Incredible snow amounts across the Sierra Nevada

Some ski resorts have received 550 to 600+ inches (14 to 15 m) of snow so far.

Seasonal snowfall totals for California’s Sierra Nevada mountains are now out:

433 inches (10.99 meters) up to 618 inches (15.7 meters) so far … and counting.

All of that snow and wet weather has led to a complete reversal of Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s Perm-A-Drought declaration of 2016:

Even Wired predicted that California would be forever in a permanent state of drought, no matter what:

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for these links

“How times change,” says H.B. “Betcha we won’t hear anything from all those Hollywood types about this since they’re too busy gnashing their teeth over climate change to notice how resilient and variable Mother Nature actually is.”

9 thoughts on “Incredible snow amounts across the Sierra Nevada”

  1. Shame California hasn’t invested in additional flood control dams, which would retain the pending snow-melt. The state will have no recourse but to open the gates and flush the crisp, cold, mountain fresh water to the sea in a repeat of prior years.

  2. I’m really not sure why people don’t pay any attention to the history. For millions of years the earth cycles between ice ages and for the last 10,000 California has had it’s own cycles.
    It must feel better to be able to say “The is the 21st century, we’re in charge!”
    Either that or someone is making a lot of money off all this fear…

  3. mostly i get the question what is normal in that region? But normal is what people find what is normal but then they are putting forward to statistics but statistics doesn’t give answers to what is normal as if the mean of a phenomenae is normal.

    • Mammoth Mountain helpfully has monthly snowfall data every month since season 1969/70, so you can do some simple stats to see what ‘normal’ looks like.

      Every resort is slightly different, but Mammoth’s data is pretty representative….

  4. 3/17/19 I just look at the temps in the interior of Greenland and they were about -60F.

    The center of Mexico is predicted to be in the 30s in the next few days.

    Winter and Spring seem to be occurring later each year.

  5. Ice age is already here – we have massive record flooding now due to record snow this winter.

  6. I don’t understand why these global warmists can’t understand that the earth spends more time in the ice age state than in warm periods. We have been fortunate to live during an interglacial period. That time is coming to an end. It’s how our climate works.

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