Intense cold in Brazil – 70 percent banana losses in Ribeira Valley

13 July 2016 – Low temperatures in June influenced the quality of some products in São Paulo, causing losses and consequent price increases. 

Three polar masses of strong intensity caused the temperature to drop below 10 ° C for several consecutive days.

Since the end of April, these polar air masses moved over South America and caused Brazil to experience intense cold,” said Alexandre Nascimento, meteorologist of Climatempo.

The impact was great and the damage will be felt by farmers until next year.

The loss was approximately 70% in the South and Southeast, which caused an increase of 30% to 40% in the cost of production, according to Roberto Kobori, an agricultural engineer and technical consultant of the Association of Ribeira Valley banana growers.

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5 thoughts on “Intense cold in Brazil – 70 percent banana losses in Ribeira Valley”

  1. The forthcoming Olympic Games in Brazil could provide an interesting test of the media’s ability to ignore exceptional cold weather events in south America in the shadow of a sharply cooling Antarctic.

    • 10 C for such part of the world is pretty cold. It’s rare that it drops to those figures. Crops are not used to that.

    • The city of São Paulo recorded the lowest temperatures in 20 years in June (-0,6) and -2,0 in the state countryside, with four consecutive frost days. More frost and almost subzero temperatures will be expected.

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