“Incredibly rare” cold in New Zealand

Heavy snow falls and ice have closed the Lewis Pass and Invercargill airport, and have led to warnings for all motorists on all alpine roads tonight.

WeatherWatch head weather analyst Philip Duncan said places like Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika were hovering around four or five degrees this afternoon, which is “incredibly rare.”

“The West Coast has had some of the most brutal weather this winter by a mile. They have had unbelievably cold weather for an area that is quite temperate and mild usually.”

Mr Duncan said heavy snow will reach sea level in some parts of Southland.

He said there is also “quite a high confidence of hail” around the west coast of the entire country including Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wanganui and Palmerston North.

Dunedin is also forecast for a cold night and snow falls.

Emergency Management Southland has warned residents via Twitter to stay indoors and prepare for power outages.


Thanks to Kai Ullner in Adelaide, Australia for this link

15 thoughts on ““Incredibly rare” cold in New Zealand

  1. I wonder if any of the volcanic activity last year has anything to do with this southern hemisphere cooling or if its a combination other factors,I do have no doubt we are trending for a change worldwide to cooler conditions the only exception still.. seems to be the U.S however, this maybe due to influx of warm air being pooled to this global region due to disrupions in jetstreams in the south and north pole regions shifting further north and south.I do beleive the unusual warmth will break down come to a abrupt end in the next 2 months and reverse to colder than normal conditions in U.S and remain cold into possibly the summer 2013. There has been a massive contibution to the media about the warm temps in the U.S. being tied directly to global warming this year,however we are the only exception in the world this year with most everywhere else on the planet being average, cooler than average,colder than average. On another note:I have a feeling we may have Major volcanic eruption within the next 43 days somewhere between 30-35 lat.”hopefully if this occurs it will not be in a populated zone,” and better yet! Im wrong!

    • The part of the US where I live (Oregon) the trend has been for much colder than normal spring and on into June. Everyone in my circle of friends have commented on how cold it’s been recently. We’re all wondering where our summer is.

  2. With all these wildly fluctuating temp( US heatwave and NZ cold) and weatherpatterns all over the world,this to me would seem an indication of a collapsing climatestructure, parallel to an apparently very weak Earth magnetic field, a possible precursor to an imminent magnetic reversal or excursion, with possibly dramatic consequences for our world as we know it!

    • yes we had 68 F and rain here in South Carolina yesterday afternoon, brisk NE wind.
      This morning a beautifully cool 61 F.

  3. There has always been “chatter” about the HAARP project being able to control weather. What if it IS possible to vector heat to one area for political purposes – to get Americans to accept “carbon taxes?” It is okay to vector heat from Europe since they have already bought into “climate change,” as well as Australia with their carbon tax. So if you COULD change the weather to pull heat from other places to generate an artificial warmth as stated above, in a world of limited total heat, then you would have to have these other areas that are colder. If there was a formula that could total the sum of heat energy, if you will, world wide, it probably hasn’t changed other than by the effects of the quiet Sun. But the distribution pattern almost suggests the possibility of an artificial redistribution for political purposes, and yes, I do believe in conspiracies against the human race by the human race.

  4. Bad for stock and for crop damage 🙁
    only got to 13C today and we did manage some sunshine, brr

  5. —your west coast doesn’t seem to have been very warm this year. Because we have friends who live in CA, not from San Francisco, I keep an eye on temperatures there and apparently today it’s only 20C. Not exactly hot.

    • California has already bought in on AGW, as has the rest of the west coast. It’s the east coast and middle of the nation that tends to be more skeptical about it, and concerned with heating in the winter. You don’t need as much heat if it is artificially warm and these are the people that you need to change their minds about global warming. As soon as “carbon footprint” sinks in, the power grid can start being shut down, and when the real cold comes it will be too late. I am sure they will dismantle power stations as fast they take them offline. Most Americans will probably fall into the “useless eaters” category that the powers behind the scenes would like to get rid of anyway.

  6. I have been reliably informed that summer is due to arrive in Oregon on July 5 and will probably be over by July 6 – We did have one warm day last week as well.

  7. Has anyone information on how the jet streams are manipulated?

    This past winter we had very little cold air come down from the arctic while Romania got blasted.

    Just curious how air is moved around the globe.

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