In less than four months we’ve been transformed into Socialist obedient servants

And we did it willingly – See video – The Great Reset

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

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  1. This video is very well done – I really hope that it is not as bad as ‘the Joker’ has stated in this video – although it would seem that the world is most definitely going in that direction of ‘TOTALITARIAN control’. Are all the pieces of the NEW WORLD ORDER takeover already in place? OR do we actually have more time as some of the pieces are NOT yet ready. My hope and prayer is that we have a few more years YET until total TAKEOVER by a One World government – somehow I don’t hink that it will be China. Best wishes – Steve

  2. Which is what all of the criminals up on Dung Hill in DC have wanted for a long time now. What surprised them is how quickly we submitted and all without firing a shot! America is no longer the “home of the brave” but it sure as hell is the home of the “mindless sheeple.” Our submissive sheeple mentality only assures us that the tyranny from on high will only increasingly get worse as they impose more and more oppression on “We The People.” Where does this all end? When to we gather what guts we have left and stand up and RESIST? Frankly, if we continue to submit to this tyranny then we deserve everything we are about to get from our overlords! WAKE UP!! We are almost out of time.

  3. Also, I’ve thought much lately about the now dawning Ice Age and I do NOT think it is a mini one but a MAJOR one. I think some of the discontent and violence we are seeing now may be a response to this coming huge change. Something deep within us senses it is coming. Sadly, most will simply do what they are told to do by the so called “experts” and die in the process as the Ice Age intensifies and, I might add, rather quickly.

  4. I see daily reports re: CV19 on the morning news. Infections and death rates have dropped considerably. All the conspiracy theories in the world do not provide a means of eradicating it, and the resemblance to the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918-1919 is staggering. If the Chinese government has egg on its face about this, they should. They are the root cause of all of this. If they are embarrassed by their malfeasance, that makes me happy.

    However, because the swift infection rate resembles the same infection rate as the Spanish flu, which was an avian flu that originated in China – yes, it did, CDC confirmed that some time back – it is lack of resistance to the organism that is the problem. You can’t develop resistance if you have no exposure; that is why vaccines for influenza have to be reformulated every confounded year: the flu viruses literally shift their RNA and start over from scratch.

    This virus is weakening, just as the Spanish flu did. Unlike the various (bacterial) plagues that swept through Europe, it is bumping into people who are more resistant to it, and it is losing its effectiveness. While I’m glad to know that a vaccine is being developed, I do not wish to be first in line to get that shot. I’d prefer to see real-world results.

    Like many of you, I’ve been very skeptical about this from the start, and I want to see what happens this fall when cold weather returns. This “bug” does not seem to care whether it’s warm or chilly, unlike other viruses.

    • Mods – My comment was supposed to go on the COVID19 post, not here. My bad. Could you move it over there? If so, thanks!

    • Sara, nothing about this epidemic of COVID-19 has ever looked like the Spanish Flu. Nothing about this virus – assuming it is one since it has never been isolated – shows any resemblance to a “highly infectious disease.” Nothing but finger pointing links this to China as a “source.” If man made, it could have been flown in from any of a half dozen or more labs around the world.

      Just remember one thing – China did not force any country to do how it chose to handle CV-19, the west screwed itself because they saw it as an opportunity to make their populations more servile.

      The only nations with “egg on their faces” are those that keep trying to pass the blame. The destruction of the US economy and freedom lies at the feet of those that have imposed the lock down, not China. I don’t give a damn about how the Chinese run their country. They don’t run this one. And it is obvious, most of the US citizenry doesn’t give a damn about how the US runs this country, or we would still be “the land of the brave, and the home of the free.” Instead we have become “the land of the wimps, and the home of the free hand outs.”

      We would still be going to buffets, the beaches and parks, the movies, and concerts or enjoying sporting events. Instead, we cower at home, and wear masks. And the truth is, we should be afraid to show our faces since we become so gutless to start with. And since in most places the useless masks are mandatory, even if you want to stand up, you can’t unless you pay the big box stores to deliver what you could have gotten yourself.

      Freedom is free. The price of liberty, however, isn’t. But what we call “liberty” now isn’t really worth the price we pay.

