Indiana record snowfall

Bests previous record by almost 150 percent. 

24 Mar 2018 – “We’ve had record snowfall of more than 9″ for today’s date,” according to Fox59 News in Indianapolis. That beats the record of 6.2″ from the storm in 2013.”

Other snow totals for the date included 10.5 inches in Clermont, 9 inches in Eagle Creek, 8.8 inches in Plainfield, and 7.2 inches in Greenwood.

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5 thoughts on “Indiana record snowfall”

  1. BUT, the moment there is just ONE day where temperatures are 0.05 degrees about last year, then some weenie environmental wacko starts yelling RECORD HEAT WAVE………………….

    • I live near Anderson, IN. about 20 miles south of you and we got a dusting. The snow line was just south of us. But don’t worry. Looks like we have another shot to get ours in a few days if Joe Bastardi at is right. Another narrow band with significant snow fall coming he says. It’s just a matter of where it crosses the state just like last time.

  2. 35 miles north and west of Indy – a few flakes, otherwise zilch.

    And to be fair, Indy snowfall ain’t much to brag about most years, so a spring storm that drops just a couple of inches would be THE SNOWPOCALYPSE.

    More telling is the lack of unseasonably warm days this year as opposed to normal. Pretty much right on or a tad below “normal” I’ve usually got some good riding in by now, this year I haven’t been troubled to get the bike out. We usually get a good warm snap in late February or early March. This year, nothing doing. I’ve only been out once or twice since November.

  3. I know I am chiming in a bit late, but the official total at the airport was 10.2″ I live on the opposite side of the county and that was our 2nd big snow in 3 days. The airport (west county border) didn’t get much from the first storm. On the eastern border we got about 4 inches. In the three day period where I live we received about 14 inches of snow which is about 50% of an entire year’s snowfall total. The great thing about snow this late in the month is that it doesn’t stick around. The first snow a couple days earlier was gone by late in the afternoon. The big snow took a couple days to completely disappear.

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