Indonesian volcano erupts

Sumatra’s deadly Mount Sinabung exploded early this afternoon, spewing ash 1½ miles (2.5 km) into the sky.

Thousands of villagers were evacuated from around the mountain and warned to stay at least 4.2 miles (7 km) away, the Daily Mail reports.

“Authorities feared lava flows could cascade down the mountain and destroy homes, as has happened several times.”

“Only last month another eruption rocked the area, blasting ash 2.4 miles (4.2km) into the air and causing pyroclastic flows many kilometres across surrounding countryside.”

The eruption stoked fears that a bigger eruption could occur on Bali’s Mount Agung, spewing much larger plumes of ash into the air.

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Video of the eruption was posted on Twitter by Aisyah Llewellyn, a freelance journalist in Indonesia.
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8 thoughts on “Indonesian volcano erupts”

  1. Al Gored’s research papers, which Earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, etc., predicted all this due to Man Made Globalist Warming.

    Nothing to look at. Move along.

    • Al Gore has qualifications in physics and chemistry? And he still propagates the AGW non-science? Or can you just buy degrees in the US without actually studying?

  2. Sinabung has been erupting since 2012.
    A large magma chamber underneath is pushing lava up through the volcano.
    The fear is that the magma chamber may suddenly drop away resulting in a Sinabung collapse causing a caldera. This will be major. VE6+

    Sinabung is part of the Toba volcanic field. Indonesian volcanologists discovered this back in 2013.
    This does not mean that Sinabung could turn into a mega eruption. There are many smaller calderas around the Toba area.

    Sinabung is 10kilometers away from the town of Berastagi. The town itself sits atop an old volcanic dome. There are many many volcanic domes around Berastagi Only two current emitting fumerols – Sinabung and Sibayak. Sibayak sits in its own caldera.

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