India – Record snowfall revives 2,000 glaciers

17 Feb 11 – Already more snowfall than 1998 record for entire month, and it’s only the 17th.  Think you’ll see this in the mainstream media?

“Record snowfall in Himachal (a state in Northern India) this year has revived more than 2,000 glaciers,” says this article in the India Times.

“It is difficult to understand the environment,” said Almora’s G B Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development’s senior scientist J C Kuniyal. “As we start talking about the dry winters, record snowfall leaves stunned everyone.”

Probably won’t take too long before they stop talking about being “stunned,” and start saying that they expected the record snowstorms – due to global warming, of course.

Lahaul-Spiti has received more than 175-cm (69 inches) snow in first 16 days of February, breaking the earlier record of 148-cm for the entire month, set in 1998.

Ironically, this article is posted in the India Times “global warming” section.

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