I’m Done With Your B.S.

Short Video – Gets interesting at 16 seconds in.


Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

10 thoughts on “I’m Done With Your B.S.”

  1. A violent minority well funded and organized must be exposed and stopped and held responsible. Democrats invite it.

    • Jim the violent minority is only a mask for those truly responsible: The billionaires for whom the violence is a step towards their New World Tyranny– and a distraction lest you should effectively oppose a far more important step: the destruction of our economy.

      If you would oppose what is happening, effectively prove to the unawakened that corona is much less severe– per https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ . And present evidence of who controls the media.

      It was an amusing and righteous video, but the riots (probably controlled & certainly encouraged) are to distract & divide– to make us ineffectual in opposing their NWT.

  2. Excellent, thank you Robert. At least one young person is brave/sharp enough to see she’s being made a fool of.

    That young lady is probably aware that coronavirus has been totally overblown by the self-interested UNITED NATIONS World Health Organisation. I hope she also realises that ‘Man-made global warming’ is an out-and-out myth, propagated by the UNITED NATIONS IPCC. See a common factor here? Yup, the shady UN.

    To be clear: global warming (soon to change to global cooling) is real; but it’s driven by the Sun, not CO2. CHANGE is what climate DOES. Ask any geologist …



    Thanks for everything you do in the noble fight for truth.

    Best regards,


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