“Intense” cold and snow in Brazil

Snow with intensity in ‘Serra Catarinense’ – In São Joaquim, Urubici and Urupema (South Brazil)
At least eight municipalities recorded snow during dawn on Tuesday, the 10th. Snow began to form mainly in the upper part of the Serra Catarinense during the early hours of the morning in the interior of São Joaquim (Cruzeiro Valley), Urupema (Morro das Antenas), Bom Jardim da Serra (Morro da Igreja) and Urubici New World where the intensity of Snow was greater and there was accumulation that remained until during the dawn.

The cities where the snow occurred were:

  • São Joaquim (Vale do Cruzeiro)
  • Bom Jardim da Serra (Morro da Igreja and Mirante da Serra)
  • Urupema (Morro das Antenas)
  • Urubici (New World)
  • Lauro Müller (Serra do Rio do Rastro)
  • Rio Rufino (Interior high parts)
  • Bom Retiro (Interior high parts)
  • Orleans (Near Stone)

Epagri Ciram warning note:
“Attention: intense cold and ample frost in SC”
SC Forecast: Intense cold in all regions, with a low temperature of 2 ° C to -5 ° C and wide frost in the high areas of the West, Midwest, South and North Plateau, and isolated frost in the Upper Vale do Itajaí and Florianópolis mountain .




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10 thoughts on ““Intense” cold and snow in Brazil”

    • It’s normal. It happens several times a year in 2018 as in 1818, it has not changed at all. That is the question.

  1. These types of articles need context against the inferred norms in these locales. Is this a mountainous area that doesn’t often get snow? Yes, we assume so, but what does the historical records indicate?

    • -Gdpetti, you’re right, in this region snow falls in average 1 – 3 times a year. Our winter is apparently normal.
      40..70 years ago did not have meteorological stations in those regions, a lack precise data of the period, but today there is more data.
      I wish that you scientists note, not exactly snow records (maybe not for some regions), but rather the amount of negative temp or cold temp below 7° C … or 10°C (the heating temp) .
      I note that most of the population here doesn’t have heating system.
      So, this is the region that I take the most attention (the coldest), this one I collect the data.

      Some historical records:

      ‘The biggest snowstorms in Brazil’
      According to the technique in meteorology, the largest snowfall recorded in Brazil was in Vacaria, in Rio Grande do Sul, on August 7, 1979, which had a cumulative of 2 m. Followed by São Joaquim in 1957 and Itatiaia, in Rio de Janeiro, in June 1985 with accumulated of 1 m.

      Historical snow in 2013
      This week marks a year of another historic moment in Santa Catarina. In the week of July 22 to 25, 113 cities in Santa Catarina registered snow. In addition to 35 municipalities that had frozen rain.

    • Is quite common in this region. But it is the first snowfall with decent accumulation in this winter, so it is a fact worthy of news.

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