Incredible photos of Bardarbunga

Gases detected as far away as Norway.

Scientists studying the volcano from the air and the ground have had to contend with hazardous plumes of sulfur dioxide gas that are streaming from the fissure in the ground that opened up on the Holuhraun lava field, like a scrape on a person’s skin. The gases may pose a health hazard to populated areas downwind of the eruption, and have been detected as far away as Norway.

See incredible photos:

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2 thoughts on “Incredible photos of Bardarbunga

  1. I’m surprised Obama, the environmentalists, and the EPA haven’t put a stop to that human-caused catastrophe. They should be tried for dereliction of duty and sent to some foreign country: Kenya, for example. Fiddlin

    • Yes, the all knowing United Nations need to act quickly and place high pollution taxes on Norway for polluting the air and ground.

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