International Falls MN Shatters 120-Year-Old Cold Record

Many other record low temps in MN, NE, SD, IN, IL, WI, IA and MO.


International Falls, MN. 18 Sep 2012.

New record: 20°F

Old record: 27°F set in 1891

Hey, International Falls. How’s that global warmin’ workin’ for ya?

See interactive map:

HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events for The Past 2 Days – Northern Plains View

Thanks to Marc Morano for this link

12 thoughts on “International Falls MN Shatters 120-Year-Old Cold Record”

  1. This was also the hottest, driest summer since 1934, and we all know what that was the beginning of. It would be my guess that we will see a great variety of extremes, then suddenly it will get real cold. Fiddlin

  2. well all that “July Heat” is making up big time now. We already had over 1,000 record lows in August too. Global cooling is right on track !

  3. Been pretty chilly up here in N MN. Weather pattern will change for the warmer at the end of the month right into Oct. We’ll have some Indian Summer.

  4. Foot of Snow Covers Parts of Wisconsin

    A snowstorm has dumped nearly a foot of powder on parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, causing at least one fatal traffic crash.

    The National Weather Service says areas just south of the Twin Cities got 10 to 12 inches of snow. The St. Paul airport got about 6 inches, while outlying areas saw 4 inches.

    Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske says one driver died Saturday after losing control near Mahnomen and slamming into a semi.

    In Wisconsin, a 7-year-old boy was killed in a snowmobile crash on private property.

    Residents in Grant County in southwestern Wisconsin dug out from 10.5 inches, while nearby Vernon County saw 9.5 inches.

    The snowstorm is expected to give way to freezing temperatures, with highs in the 20s for the next few days.

    Please bear in mind that today is only the first day of Fall and that “highs in the 20’s” will also be breaking more records over the next few days!

      • Duhh!! Sorry, Robert.. I notice no date on the original article. THEN I see “Copyright 2010”. Please delete.. many apologies for being a numpty and keep up the excellent work.. BTW, it’s ’bout time for another book isn’t it :^)

  5. Here is the rule: If an anomaly fits the AGW theory, then it is climate; if not, then it is “just weather.”
    So this must be “just weather?”

  6. I was poking around this highs and lows page and many of these places in the 20’s were also in the 90’s for highs within days of setting the low records. I have suffered such changes (95 at 5pm one day, a “high” of 42 at noon the next) and let me just say I am glad it waited until I was out of that area vacationing on my motorcycle.

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