I’m dying here

With all of the ad blockers now in use (you may even be using one), and now with fewer advertisers because Covid-19 has shut them down, my ad revenue has plummeted. I’m making about $4.00 per hour, which doesn’t seem like a very wise investment of my time.

Any chance that you could go to your ad blocker and enable iceagenow.info?

Thanks for considering it,

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  1. Cruel irony: I’m not using an ad blocker and the very first ad I see after your post about the problem with ad blockers is for… “Ad Blocker for iOS“!!!

    • Damn! You’re right! Cruel irony. Excellent proof that I have no control over what ads appear on your browser. Thanks Jaime.

      • Hi i chanched my browser to see your page. And i klicked on some ads . What i normaly dont do , especially because i dont need a house boat in amsterdam

  2. I have purchased your books multiple times. Read your site daily. I appreciate all your hard work. Keep it up. Anyway to send a donation with paypal.

    • Yes, if you click the donate button on the left side of this page it will take you to a PayPal donation page. Thanks for asking.

    • Thanks Terry. I had no idea that Sugarhouse Publishing showed up as the recipient, so just now went into my PayPal account and figured out how to change that. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks for the donation.

      • Sent you a donation – I’d send more but I’m a poor pensioner and someone sent our currency into a nosedive from equality a while ago to lower levels than 2000.

        I’ll keep an eye out for other opportunities.


  3. Hi
    Still trying to log in to order the books, but won’t let change the password. Has someone hacked your site? . It never works when I try to order.

  4. Generally speaking ads show up AFTER I’ve purchased an item so they’re pretty useless. I don’t use any ad blockers.

    • Same here! I bought some furnace filters on line, and only then did I start receiving ads for furnace filters. Thanks Norman.

  5. Oh dear, Robert. We are pensioners and already give support elsewhere and I absolutely HATE the distracting ads. I’ll have to see what I can do. A lot of the ads that came up were pretty salacious and I can’t stand them. I would try cancelling individual ads and Google would ask why? and not give a choice to say what I really felt and I could only choose ‘inappropriate’ and the same ****** one would keep appearing. So I ended up blocking them all; I have no taste whatsover for over curvy, over madeup, so-called’escorts’ and found them offensive. In no way your fault of course; it’s down to Google.

    • Yes. Something like one-and-a-half cents per click. But I’m not allowed to ask you to do that.

      • Then consider using the extension from adnauseam.io because it clicks ads so you don’t have to.

        You don’t see the ads but the web sites register the ads being viewed.

        Another option is the Basic Attention Token (BAT) blockchain system being used by the Brave browser. It is still in its infancy but pays out to “verified creator” web sites. I as a user see only the ads I click on and get paid in BAT for each which goes to the web sites I view the most.

  6. I now use brave browser which automatically pays publishers and content providers monthly as percentage of time spent on site. I have slow internet and brave is slightly quicker. I do not know how this compares to conventional advertisement payment but it is a contribution.

  7. hi Robert
    thats odd cos recently i see ads on the right hand side that I wasnt seeing before;-)
    i dont use a blocker but a do not track me
    mostly cos F u overbooks spyware when you have their share logo on a page tags everyone

  8. Hello… have always got the ads, never blocked them. Have the books . Very good.
    Is there a site that gives the strength of the magnetic field now, as they now admit that the magnetic field is dropping at a rate of 5% every 100 year’s.

  9. I have a blocker and do not know how to unblock the blocker – so just sent you a recurring $20 monthly donation on PayPal as this information is worth every bit of that.

    I would never click that many ads.

      • You are welcome Robert. I got your first book almost 20 years ago and check the web site daily.

        Keep up the good fight against these green deal commies

    • Thanks for the reminder Al, There used to be a donate button on the left side of the page, but when I looked this morning it had somehow disappeared. I have now installed a new donate button on the left side of the page toward the top.

  10. I do not use Ad Blocker and I hope that people who frequent your site disable their Ad Blocker if they have one.

  11. I see all your ads, but will click on them to boost along. Happy to help.
    I admire your work and have followed you for a long time. Purchased ‘Not By Fire…’ when it first came out. It should be required reading in colleges.

  12. For your request I disabled the ad blocker. I don’t want your website to die. However, I was hoping this website would keep the focus about weather and not the virus. There are zillions of websites that focus on the virus. There is no need for you to focus on it. Focus on the cold weather as you know it best 🙂

    • Thank you for disabling the blocker. As to the virus, it just torques me that the mainstream media tries to make it into a panic, and I think it’s the same group that’s trying to make ‘global warmin’ into a panic.. How many other readers want me to stop exposing the lies about the virus?

