Intense cold and cold in tropical Brazil

Vegetable crops affected.

8 Jul 2016 – Intense cold and frost in Minas Gerais (tropical Brazil). Temperatures down to -3.1 ° C is observed between Camanducaia, Delfim Moreira and Maria da Fé, MG.
Minas Gerais southern counties recorded intense cold and wide frost formation between dawn and morning of Friday.

In the regions of Camanducaia and Maria da Fé pastures and grassy areas dawned frozen in addition to puddles and small streams. Vegetable crops were the most affected, according to the city of Camanducaia. The same was observed in the city of Delfim Moreira.
meteorological data

Weather stations operated by Inmet recorded minimum temperature of -1.8 ° C in Camanducaia and -1.1 ° C in Maria da Fé. However, a private automatic weather station measured minimum temperature of -3.1 ° C in Maria da Fé.

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  1. Amazing how it’s all coming together: crashing economies, mini ice age, wars & rumors of wars, increase terrorism of various kinds, liberalism ascending, spiritual decline, etc. Old Mother Nature has a way of evening things out. Fiddlin

  2. The more cold the better, then one must be inventive to survive. Warning that foodshortages will arrive is out of order overhere as one like vacancies in tropical countries.

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