“An Inconvenient Ruse – What’s fit for me is not fit for thee” – Video

Al Gore is “a hypocrite” – Tucker Carlson

Here are a few excerpts from the video, which OAN thinks should be named “An Inconvenient Ruse.”

•  “Al Gore has made over $300 million dollars propagating the global warming aka climate change hoax.

•  “Al Gore burns more electricity in one of his homes – just one of them – than the average American burns in 21 years.

•  “It makes you wonder if he actually believes what he’s saying.” “

•  Here’s a guy who has basically exploited concerns about the environment to make $300 million dollars.”

•  “It makes you wonder what his real agenda is.”

•  “Basically he is a religious prophet for the religion of environmentalism.”

•  “None on of the dire predictions preached by Gore and his ilk over the past 30 years – none of them – have come true.

•  “We still have polar bears. The polar ice caps are still floating up north.

•  “The 50 million climate refuges expected to be fleeing the Pacific Islands and flooding the west are still nowhere to be seen.

•  “Children still know what snow is.”

12 thoughts on ““An Inconvenient Ruse – What’s fit for me is not fit for thee” – Video”

  1. Al Gore is full of BS. The sea level is not rising in Chesapeake Bay. The land is sinking in that area. Geologically known as subduction, due to Tectonic Plate movement.


  2. Arctic Ice is growing. Greenland Land Ice is growing. Antarctic Ice is growing. Not to mention glaciers are growing in California. Winters coming earlier, spring coming later.

    Guess man is screwing up the Climate so much it no longer knows what it is doing.

  3. We are nearing the end of the Holocene Climate Optimum. That is the last 10,000 years when the climate was much warmer than today. Before that was a “Glaciation” that lasted about one hundred thousand years.
    Another Glaciation is what we are facing now. Meanwhile the “Global Warming” turds would have you believe that heat is coming.
    They are full of Bovine Sewage (BS) and you never even questioned them.

  4. If you think the Subprime fraud was bad, and it was and still is far worse in its worldwide impacts than the South Sea Island Bubble of the 1929 crash, the Carbon Credit Crash, once the AGW trillion dollar Ponzy scheme is exposed as the fraud it is, then hang on to your financial hats.
    Another 20 year worldwide financial depression is on the cards at the same time as the climate effects of the Modern Grand Solar Minimum hits with its harshest of weather, with 1C drop in temperature over the next 30 years, and much shorted growing season at least until 2056.
    One up side, those 50,000 expected pacific islanders refugees will have lots more beach area to run around in, as the World Wide sea level drops several meters, at the same level of drop as the Ice growth on all of the major Ice caps grows. Their problem will be the donors for the Cargo Cults goodies they still want, will be in even worse dire straits than they are.

  5. With the water table ever lowering here in western Arkansas and more chicken farmers going to public regulated water from the lake we expect a sinking of the land here. The public lake reservoir has announced they will cut all the farmers off once consumption threatens residential users.
    I like the picture of Gore spewing the nocturnal flame from his snout! The ravenous “dragon” seeking whom he may devour and laugh at their ashes as they cry for vengeance against the elite!

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