Intense snowfall in Argentina knocks out power to two cities

The National Meteorological Service issued an intense snowfall warning for Chubut.

The warning includes the west and center of Chubut, the cordillera area of ​​Mendoza, the west of Neuquén, the west and center of Río Negro and the cordillera area of ​​San Juan, in addition to the north of Santa Cruz. For all this sector expect more intense and persistent snowfall until at least dawn tomorrow.

In the west and center of Chubut, north of Santa Cruz and center-south of Río Negro, the accumulated snow would be between 40 and 75 cm (16 to 30 inches), with higher amounts, predicting the highest values ​​in the north center of Chubut.

Heavy snow is also expected on the high mountain ranges of Mendoza and San Juan, with estimated values ​​of accumulated snow of one meter (more than 3 ft). On western Neuquén and west of Rio Negro the amounts of accumulated snow are estimated between 30 and 60 cm (12 to 24 inches).

Esquel lost electricity from Thursday night until mid-morning yesterday. The service now runs intermittently. Several schools suspended activities and there are municipal holidays.

The snow accumulated in the lines that supply energy to Esquel and Trevelin, caused the cut of the supply in both cities.

Route 259 between Esquel and Trevelin is impassable due to the accumulation of snow and ice.

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