Intense cold in Italy

Feels more like January than early December, says reader in Italy.

“Northern winds are carrying cold over Italy,” says reader.
“In the Cansiglio plateau temperatures plummeted to -20.7° C and in the city of Belluno they reached -10° C.

“The Cansiglio plateau is about at 900 meters but also in the plains we are experiencing temperatures more like January than early December.

Thanks to geologist Mirco Poletto for this link

6 thoughts on “Intense cold in Italy

  1. Looks like Shiveluch just had a larger eruption than most too. Though I can’t find much reporting on it, the photo was impressive, if it’s not a file photo from a while ago. It’s a recent photo I imagine.

  2. Sure doesn’t look like the hot air steaming out of Al Gore’s mouth is having much effect these days – including the rest of these climate idiots!

    Rest assured, kids living in Italy will still see record snow and bitter cold there 75 years from now, I can tell you that!!

    And the next time you hear ANY news roundups from either your radio, TV or internet by mistake, you turn the MUTE OFF until they are completely gone, then turn it on again. That’s to avoid them from contaminating your head and those of your children, ok??

  3. Some fanatical warmist friends, with degrees in chemistry, of mine moved to Italy from the UK about ten years ago. WHen I met up with them in 2014 they were worried about how hot Italy might become in the future, and were considering returning to the UK. They’ve now changed their tune…..wonder why?

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