Intense freezing rain storm headed for Ontario

HOURS of freezing rain!

Yesterday, Environment Canada issued a warning that an intense freezing rainstorm would hit southern and eastern Ontario as well as Ottawa late last night.

The storm  was expected to start off with a couple centimetres of snow before turning into hours of freezing rain.

Can anyone living in those areas tell us if you actually did get hours of freezing rain?

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    • No, freezing rain is rain that turns to ice just as it hits the surface, or just before. The link below has a photo of a homesite hit by freezing rain at the beginning of the last solar minimum:

      excerpt: It was the ice storm of 2007, an event that brought most of the northeast Oklahoma to a standstill for at least a week.

      The storm began when freezing rain started moving into the state on the night of December 8, 2007. It was a Saturday. The freezing rain fell until the following Monday, coating trees, power lines and everything else with as much as three inches of ice.

      The result was catastrophic: more than 200,000 homes lost power, many for at least a week, some for almost a month.


      Utilities in Oklahoma got help from repair crews from around the region, working long hours to get the power back on while city and county crews were joined by citizens worked to clear away the debris.

      PSO said more than 5,000 out-of-state workers joined at least 500 of its own employees for the monumental task.


      The comments underneath that local news article would make anyone who scoffs at “preppers” reconsider.

  1. Nope no freezing rain here in the gta. Just readjusting to cold again today after yesterdays beautiful 12 celcius with clear blue skies and warm sun.

  2. Something I’ve noticed of late. We have had several notifications of snow and deep cold coming our way. Normally we do have snow by now. I find it interesting that the weather stations keep missing when snow will arrive or when cold will hit us hard.

    It just seems strange. Our weather stations usually are surprisingly accurate. The last 2 years have changed and so has their accuracy. Their models must be failing.

  3. Ottawa has had very little rain or snow for more than a week.
    I live at Carlingwood half a mile from the Ottawa river.
    My observations over a lifetime tell me that our weather is now cooling and becoming more violent and erratic.

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