11 thoughts on “I’m not worried about global warming”

  1. Ain’t that the truth. “Little people” won’t matter at all except as tax payers. And if they can’t pay, bury them.

  2. We should All be terrified of the later part of that post. Just looking at the way the EU is slowly encroaching on the individual state’s rights, all in the name of the Collective, shows how the “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” eventually leads to Tyranny.

    Reminds me of the frog sitting in the water and allowing himself to be slowly boiled.

  3. Who can possibly be in favor of global government, except of course the bankers who would run it?

    Global warming is not a left-right issue. The elites want to vastly reduce the world’s population through continuously rising food prices caused by higher taxes on energy.

    Name a politician in whatever country who identifies rising food prices as a crisis and proposes lower taxes on energy as the solution to the problem.

    I want to live in the same country as that politician.

    • Gordon you are very wrong, it is what strain of politics you follow.
      It is about a socialist, fully managed, worldwide economy, which is sustainability managed, to prevent third world countries from using their own resources to lift their own people out of a subsistence existence, and restricting the Western economies to third world status.
      Sustainability is in the eye of the beholder, and the direction of their political travel, mean different things to different people.
      A dystopian view is that sustainability depends on which commissioner running that particular section of the world economy or country, or decides that rather than develop a country to use better energy technology, decides instead to reduce the unwanted humans to extinction levels, so that the country they are managing could be returned to the state it was in the 1600s as a large game nature reserve. Think of the East African countries, all of them, and you will get the picture.
      Who is to stop them, with an unelected World Wide nuclear weapon owning bureaucracy similar to the EU commissioner and the UN green at any cost nutters?
      Most human by this time will be back to being 11th century serfs with no rights, other than work and an early death, I give one man or woman, one vote 40 years before it is irrelevant, in the face of losing the vote by decree.
      Be very afraid, for it will last from now to the next major Ice advance in 1500 years from now. After that we will be past caring. Because the sustainability bureaucracy will not be able to manage their way out of a paper bag.

  4. BINGO! More Control..
    Globalism is behind the Global Warming Scam.
    Big Brother Steals $Trillions via Baloney Carbon Taxes
    And the Poorer Go Hungry. Desperate. Easily Corralled.

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