Indonesia’s Mt Merapi blows – Videos

See those videos of Mt. Merapi, central Java island, going off 3 days ago?

They show vast clouds shooting into the atmosphere and then a wall of pyroclastic flow/debris….still miles away in the background moving down slopes towards the people on the roads fleeing


This one, from 3 Mar 2020 is hugely impressive.

Thanks to Bill Sellers for these videos

“Very authentic & terrifying,” says Bill. “Means will be LOTS OF SNOW THIS COMING WINTER.”

4 thoughts on “Indonesia’s Mt Merapi blows – Videos”

  1. impressive, other one in sth america? went kablooey last week too, so yes planes mightnt be adding to dimming n cooling but the volcanose are making up for it
    oh and up nth kurilsk area also had another event recently

  2. For The UK Too or Just You Guys in The US?
    Would LIKE Some Too as I have a Few Designs in mind to be Used in the Snow……

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