Intense activity at Krakatau volcano – Video

29 Oct 2018 – VAAC Darwin regularly reports ash plumes reaching 2-3 km (1.2 to 1.8 miles) high at the Indonesian volcano, reports

Note the lightning in this video. Electromagnetic forces at work.

“The activity at the volcano remains intense, characterized by intermittent strong vulcanian explosions showering the cone with incandescent material.”

Krakatau volcano, which lies in the Sunda Straight between the islands of Java and Sumatra, has seen increased activity since June.

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  1. A 5.1 EQ in the area amid what seems to be a general increase in magnitude of 1 or 2 quite regularly around the globe although I only casually observe.

    M 5.1 – 74km W of Pasirnangka, Indonesia Time
    2018-10-29 21:11:18 (UTC)
    6.870°S 104.961°E
    42.5 km

  2. Static electricity Robert. It is caused by colliding particles in the ash column stripping electrons from each other creating a charge differential just like what happens in cumulonimbus clouds where colliding ice particles create the same effect. Shocking isn’t it?
    Krakatoa is one of those volcanoes that is capable of eruptions that have global consequences.

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