Indianapolis breaking records all over the place for cold and snow

And it’s not even winter yet.

Indy breaks another record with December 15 snowfall,” reads the headline

On December 15, Indianapolis broke a new record for the amount of snowfall on that day — one that’s been in place for the last 72 years.

The National Weather Service logged a record 4.3 inches of snow at the Indianapolis Airport, easily surpassing the previous record of 3.5 inches set on December 15, 1947.

In November, Indy broke several low temp records including one that had been in place for over a century.

“Indy breaks 108 year record-low temp for November 12,” reads the headline.

The record for the coldest temperature on November 12 in Indianapolis was set in 1911 at 14°.

That record was shattered when temperatures in Indianapolis plunged to just 8°.

Yet another record for Nov 12

November 12, 2019 is now officially the earliest day of the season that the temperature has fallen into the single digits. Before this year, the earliest single-digit reading in the Fall for Indianapolis was on Nov. 17, 1959 when the low reached 4°.

Lest you wonder, that is unseasonably cold. The National Weather Service says the average low for November 12 in Indianapolis is 37° (not even freezing) and the average high is 54°.

Also a snowfall on November 11 more than doubled the previous record

That record was set nearly 25 years ago. On November 11, 1995, 1.2 inches of snow fell in Indianapolis — on November 11, 2019, that record became 2.8 inches of snow.

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10 thoughts on “Indianapolis breaking records all over the place for cold and snow”

  1. We’re suppose to be in a solar cycle equal to the Dalton Minimum with cosmic rays off the charts equal to several X ray scanners at the airport on a single flight but we aren’t having the pattern reflect it.

    • Actually, record levels of cosmic rays were recorded in the last two months on the North America continent. Don’t expect to hear about it in mainstream media. Suspicious Observers is a website to find out on a daily basis what the sun is doing, including cosmic ray events and warnings. I have no affiliation, just interest.

  2. What I look for in ‘Record’ weather statements is the standing length of the previous record. i.e. in this case the previous record snowfall was December 15, 1947.
    What period did that record eclipse?
    This allows me to make a direct correlation with major, earlier, weather events particularly Grand Solar Minimums like Maunder.
    In this case we know the record stood for 72yrs.
    How many yrs of other previous records did it eclipse? 5, 50 or maybe all records?
    This becomes very significant where it is the most extreme event ever in some respect.
    For example today, Harlingen, TX is reporting the breaking of a 76yr cold record which stood for 61yrs.
    See this at
    It is easy to see that this is actually a 137 yr record today.

    We have seen many dozens of records of this length in years, both hot and cold, around the world, in the last 6 months.
    Where various entities, like NASA and NOAA, are trying to decide whether or not we have OFFICIALLY entered Solar Cycle 25, the weather suggests it is past official and that, indeed, SC 24 has been transitioning into SC25 for 5.5yrs. The transition period length, rather long in my opinion, may suggest something in and of itself.
    Maybe it suggests that we should expect even more, maybe many, many more, records of this length. Will they become longer still? How much longer?
    200yrs, 300, 400, 2,000yrs?
    Any anomaly is important in a small regard but it may indicate much more regard is called for.
    I am in Ottawa, CA and can say from my research that we are having records broken, particularly number of heat degree days, flooding, tornadoes and wind shear, which do not have any comparative records on file at all. The fact that our Federal Environment Ministry is erasing records might be telling in and of itself.
    Thank you very much for your reporting. I check in daily.

  3. We will be experiencing significant change when all the records being broken are one or two years old.

    Think about it.

    • Not far off. We are already seeing 3, 4, 5 year old records, both hot and cold temps, being broken every day or two. Previous records for the same locations, and time of month, are 50 to 140yrs old. What does this tell us?

  4. Lots of cold and hot records everyday…. Of course the warmest’s will highlight everything and anything that seems to prove their point, although since they changed it from Global Warming to Climate change they should be yelling like crazy about this HUGE change in cold and snowfall, right?

    FWIW, it sure seems cold to me, and I drove through Indianapolis on Monday and it was cold and awful driving…. Regardless Im sure the Govt records will show 2019 the warmest year ever by at least 1/100 of a degree….

  5. According to Aljazeera TV, a hottest day record was broken in Australia. Of course, cold and snowfall records are never mentioned.

  6. I fear for those places that are against Him. I had a dream last night that after they subjected Him to the supposed humiliation of yesterday that he would have his revenge upon those that are against Him.
    I have a brother who hates Trump and I told him someday he will see the greatness and now before him. Trump is the greatest ever to live.

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