Inhofe backs Perry over ‘mushy’ Mitt Romney

On Wednesday, Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, a leading climate skeptic, said he plans to formally endorse Texas Gov. Rick Perry — in part because of Perry’s environmental record.

Perry has helped lead the charge against the Obama administration’s climate change policies and has been a vocal critic of EPA regulations. And he recently accused climate scientists of cooking the books in order to win grants.

“There are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they would have dollars rolling in to their projects,” said Romney just last week, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Inhofe said that he likes Romney but that he’s “a little mushy on environmental issues,” the Tulsa World reported.

Inhofe said he thinks Perry has the best chance of any Republican to defeat Democratic incumbent Barack Obama.

When it comes to Newt Gingrich, “I always have this vision of him sitting on the couch holding hands with Nancy Pelosi,” said Inhofe, adding that he has no reservations about Perry.

Perry served as Gore’s state chairman during the 1988 White House campaign, but has since renounced the former vice president’s stance on global warming. A lot has changed since then, says Perry. “I certainly got religion. I think he’s gone to hell.”

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9 thoughts on “Inhofe backs Perry over ‘mushy’ Mitt Romney”

  1. i dont believe any party (rep. or dem.)any more.
    they r same shameful, sold out nasty people.
    we neeeeed some thing new who represent us not their pocket.:(((

    • Yes Kathy
      It is the still the same gang talking sweet what sheeple wants to hear.
      It is the two-party-only scam.

  2. Inhofe is right. Perry is the first presidential candidate with a good chance to get the nomination of a major party to understand and speak the truth about the global warming hoax. Additionally, he has a significantly better record on economic issues in Texas than Romney had in Massachusetts. He is not perfect but we desperately need someone who can win and end the Obama nightmare.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about Perry being funded by Bank of America. BOA is doomed anyway since they were stupid enough to buy Countrywide with all its poisonous mortgages. But a nationwide campaign like Perry’s is too big and too expensive to be bought by any one set of contributors. Look at Perry’s record in Texas: 12 years as governor, as opposed to Obama’s voting present. Perry can let independent researchers look at the climate data!

  4. Rick Perry will say whatever it takes to try to get elected. He is lying. His role in the election is to neutralize Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the real deal, and knows the truth about the global warming scam.

  5. Perry will be called a simpleton (he’s not from Yale or Harvard) but he is a smart politician and an effective leader. He has also never lost an election. Perry will deliver a hammer blow to the Left.

  6. Jake knows what he’s talking about above. By reading the above comments I can see that atleast half of the public still use corporate Television ‘information’ to pick their candidate though. The establishment is trying its’ best to ignore Ron Paul, so as to steer the public away from him in any way. Make no mistake, powerful forces are set against the average American, and these climate scams are hardly their only agenda.

    Rick Perry attempts to ‘talk the talk’, but if you look closely at him you can see the snake in him. The mention of Bank of America is in reference this video:

    A CSPAN camera/microphone catches a guy walking up to him and plainly saying, “Bank of America, We’ll Help you out” and the guy then slyly just keeps walking. This was on a CSPAN camera, and I doubt the guy thought the microphone heard him.

    Unfortunately, the plutocrats running this entity we so naively call ‘our government’, have been in control of domestic and foreign Policy for so long that the depth of their entrenchment is much deeper than any election can reverse.
    Perry pushed the HPV vaccination scheme on the young girls of Texas, which would have meant massive ‘legislated’ profits. He pushed the Globalists’ Trans-Texas Corridor (to link Mexico, US, Canada). He has attended Bilderberg Conferences, which if your not familiar, is heavily staffed by some of the Climate Elite, et. al.

    He definitely says and has written many things I completely agree with, but given his other negatives, I find it hard to see him as anything other than another USURPER.

    He has talked much about 10th amendment issues, which are central to the sovereignty of ‘We the People’. He also discusses the 16th amendment in his book, Fed Up!, which is also a pivotal issue regarding the continued degeneration of our liberty: the taxation of individual income (16th amendment) is unconstitutional, and is the lifeline that truly empowered the foreign power known as D.C.

    I’ll step off of my little stump here, and end by saying that, while the ‘Carbon schemes’ are no doubt aimed at taxing all human activity (see:serfdom,enslavement), it is but one dimension of the multifaceted assault on our way of life. Through gradualism, and the Hegelian dialectic, a society can be transformed by those with power, irrespective of election cycles, or supposed political philosophy.

    Love the Truth, if nothing else.

    (I love the site Robert, and being 25 I try to tell others my age about the great info located here because I believe these issues are important.)

  7. It really doesn’t matter, there all crooks!! They all are lining there pockets with the so called co2 tax $$$.. GW scam..

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