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“Trump tweets that the Dominion voting systems deleted more than two million votes nationwide.” says reader. “Buckle Up!”

Donald J. Trump



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  1. Who owns the Tech Companies involved in manufacturing tabulating machines?
    Computerised tabulating machines, software, algorithms which when used can be programmed to censor comments, numbers, anything the programmers desire!!!
    The stench of fraud is getting stronger & stronger. If you’re a gambling type put your money on Tech company’s with strong Democrat ties, maybe even ones which have senior Democrat shareholders.

    • Graham+Richards wrote:
      “If you’re a gambling type put your money on Tech company’s with strong Democrat ties, maybe even ones which have senior Democrat shareholders.”

      You just described Dominion Voting Systems.

      Bloomberg reported in April of last year that Dominion Voting Systems hired lobbying firm Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck. Nadeam Elshami, who is Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account.

      In 2014, Dominion was listed in the Washington Post as having donated between $25,001-$50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

      in 2014, at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, Dominion made a philanthropic commitment to donate its election technology to emerging democracies outside the United States as part of a three-year project. Now do a search for other countries using Dominion software which are experiencing widespread allegations of voter fraud… this is how the communists put into power their own cronies worldwide.

      A 2014 State of California document indicates Dominion’s agent of record at that time was Boston lawyer Michael Bevilacqua of Wilmer Hale. Former special prosecutor Robert Mueller works for that firm.

      Its principal officers were listed as John Poulos, CEO; Ian MacVicar, CFO; and James Hoover, vice president of product line management. Other articles say Poulos and Hoover are the co-founders. Staple Street Capital owns the majority of its shares.

      Poulos is a Greek Canadian. There are a lot of suspicious ties between the Greek community and Soros, especially between Angelo Tsakopoulos, who has ties to several democrats (Clintons, Podesta, Eleni Tsakopoulos (Democrat Lt. Governor of California) and Zavvos… Zavvos is a personal friend of Soros).

      The state of Texas rejected Dominion Voting Systems for their voting process, for “failing to meet basic security standards”.

      Dominion had partnered with Smartmatics for the Philippines election, during which there were major issues. The chairman of SmartMatics and the SGO Group, Mark Malloch-Brown, serves on the Open Society Foundations Global Board — founded by George Soros.

      Anyone attempting to report this via Twitter or Facebook are getting their accounts terminated. Paypal is colluding with Twitter and Facebook to shut down funding for anyone Twitter or Facebook terminates.

      This is economic warfare. The communists think they’re winning… what do you suppose they’ll do to people should they actually grasp the levers of power?

      Go to parler for your social media, and rumble for your videos… they’re free-speech sites that won’t terminate your account for speaking the truth.

    • Once, in my former life as a software engineer, I had to write a program that allowed an authorised user to change data directly. Naturally, there was a password system, with authorised users allowed to change the password. And also, knowing that users are human (mostly) there was a ‘maintenance’ log-in with its own weird password for use when the actual users forgot. This is known as a “back door” and is common in low-safety systems. Now, I wonder who knows the “back door” to the voting software?

  2. I hope the data analysis has been verified.
    jumping on a wagon too earlier such that it is not verified will hurt the cause.

  3. if its using anything from microsoft or algo from google etc then it should be banned for use as both are pro dem
    if they wanted clean systems the out of usa and pref using Linux would be smarter.
    personally if your voting then an electoral roll that has to have your name n addy checked IN PERSON before youre handed the papers
    or absentees with the same caveats that ARE traced

    I would be saying REDO the entire thing using paper in person nd BOTH sides reps to be there to overview

  4. I think that ballot counters should be told that allowing dead people to vote or people who no longer live in the state to vote will invalidate all mail in votes as it will demonstrate that in that state where it happens that one of the following conditions occurs.
    Either the poll workers lack the honesty needed. ( We certainly have main stream media claim things that proved to be false. in so doing the media have encouraged dishonesty)
    Or the technology does not permit verification, effective poll watchers would help keep poll workers honest.
    This is sad because that means my mail in ballet should not count either.
    How can the courts accept un verified mail in ballets as legitimate?
    Any state that allowed dead people to vote, disqualifies all mail in ballets from their state. That is not a rawest thing as the dead who voted are from all races.

  5. Another false lead. And, oh, they know of changed votes? How? Republicans for years have fought against accurate, tracable voting. And the machine cannot do it, it’s the software. And it’s property of the few companies that produce it. None of it is open source. Or verify able. That is a problem. And the problem has been around since machines have been used for voting. And for tabulating.

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