      • I like the info on the virus and I share your believe that it’s the same group that is trying to make “global warming” info a crisis… I think they are using the virus as an excuse to see how much they will be able to get away with and what best to implement their plans of destruction.

        Isn’t there some kind of filter a person could use if they do NOT want to see the virus articles? I see you have some filters on the left… but might not be obvious how to select what they want

        Might you let them know how to do that?

        • I don’t know how to do that, other than saying to just try to ignore the ads. I have become very successful at that.

    • Victor, the latest ramifications of what is the globalist’s ongoing eugenics operation, under the guise of a “virus” or demonizing CO2 is directly related to the ramifications of “GSM/Ice Age Now”. The information and links that are bravely exposing this “covert” war on population somewhat “subtley” through this forum are as important to understand and focus on as the extraordinary evidence of the increasing cold/wet weather being experienced worldwide. From your note it is good to see that this part of “the mission” is still “allowed” by flying somewhat below the radar. Throughout the years since I became aware of the eugenics ops within the glaciation cycles I supported “donation only” sites like:
      that cover more the eugenics side of the equation…
      before discovering RWF and Rolf’s sites that cover both:

      But there is no other site like this, “right here, right now”, that blends the big picture together and also has a moderated “forum” where this information is intelligently managed and exchanged.

      Listen to the 40 min. and 47 min and 1:11 mark of Alan’s talk from last night to better understand what is at stake. I bake my own bread now too but remember to avoid wheat-belly-kelly.

      Exactly, exactly the way this site is structured including the “ad revenue cover” maybe helping to keep it below the radar. “Focus on cold weather as you know it best.”… may be the cover that allows this forum to exist in it’s present “free” form. I had always imagined that RWF was the real “Bruce Wayne”, able to provide this service out of pure altruism as discussed at one of Boberto’s “favourite sites”;).
      Sensible ethical altruism
      “”He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. —Raymond Hull[1]
      People who take ethical altruism to the extreme risk self-destruction. If you push yourself to the extremes trying to do the maximum amount of good, then you’re likely to become physically and/or emotionally exhausted, and then you won’t be able to do much good for anyone. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”[2] A rational ethical altruist will need to meet their own basic needs before helping others if they want to be effective. This means taking ensuring that they get adequate sleep, nutrition, relaxation, and social interaction. Once all needs are met, remaining time can be spent helping others. (Bonus points if you can find a way to help others that meets your physical or emotional needs in the process, like an ethical perpetual motion machine.) An efficient altruist should also stay mindful of their needs so they can take breaks as necessary and avoid burnout.[3]

      I’d always thought “Robert the Robot” was an ethical perpetual motion machine when I was a kid too.
      “Men learn while they teach.” – Lucius A. Seneca
      Hint: most of the “Ice Age” and eugenics sites are many layers deep.

  13. I don’t mind ads, but those videos are loud and obnoxious most the time and use a lot of space and messes up my computer . Some ads are jus soft porn and some are just plain porn it seems….
    I never ever click on an ad because that allows cookies.
    I will turn off by ad blocker, however if I get a bunch of junk then back on again…

  14. No Ad blocker’s here, but you might consider setting up a PayPal for donations. If you already have one I’m not seeing any links to it on the site.

    • Hi Eve. Thanks for the reminder. I used to have a donate button, but somehow it disappeared and I never noticed. I therefore just installed a new donate button on the left side of this page.

      • Robert, is there some way those of us who’d like to help you with this could be set up with some kind of subscription (like they do with a lot of the YouTube channels) that would allow us to routinely donate a small or modest amount to be paid automatically so we don’t have to keep remembering? Kind of like how a lot of newspapers now do it?? If possible, as an option… ???

        • I suggest the options I just mentioned since I despise the “spying” those ad pop ups do… I recently was listening to a YouTube music choice that happened to be in Spanish… .and now half the time I do a search I end up with something in Spanish (which I barely know).. gotta be spying.

          • Oh yes, I definitely agree. Except they don’t call it spying. (Don’t know what they do call it.) I did a search for air compressors today, and now every website I go to has an advertisement for air compressors.

        • Hi Jean, Yes indeed there is a way to do this. If you click on the donate button on the left side of this page, it takes you to a PayPal page that lets you set up a recurring donation of just a small amount. (I didn’t realize this until a few people started contributing $2 per month. PayPal keeps 2.9 percent of that plus 30 cents for each transaction.) Thanks for asking.

