Intense cold and snow in southern Italy

Traffic problems for icy snow even at low altitudes of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia.

Now we are waiting for confirmation that the trend will continues in the first ten days of January, with the possibility of rigid events. (I don’t know what “rigid events” means.)

See video of snow in Sicily on Dec 29:

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

“I contacted my sister-in-law in Bari-Puglia (Italy),” says Martin. “She said there was snow on the street. Italian link has confirmed.”

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  1. Bulgarian military join in clearing snow-bound Trakiya Motorway
    Bulgarian military personnel from the town of Sliven and from the Black Sea city of Bourgas used 17 special machines to join in efforts to clear Trakiya Motorway, scene of heavy snowdrifts and a chain collision that left hundreds of people stranded in their cars.
    The military began assisting people at 3am on December 31, the Defence Ministry said.
    Military personnel helped transport dozens of people who had been stranded and used equipment to move lorries and buses that got stuck in snow drifts.
    In the early hours, land forces members transported a mother with a six-month-old baby to spend the night in the village of Venets.
    Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry, in an update on the road situation at 1pm on December 31, said that the bypass route from Yambol via the village of Kamchiya to Sredets and Bourgas was temporarily closed because of an emergency involving three goods lorries near the village of Sarainsko and five goods lorries near the village of Voynika. Traffic police and fire teams were at the scene, the ministry said.

  2. It was probably supposed to be “frigid events.” We’re heading for a frigid event here in southern Montana, with the high of -5 in a couple of days. Fiddlin

    • It could also mean rigid in the sense of “freezing solid”. Temperatures across much of Italy right now are in the low single digits Celsius, so if they were to fall below zero Celsius, where water becomes “rigid”, then that would make sense.

      It’s hard to tell whether this is a regional linguistic reference or something else, but I would put money on a parallel to the state of water.

        • A little more rigid is predicted here in IL. the rest of week, lows in single digits highs in teens, should be on the ice by Friday fishing. Dam ethanol ate up the diaphrams in the carb on my ice auger, so I gotta rebuild that now. Boy I hope that crap goes away. Just more AGW degradation, starvation.

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