle they were in at the time, was an AMP affected cycle, low output cool sun cycle, as would todays Warmists, with the abrupt end to the Solar Warm period in 2008, and the climate collapse into an LIA or Solar Grand Minimum.

    All world needs now is a major disturbance in the Atlantic current or several T6/T7 eruptions, and the Glaciation would begin with ten years.

    The two Red dots in the right margin are computer climate model predictions based on, in my viewpoint, false data, faulty models, wishful thinking, and a hate campaign against the capitalist system, which is driven at the moment by cheap carbon energy.

    In looking at the graphic over the last 7K years the temperature has yo yoed between +1. 25C and -1.25C, I don’t see this changing much until the decline into glaciation starts.

    It’s a solar energy output cycle, atmospheric CO2 is just an indicator of the oceans saturation of Co2 dependent on its surface temperature.

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