Interview with Robert Felix – “The Coming of a New Ice Age”

Listen (free) to my recent interview with Henrik of Red Ice Radio in Sweden (conducted on February 3, 2014).

Here’s what Red Ice had to say on their website:

Robert Felix, a former architect, became interested in the ice-age cycle back in 1991. He spent the next eight and a half years, full-time, researching and writing about the coming ice age. Since then he has been dedicated to speaking about this research. Robert is the author of Not by Fire But By Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

In the first hour, we discuss solar cycles and how they coordinate with ice ages and collapses of civilizations. Felix explains why he is convinced that the next ice age has already begun. Now even mainstream scientists are warning that the sun has “gone to sleep.”

We’ll discuss the last Maunder Minimum in the 1600’s, which was responsible for the Little Ice Age and lasted for 70 years. We are at a real risk of seeing a return of such conditions. Robert explains what an ice age would entail.

In the second hour, we talk about the increasing propane and electricity prices as we are experiencing the lowest temperatures since 1918. Then, we’ll discuss magnetic pole reversals that match up with ice age cycles.

Robert shares his theory on how evolutionary leaps can take place during a magnetic reversal. He presents an explanation for certain mysteries surrounding extinction events and the appearances of new species. Later, we hear about the 500 year orbital stretch cycle also due at this time.

At the end, Robert talks about how ice ages come on suddenly and he mentions what to look out for.

Please visit Red Ice’s website to hear 2nd hour:

34 thoughts on “Interview with Robert Felix – “The Coming of a New Ice Age””

    • During the last little ice age, the Thames froze over. That hasn’t happened yet, so at this point we’re still in the opening stages of a little ice age. However, the big ice ages START with a little ice age that just accelerates, so a big ice age is still very much on the cards, and in fact is overdue.

      We have to be able to live through a little ice age to have any hope of living through a big one!

  1. Is this why Russia is making moves at this time. Are they grabbing land that won’t be hit as hard as their own.

    • russia was asked by a free referendum to allow Crimea back in. Russias not been buying anywhere near as much land down sth as china and ussa have been along with a lot of the eu and even uk interests in sth africa and the mid east/asians and ussa etc also making Aus a target for land grabs for veg fruit and stock/grain lands as well as housing being bought up

  2. Ignoring the rational,evidence-based warnings of at least a coming Little Ice Age,is a bit like the captain of the Titanic disregarding warnings of numerous icebergs in the North Atlantic.Of course, headstrong arrogance left it too late to take evasive action,resulting in mayhem and a desperate struggle for survival.

    • There are a number of possible reasons for this apparent idiocy. One is that it’s not possible to tax CO2 emissions if the excuse of global warming is removed. Even “climate change” cooling which is being said to be due to CO2 is being used to levy carbon taxes. Take away the reason for this tax by admitting that CO2 is not the problem and they can’t levy it anymore.

      The whole global warming climate change movement is designed around redistribution of wealth, NOT combatting any real climate issues, and this has been admitted by key people in the climate change movement.

      It’s not about climate. It’s about taxes. Follow the money.

      • I agree with the premise of wealth re-distribution. If money, as many postulate, can corrupt collegiate sports or the body politic, why not an environmental industry where billions of dollars are involved?

        The proponents of the current climate change ideology are vehemently opposed to a differing opinion. Intolerance to honest dialogue is a red flag.

    • Perhaps we the people are the Captain’s of the Titanic.
      With the most advanced technology’s being withheld from us, we have turned a blind eye, not demanding what the govt’s are doing with these technologies.
      The 3-D imaging patent has just expired, it took me by complete surprise that the patent was allowed to expire(wow). Get ready for the collapse of the upper-class as we know it. Modernization(AI) will boom in all manufacturing sectors. More job losses and robots running and repairing daily functions. Who will need Fortune 500? Sit back and meditate on the consequences is disturbing and should be all flesh living upon the Earth.

      Then you get into the anti-viral nano-supercomputers which can reproduce and write its own code virtually untraceable.
      One unit the size of a small laptop is equivalent to 13 billion commercial units, and uses 1/4 the energy.

      We have been purposely misled into global warming pulling the wool over a large part of the World’s sheep. We are the captain in that regard, if man does not think for himself and will not look at all the evidence to make an intelligent decision on his/her own, we are blinding ourselves by living in a tunnel, focused only on the light at the end but not understanding what is creating the light.

      The govt’s are playing the captain by not seeing the possible implications by making the AI environment with equal or greater number crunching, learning capabilities, birthing capabilities, control of industrial base; agriculture etc..

      OR DO THEY?

  3. Robert,

    There is no such thing as “consensus” in science. By definition, all scientists are sceptics. Any mention of consensus in an otherwise scientific pursuit is the result of corruption of the scientific method by political influence.

    You’re correct to say that all of this political stuff is nothing to do with science. People are starting to speak out, but not enough yet, and it’s still a long way to go to get people to recognise the problem.

  4. Robert mentioned longer winters and more snow as a couple of the things to look for when going into an Ice Age… maybe it’s a fluke this year and I know one winter isn’t climate, etc., but where I live in Toronto the Weather Network has kept count of 101 days of continuous snow cover – and counting… Beating the old record of 81 days set back in the “big, bad winters” of the late 1970’s . Also I’m sure there are lots of other places in Canada and the U.S. beating continuous snow cover records right now. That’s significant for something I’d say.