      The video would have been a more useful presentation had the speaker not kept shifting between nearly whispering and shouting. To keep the penetrating voice from hurting my ears while he was shouting, I had to have the sound level turned down to the point where my hard of hearing ears couldn’t hear what we was saying. Sadly, there is no AVC on this computer to level it out. Started out interesting, but lost me at about 5 minutes because of the inability to hear what he was whispering about.

  5. Even the lukewarmers over at WUWT have had to change their server company because of ??? Deplatforming ???
    See for more.

    Currently the right and ability of any individual say what the want is being severely curtail. Soros’ army of faux oversensitive, easily offended, lefty morons are forcing an era of repressive censorship on us. Control of who and what can be said is being cut-down to reflect only the government/UN consensus views.

  6. Keep repeating the lies.
    “In less than four months we’ve been transformed into Socialist obedient servants”

    As Eric Blair, aka George Orwell, wrote in 1984 —
    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    And that is the point. This is not just about this last 4 months — this is a process about control, mind control!
    Change history, change the language, change scientific methods, teach the kids the new version, get generational animosity so that the state, not parents or religion, are seen and believed to be the saviors. Keep the populous uneasy, keep the hysteria going. And always keep repeating the lies.

    Control the past and thus control the future.
    Do the changes incrementally with little things — a few temperature records that the majority of people don’t care about. Build from that small beginning — changing people’s outlook about the climate, about energy, about manufacturing, about employment, wealth and happiness through broadcasting emotional sophistry and lies. But never stop repeating the lies.

    Ensure that the language keeps changing — make older and harsher but more accurately descriptive words and phrases politically, socially ‘incorrect’ to use. Create new word, phrases, and idioms, using them to repeat the lies.

    All the time ostracise, censor, and deplatform the neigh-sayers, those who rail against the consensus, through social engineering of sentiments against them. Silencing those tedious but rational types who can with clear eyes, look to historic and scientific facts and mathematics with logic and evidence that counters the official truth. And Keep repeating the lies.

    Then move to unrest some of the populous, and with them create a means to have statues, monuments, street names removed or renamed, to make them become more ‘socially acceptable’. Keep the violence just high enough, and the police held back enough, so that the rest of the population are cowed into obeying whatever the state requires. All the while repeating the lies continuously.

    Historical details will be rewritten within a whole new, re-written archive of truth — with the some of the past made to look worse than it was, some historical ‘facts’ erased, and some events, the ones the elites like will be emphasised and celebrated, pushed to the fore. And on it will go on with no big fuss. Small discrete changes slowly taking over how people think, talk, write, and act.
    And keep repeating the lies.

    And throughout always ensure that the new generation is taught the new version of the ‘official’ truth — keeping the inter-generational rift festering.
    All the while repeating the lies!

    Welcome to our brave new world!

  7. Doesn’t resemble Spanish flu in any way, Sara. It’s weakening as it encounters herd immunity just like any seasonal flu. And of course it weakens w the advent of warm weather and sunshine– also like seasonal flu.

    For a more factual view I highly recommend which is a compendium of the world’s experience w this media-hyped virus.

    What lies behind the media propaganda and the govt propaganda is a small group of billionaires whose corporations and foundations directly control the 6 major media companies through the boards of directors hiring of consenting managers– and the huge campaign contributions which guarantee consenting politicians.

    • Imagine a large grizzly bear is terrorizing your neighborhood. You have a powerful bear gun and potent bear spray that will make the bear go away or allow you to eliminate it if it attacks you. But your government tells you not to use those tools. Instead, they insist you camouflage yourself, hunker down, and hope the bear doesn’t get you.

      That about sums up Covid-19 in America. We have powerful methods for getting rid of the virus if one gets a bad infection, but instead we’re told to wear masks and stay six feet apart. Oh, and no large gatherings, either – unless you’re protesting.

  8. Why is the CDC planning for such a HUGE death toll this Fall?
    The Covid Set-Up Is Now Fully in Play as CDC Outlines Plan for Death – July 17, 2020 – By Gary D. Barnett –

    Part of the treason for these announcements is to set the stage for the final nail in the coffin of freedom, and to prepare the sheep for mass death purposely created to advance this sinister agenda of total population control. The CDC, and therefore the state, will recommend the flu vaccine followed by the Covid vaccine, and both will infect all recipients with multiple viruses and poisons at a time when the bulk of society is most vulnerable. This is by design.

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