Insane Article by ABC

“Never mind the fact that the Antarctic ice cap is more extensive than at any time since satellite records began.”

Hi Robert:

I’m a long-time reader of your blog, I’ve read “Not by Fire,” and I’m a meteorologist and an atmospheric scientist.

This is the most disingenuous article I may have ever read from ABC News.

They are actually saying that the Southern Ocean is warming very fast and that this is causing the CO2 level to rise to the point where it may cause problems to shellfish by 2030 and accelerated melting of the Antarctic ice cap.

Never mind the fact that the Antarctic ice cap is more extensive than at any time since satellite records began in 1979, and never mind the fact that warm oceans hold LESS CO2 than cold oceans.  This is a deliberate attempt by the media to distort facts.

And they have the nerve to say the research is a collation of 40 peer-reviewed publications.  I would be willing to bet the scientist quoted, Dr. Steve Rintoul, would say that he was quoted out of context.  No one could be that dumb!

Tim Minnich

Note: I acknowledge that ocean temperatures have been rising. For example, ocean temperatures in Monterrey Bay have risen one degree centigrade in the past 60 years alone.

But did humans do it? No. Blame El Niño. “El Niño is the most robust cause of global climate variability we’ve ever identified,” says oceanographer Michael McPhaden of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (NOAA).

And as I wrote in Not by Fire but by Ice, “it’s influence is growing. During the 1990s, El Niños became both longer-lasting and more frequent.”

“In the past, ocean temperatures have seesawed above or below normal every three to seven years.” But “that pattern fell apart in the mid 1970s when the Pacific’s equatorial thermostat stuck on warm,” said science writer Richard Monastersky. “Since then, five El Niños have brewed, but only once did the ocean cool off.”

Going even further, I blame underwater volcanoes.

Research, partly funded by NOAA, “reveals that underwater volcanism, is one of the strongest and least understood forces on earth, producing a vast heating of the seas equal to that of 3,000 big nuclear reactors.”

(From Not by Fire but by Ice, Chapter 10, “Fish Stew,” pp-135-136)

Thanks for the article and your comments, Tim.

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    • They bank that the sheeple will believe their favourite news provider whether it be T.V., newspaper, radio etc. They know that many will observe and research on their own but the vast majority of the masses will believe what they hear or read on/or in the news. Sadly, they are right. I have been fightin my own family and friends on this issue for decades. They are only now seeing the truth for what it is.

  1. Wasn’t there one day in the maunder minimum period, noted as the warmest day ever on records?
    Was that global warming then?

  2. Auntie ABC..well where to start? Bias is probably a good place.
    Their Science chap of some 30 years manages to bring the CC words to just about every program, and forever sneering at those low IQ deniers, etc.
    same as the BBC theyre NOT being either Fair in program materials or airtime of opposing views.
    as to the “collation” well theres plenty of peer reviewed crud around in the pro warmist section.
    I think MY favorite is the Tasmanian fish vanishing item.
    seems they caught 2 fish only and then managed to interpret that as the whole species has either died due to acid oceans..or moved somewhere else.
    Thats about the LOW standard of Govt funded research in Aus, concerning truth in science, there is none!
    Yesterdays Herald Sun did finally manage a 4×4 inch page space on [page 36!! mentioning the latest Climate emails.
    however they call them alleged/and imply the emails are Faked! considering the HUGE import of the fraud deception and chicanery exposed, in those emails, it should…but does’nt get front page status.
    The govt IS censoring radio tv and papers on any mention of AGW, now called climate disruption, etc etc. the Climate Commissions media release yesterday was outright LIES! but no one is allowed to have a say to correct any of it.
    juLIAR gillard and the greens here will go down as fools and traitors to our country if there is any justice…

  3. I thought the scientific evidence stated that the total heat in the oceans had not changed at all, neither up or down, just shifted? Did I miss something? Not only that, but I thought the current temperature swing had the southern Pacific cooling? I’ve been wrong before, will again, too, maybe now as well.

  4. The Australian ABC apparently won’t let FACTS get in the way of spewing propaganda to “carry the water” for the tyrannical government “down under” which is using the “manmade global warming” fraud to DESTROY THE AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY, and therefore, Australia ITSELF, in order to submit the entire nation to rule by “GLOBAL GOVERNMENT” tyranny. SIMPLE AS THAT. We here in the USA have already begun to dismantle this huge hoax in the form of government regulation & taxation, state by state, and fully intend to change the federal government in 2012. THIS is “change you can believe in”.

  5. Thank you Tim. You know unless people like you who actually know something about the topic at hand dispute and question the information, we would have to swallow the garbage presented as truth. I suspected this report was tainted, but had no knowledge to back up my intuition. So,thankyou. I have to add that to state this is the most disengenuous article ever presented on the ABC is a stretch, as they have presented many in the past, but I take your point. They have no shame.

  6. I’m currently reading “The Chilling Stars” by Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder. The part about the Antarctic ice is important here. Because the ice there is so very solar reflective it makes the region act oppositely to the rest of the world, with, for instance, a local warming as the world is cooling. If the world is having an increase of climate cooling low level clouds, because the sun is in a weakening magnetic output cycle, and cosmic rays are having their way, those low level solar reflectivity increasing clouds, in Oregon for instance, would make for less sun reaching the surface and a cooling. In the Antarctic the cloud tops would actually be LESS solar reflective than the ice. The clouds would capture more heat than the bare ice surface would allow, with no low level clouds, and cloud warmth would radiate out and also radiate downwards. Since some Russian scientists say a multi decade cooling cycle is due, in a 200 year solar magnetic cycle, and one of them actually says a “Little Ice Age” will be in onset by 2014, I would expect reports may come of a warming in the Antarctic, as the majority of the Earth begins to cool a bit faster than it is currently.

  7. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) has been in its negative (cold) phase since at least 2007, which means we’ll experience more La Ninas then El Ninos over the next 20 years or so. Result: cooling, not warming.

    The negative PDO is only one contributor to what may be a long-term cool-down. The weak solar cycle 24 combined with a transition to a negative Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) could trigger an additional drop in temperatures. Add in a major volcanic eruption or two, and the temperature decline could turn deadly.

    We should be more concerned about cooling than warming. During times of warmth (e.g. Modern Warm Period, Medieval Warm Period, Roman Warm Period, Holocene Optimum), mankind has flourished. During times of cold, humanity has endured hardship and starvation.

    • We may be heading to much lower temperatures than what scientists, not the liars, are saying.
      All it would take is a major volcanic eruption.

  8. Hey Robert, I’m amazed at how many different meteorological sites claim that the Article ice has receded more that normal. I remember you saying earlier this year that the ice up there was at record highs. Accuweather in their long range winter forecast now are claiming the lack of ice contributes to the lack of blocking of the NAO. That seems backwards to me, but anyhoo, These people are straight up lying or don’t know what the hell they are doing. Scary either way…

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