I’m tired of playing chess with pigeons

Excerpts from an article entitled “ARCTIC SEA-ICE — The Refreeze Begins”

I’m tired of playing chess with pigeons

Caleb Shaw

What gets boring is having to deal with the drag of politics. The really spectacular claims of Alarmists, (that the world will end in 12 years, or that all the sea-ice will vanish at the North Pole leading to catastrophic warming), (among others), have largely been debunked as hysteria, through careful research and pedantic logic, and all people who dig a little for facts are quite aware of it, (both Skeptics and Alarmists.) It therefore seems crazy to keep insisting such blather is “settled science”, and also that stating the exact opposite of such blather makes one a “denier”. Such debate is like arguing with a wall, (which I know, for a fact, gets boring, as an old, retired wall-banger).

I heard a good description of such discussions recently. It was described as being like playing chess with a pigeon. Even if you make a brilliant move, the pigeon just knocks your chess-pieces over, poops on the board, and then struts around like it won.

I’m tired of playing chess with pigeons…

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  1. recent surveys show that the majority of the msm mob dont read much more than the headers and a couple of paragraphs
    applied attention to really READ a report or even the medias own spinmeisters drivel, is beyone the attention span of way many.
    thats scary
    they make their decisions opinions and their lives around soundbites.
    and the organised grime like goog twats and twits and fUover book just run the memes endlessly in an echochamber reinforcing the stupid to mach levels.

  2. With this bit very important, quote:
    Currently I’m having fun wondering about a counter-intuitive effect the Quiet Sun may be having. Most assume less solar energy must result in lower temperatures, but I surmise it may initially raise them. How? Because less energy from the sun may mean less energetic winds, and when the Trade Winds slacken there is less up-welling of cold water from frigid depths to the west of continents. Less frigid water at the surface allows warmer surface waters to have a greater influence. Because oceans have a far greater influence on temperatures than land does, temperatures (and humidity) may rise worldwide, even though less energy is arriving from the sun.
    However I imagine this is a robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul situation which cannot continue forever. As the earth warms due to decreased Trade Winds it is not gaining in terms of total heat, but is withdrawing from its bank-account-of-stored-past-sunshine, which is held in the oceans. As most of have experienced, at least once in our lives, you cannot withdraw more than you deposit for long without getting a notice from the bank.
    Which summarises the previous research by Swiss scientists, that the change over from a benign Solar Warm Period, of a warm ocean with 70 years of banked Sunshine in it. Takes 10 years for the effects of the abrupt entry into a Grand Solar Minimum of cold, wet and very windy weather to be visible in the fossil records as shown in the LALIA, Oort, Wolf, Spoorer, Maunder and Dalton GSMs.
    20 more years of cooling, followed by a 90 year Tepid Gleissberg cycle, then another Warm period of 70 years and into the next GSM.

    • Jimbob, you may be on to something. Your thesis about oceans surface temperatures of the west coasts warming despite the weakening sunspot activity could explain why the 20 teens are seeing a delayed warming maxima despite the sun’s declining sunspot activity and entry into a Grand Solar Minimum. This means that the colder weather has been deferred, but conversely , when the sun comes out of the Grand Solar Minimum in the middle of the century , the resultant warming will be similarly delayed. You also have to bear in mind that on the Holocene long term cycle the world has been gradually cooling since Climatic Optimum of the Bronze Age, and that each warm period will be cooler than the previous warm period until the temperature graph falls off a cliff at the beginning of the next ice age.

  3. There is a reason why unscrupulous people rule the world. There are plenty of ignorant, lazy-minded people who are easily fooled by a con-game, but they will not recognize an intelligent and informed explanation when they see one. It appears that this situation is perennial.

  4. And I’m tired of American paranoia! All for nothing!
    This is caused by the elite leftists instilling intentional fear on the population ALL over nothing! Their plan is to cause Americans to die of heart attacks and high blood pressure for the ignorant people who fall for their lies. All for nothing.
    Do not listen to these maniacs!

  5. Yep. Each year I get older, the bible phrase “Cast not pearls before swine” becomes more and more potent – and I’m not particularly religious.

  6. Not really a lot of time for leftist PC pigeons either.
    One thing more pertinent to the climate and its impact on us though is this years crop yields. Is there much indication yet as to how big the shortage is going to be?

    • Steven, that really depends on wether the 2019 NH winter frosts and early snow beats the harvest which allows equipment onto the fields.
      The predictions for the central portion of North America this winter suggest an even worse winter period right down to the Gulf Coast for the majority of the winter, indicating another very snowy winter and a very late soggy spring.
      Given the solar minimum between cycles and the existence of very large solar coronial holes during it since October last year, and no sign of the cycle ending we may see a memorable cold winter this year in Western Europe.

  7. Back in the day (during the Cold War) I worked as an operator for Ma Bell (THE telephone company).

    Security was tight in the building where I worked because, as we were told, the first things that invaders get control of are the apparatus of communications and transportation.

    Control of communications for propaganda purposes and to prevent organized uprisings.

    I guess when gas prices go sky high (how better to control transportation in America?) you might as stick a fork in us, because we’ll be done.

  8. Robert,

    Sorry it has taken so long for me to tell you how much I appreciated your link to my post. There was an immediate surge of views to my obscure site. I went from 69 views to 653 views, and the next day to 812, which set a record for my site. Hundreds came from your site, (and a lesser amount from WUWT.) I tried to return the favor by linking to your site, and apparently sent a roughly 50 your way.

    I think this is the best way of overcoming Google’s attempt to blacklist Skeptics. Thanks again.

    (I should probably stick to the subject of sea-ice, but can’t resist wandering off into topics that send people scrambling for the door, (such as poetry or mystic philosophy). So my numbers have headed back down. But I will tell you when I write my next post about sea-ice.)

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