“Insane Depth of Cold” to Blast Britain

“Most of the daily benchmarks between early-to-mid April are under threat, including some that have stood for more than a century.”

An “insane depth of cold” is set to strike the UK over the Easter weekend, warns the Weather Outlook’s Brian Gaze.

Freezing temperatures and frosts will arrive in Scotland on Thursday, April 1, with “polar spring” conditions engulfing the majority of the country by Good Friday.

The mercury is expected to sink even lower during the following week, as a violent kink in the jet stream (associated with the historically low solar activity we continue to experience) delivers Arctic air to the lower-latitudes.

Thermometers could sink to -10C (14F) in northern parts, which would topple all-time daily cold records.

The UK’s lowest-ever recorded temperature for April 5, for example, is the -9C (15.8F) set in 1990, while 1935’s -8.9C (16F) for April 7 could also tumble. In fact, most of the daily benchmarks between early-to-mid April are under threat, including some that have stood for more than a century.

What’s about the hit the UK (as well as western/northern Europe) looks unprecedented, and it’s arriving during a key time of the growing season, too — expect significant crop losses moving forward.

The freezing conditions aren’t fleeting either; no, the Arctic looks set to park itself anomalously-far south for at least the first-half of April, with latest GFS runs revealing temps will only drop further as the month progresses.

“Insane depth of cold” to blast Britain [in April], as Sea Ice AT BOTH POLES continues to grow exponentially

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16 thoughts on ““Insane Depth of Cold” to Blast Britain”

  1. Well I’m in England on Good Friday and I’ve just been sitting in the garden in wearing a T shirt enjoying the sun. It isn’t hot but certainly not freezing.

    • Sorry to cavil Alan but Good Friday afternoon in Dublin, across the water from you, was Baltic. Pedestrians walking around were dressed as if they were about to scale the summit of Everest. The way hot records relate to the daytime… Cold records apply to the night.

    • at spaceweather they showed orange skies from the dust coming from sahara again and reported 23c temps
      maybe the cold will follow? or as they often do they stuffed up again?

    • It turned colder and colder as the day wore on. Got down to 4 cent in centre of Bournemouth last night which is chilly for down here in April and at Bournemouth Airport a few miles out it dropped a couple of degrees lower. Certainly feels cold again today, not record breaking but cold for April.

  2. Any advisories on how, over (say) the next 8 – 9 years through 2030, these amplitude-compression curlicues might bend Gulf Stream currents south, casting not just Britain but all Continental Europe into a super-grand Maunder Minimum through 2108?

    If its duplicitous Great Reset “warming” you expect, we suggest a winter cottage in Madeira, mayhap a south-facing hillside terrace in St. Bart’s.

  3. well…..I sure don’t see how turning on your 15 watt porchlight in Texas back in 1998 would cause temperatures to get hotter in the UK LOL
    THAT is obviously not happening. It’s still expected to drop below freezing tonight in South Carolina, in April, 23 years later.
    Someone ought to tell Al Gore and Biden!

    • Let’s see how cold it actually gets in my homeland, eh? Just because someone SAYS it’s gonna get super cold, doesn’t mean it actually does, does it?

      I’ll report back here on April 15th with what actually happened.

      Where I live, the coldest they are talking about is -2C.

      • yeaugh but I would ready just incase though. Here our NWS is often very much warm biased beyond 5 days in the forecast. They were much too warm here for days 6 and day 7 by some 6F for highs forecast this past Fri/Sat. We had 31F this morning.

  4. Meanwhile down here in Australia the mainstream media continue to endlessly bang on about global warming, with never a mention of record cold being set all over the planet or the sun struggling to come back to life for solar cycle 25. While I’m sure its not news to anyone the MSM are not to be trusted.

    • msm AND bom
      our temps over the last yr for hot n cold have been running pretty much 1 to 2c at least Below their supposed(adjusted) averages for the area
      at the same time their rainfall counts have been below whats recorded by the majority of citizens(farmers and ex farmers in town all keep raingauges)

  5. I remember that very cold spells were very common in April when I was a teen in the 1960’s. This forecast cold spell is going to be very short-lived so it’s something that we can put up with for a while.

  6. The GFS model is not noted for being accurate but it does have frosts for most nights next week and a lot of single digit daytime temps. The model does have a perceived temp function which is showing it even colder and for the last couple of days we have had a cold east wind to take the heat out of the sun. I also shows the cold continuing for the following week. We shall see.

  7. If the wind is from the NORTH in UK…….it’s COLD….whatever month !

    If the wind is from the SOUTH in UK it’s warm…whatever month.

    If the wind is from the EAST IN WINTER…….it’s colder than a Northerly.

    All SIMPLE GEOGRAPHY !! What has changed over the years? NOTHING !!

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