Intense cold and snow in Argentina (homeland of the Pope)

27 June 2019 – Up to two meters (almost 7 ft) of snow on the descent of the Rahue. Authorities ask motorists not to drive at night.

The intense cold and the heavy snow precipitation in the cordilleran zone, center and north of the province have made some roads impassable.

The Secretary General of Government, Leonel Dacharry, stressed that motorists “do not circulate for the duration of the snow period, between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am.”

Dacharry explained that “at this moment in the Rahue, we have two meters of snow, which makes the work on the road difficult.

Meanwhile, “the section Pino Hachado with Litrán is impassable because there is a large accumulation of snow that runs between one meter”.

A similar situation occurs on provincial route 26, the entrance to Caviahue through Hualcupén or Cajón Chico.

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2 thoughts on “Intense cold and snow in Argentina (homeland of the Pope)”

  1. It seems the global climate is shifting locations. Europe is experiencing record breaking heatwaves and fires. Yet other areas normally very hot are having cooler temps than normal like across our US mid to northern states.

    Another phenomenon on the rise are noctilucent clouds which are building much more frequently and being seen as far south as San Francisco! These clouds are the highest ever (within the thermosphere just below that Aurora’s).
    I believe their more frequent viewing is a signal that our atmosphere and higher layers are getting cooler which in turn changes our global temps and creates crazy weather shifts. The ultimate reason for this high atmosphere cooling ultimately is the calm sun which shows more and more signs of long term cooling.
    It’s coming folks. How strong, nobody knows for sure but it is indeed showing signs of coming soon.

  2. It’s been a little while since I have looked at this site & it’s been a bit of an eye opener for me to actually read about the cold happening around the globe because all we’re reading about is the record breaking temps in Europe at the moment. No mention of cold in other parts of the world.

    I have noticed over recent years that any heat anywhere on this planet gets plenty of media coverage but any record breaking cold… absolutely none!

    That is the reason I comeback & look at this site from time to time as I’m sure if Robert is correct there will be no denying climate change. By that I mean in the opposite direction to what the media are making it out to be.
    I think one day people are going to finally realise that the sea hasn’t risen & the ice caps haven’t melted and when glaciers start expanding that will be truly the signal we are in trouble.

    Main stream media can talk all about the record breaking heat but until I see the ice caps gone & seas rising I think I’ll continue to believe what I read here.

    I’m glad sites like this exist as I don’t think we are getting the full picture from the mainstream.

    Thanks Robert keep up the good work.

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