  15. Do you get more money if we click the ads? One of the problems we face is how obtrussive ads have become. But since I want sites like your’s to continue, I put up with them. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  16. More than happy to, Robert, since you asked nicely.

    Other websites try to coerce you into disabling the ad blocker. I don’t do intimidation well. Your approach, however, was good.

    • Thanks Nancy. I agree. Intimidation almost always makes me react just opposite of what I’m being told to do.

  17. I like your personal takes on the virus. But we don’t really need news on the virus. Keep up the good work. By the way I always pause and look at the ads before moving on don’t know if that helps.

      • All three west coast governors and Canada to the North are all lefties.
        Interior is too hot/cold, where does that leave?
        They can go somewhere else, I’m staying right here locked cocked and ready to rock.

  18. I’ve never understood the reliance and support of the evil corporations that continually spy on the populace and censor free speech.

    Ironically, the Grand Solar Minimum should inspire low tech alternatives in the event the grid goes down whether by false flag, volcanic eruption or earthquake. Maybe that Serbian white guy that invented electricity will be the newest target because…slavery.

    • I Agree With the Low Tech Stuff, I Think Old School Farming {Horses, Hand Milking and Whatnot} Should be Taught in College for the Very Reason You Bring Up…..
      We Rely on Tech Stuff Too Much These Days and IF Grid Down, Cow’s Still NEED to be Milked and Crops Brought in and then the Ground Will Need Plowing and Re-Seeding…..

  19. —I wouldn’t know an ad blocker if I saw one! Ads coming through with my Iceagenow site so I assume they aren’t blocked – ?

  20. I have been visiting this site almost daily for over a decade but rarely look at an ad so I have now used your new donation button and set up a small monthly donation. It works fine and is easy to use.

  21. Robert-
    I have to go to town to get a signal on my phone right now. No internet at home. Do you have a Patreon page? I could support you that way.

  22. Since you asked, I prefer strictly climate info and I would not be surprised if some of your drop in traffic is due to the politicization of the site. People come (or at least came) here for the climate info. I doubt if you will change anyone’s mind with your Covid or political links and posts. Most visitors already agree with you, the ones who don’t will likely leave. You will do as you feel you must, and you will pay the price if any.

  23. I don’t use an ad blocker, but I do use private window in Foxfire. I do see some “recommendations” on the right side (which look like weird ads to me, like 2 on there currently are some kind of link to alternatives for Viagra … which as a single woman with no honeybun doesn’t interest me).’

    But I’ve been thinking of buying one of your books anyway, would that help as well??

    I really do like this website a lot and would hate to see it go away.

    • Thanks Jean. I would love to sell you a book … but only if you really want it and can afford it.

    • And all this time I’d figured that everyone here who was allowed to comment was at least required to read the book reviews. Jeanie you frisky single woman, one of the main reasons I come here is to see what you’re up to and what you’re thinking lately. If you can find a way to contact me by email I’ll send you a .pdf copy (converted) of the latest version of “Not by Fire” and donate the $10 to this site for you. I really do like your comments on this website a lot (especially about what you thought about that crazy volcano capping Canadian geologist back in January – that was probably the hardest I ever laughed in my life – seriously;) and would hate to see them go away. Sincerely, a Roybert too.


      (one condition – you must watch all 13 vids that Rolf made) I’d really like to think that he was somehow inspired; Cheers.)

      • Hi Roy,
        Glad I gave you a chuckle or two. I couldn’t figure out your email, but you can send me email if you like at Slosek1@aol.com. However, I wouldn’t suggest sending me a PDF (even with donation)… unless Robert was OK with that, since he’s the author.

        I will look at those links later, haven’t had time today… doing the crazy got-to-go-to-the-doctor-dance… but they kicked me out pf the office (saw me at my car at least) because even tho I was wearing the stupid now-required mask and more than 6 feet away from everyone… I was coughing due to post-nasal drip as my allergies have kicked in big time lately. I told people in the office why I was coughing but the staff said someone complained that they were nervous about me being there.

  24. Honestly, I stopped visiting for awhile because I didn’t need any more information about the virus. I’ve been coming here for years to read information about the global warming BS, but I wasn’t getting that anymore. I wonder if you haven’t lost traffic because others feel the same way?

  25. No Blockers Here….
    Have Learnt to Ignore Most but Some are Worth Checking Out….
    MANY Thanks For This Site

  26. My son just found the “donate” button for me :). (I’m old)

    That was easy, just sent a donation. Will probably set a monthly amount.

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