  5. Great interview Robert! Wish more people would be influenced by your remarks. I would concur that during a full ice age there were temperatures not to much different to today and I would expect there may possibly have even been heatwaves in some areas. Shsh dont tell a warmist!

  6. Hi Robert, great interview! I’ve listened to the first hour and can’t wait listening to the next part found in your link to Red Ice Radio.

    I´ve stumbled upon this in a Norwegian homepage:

    A senior engineer hasn´t seen this much snow ever in Northern Norway. They had to create artificial avalanches to prevent further accidents.

    Best wishes

    Flemming Sørensen

  7. I have been thinking about how most of the last 10,000 years have been warmer than today. It looks like the next ice age is coming in fits and starts. The medieval cold period was a beginning, with partial retraction to a partly warm 19th and 20th centuries, but that was not fully warm and not a long term failure of the coming ice. Keep your food stored and buy land in Brazil.

  8. Robert,
    Thank you for the radio recording and your insights. Even though I am unconvinced that volcanic action is significant for another LIA, or major glaciation age, I am on board that at minimum we on the front porch of a LIA. Moreover, it makes sense to me that this is really the start of the next major glaciation age that the last LIA was just a prelude for.

    The idea of jet stream pattern change is a key event tied to the solar UV minimum (tied to low sunspot cycle), plus multiple negative ocean decadal oscillations, plus where we are in the Milankovitch cycle are tumblers lining up to trigger the big glaciation event.

    Northern cites are vulnerable to heavy snow due to removal issues which will make their budgets difficult. One thing you may not be aware of is that there are multiple dark horse fusion efforts(as opposed to existing fission power) that are on the verge of providing economic electric power. One example is General Fusion Inc. There are others EMC2’s Polywell, Tri-Alpha, Helion, LPP, Sorlox, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, and others (not the multibillion dollar government boondoggle called ITER, nor the NIF effort). I think there maybe two announcing a breakthrough as early as this year. General Fusion seems very close.
    Again, than you for your work.

    • Another parameter that seems to indicate that we’re close to a “critical point” of some kind in terms of climate is the Fig.1 of this paper of Svensmark (2006),
      Note how the bipolar seesaw has been increasing in frequency and decreasing in magnitude systematically in the last 6,000 years. It is clearly about to reach its natural limit soon, because the thermal inertia of the oceans and atmosphere does not allow for arbitrarily fast oscillations of the temperatures of the polar regions.
      I believe this pattern reflects the increasing sensibility of the climate to solar radiations in the later part of the Holocene, and similar patterns probably must have happened in the declining phases of the previous interglacial periods too.
      In this case, if the present gran solar minimum is of a Maunder type (as many believe, including Dr. Leif Svalgaard) the consequences would be more intense than 400 years ago, adding to the idea of a possible “glacial inception” in our times.

    • As one can observe from the ice core record, temperatures have been dropping the past 4,000-5,000 years. The drops seem to occur in steps, the Little Ice Age being the last significant drop. But the ‘modern warming’ hasn’t warmed to pre-LIA levels, meaning a colder drop than LIA is probably due.

  9. About time Bob !! I was getting worried about when you would finally have another radio interview….

    I will listen to it ASAP !!!!!!

  10. What is to come as cooling progresses:

    Increased food and energy prices pushing many to civil disobedience and rioting.

    As cooling and droughts continue to worsen, a breakdown in the people’s support of government and existing institutions of learning and research. Democratic and Republican parties will morph into a third party which will imprison, disavow and condemn the actions and mistakes of all pundits of Global Warming. Al Goer, Hanson, Mann and many others will be imprisoned. Senators, Congressmen, Judges, and heads of agencies including EPA, NOAA will be among the imprisoned.

    National alliances will arise between United States, Europe, China and Russia to control regions of world where food production can provide food and energy needed.

    Militarization of United States and Europe will be a certainty. Most likely, United States government will be overthrown by a military coup which will happen swiftly. Most upper echelon Democrats will not fair well. Some, but not all GOP will end up in positions of power.

    Subjugation of oil producing regions in Middle East including Iran to U.S., Russia, China and European alliance. The collapse of Christian, Judaism, and Islam replaced with neopaganism.

    Collapse of current wealth structure in all above countries including power of the Rothchild’s, Soro’s. Gate’s. etc. Those of the “Super Rich” that survive will do so by greatly reducing their wealth and turning on their own and joining the crowds demanding justice and equal access to food and energy (much as what happened during French Revolution).

    Islam will become the central focus of forcing conformity and dismantling religious orientation interfering in control by the new states of power and their newly minted elites. The existing political guard will not survive the transition!

    • I agree with a lot of what you say. Not so sure about the Democrats vs the Republicans, though. Unfortunately, I think the most aggressive, the meanest, and maybe – only MAYBE – the smartest, will be the ones who survive.

      Think about the man who is willing to kill someone for a loaf of bread.

      Think about the city fathers, who, when they find out that you have a bunker filled with food, pass a law that enables them to confiscate your food “for the good of the children.” (Keep you stash a secret. Both parties could do this to you.)

      Think about the 50,000 “witches” in Europe who were burned at the stake during the Little Ice Age because “they caused the cold weather that killed the crops.” (See video of Dr Sallie Baliunas as she describes those deaths: )

      • A wise man told me many many moon ago.
        The wise man of the future will surround himself with those of trust and honesty. They must bond together. They will be forced to protect themselves from the remaining untruthful and those which mean harm.

        Have told survivalist,”By the time you gather your army to guard your gear and food neither will last you long”. You must be prepared to plant foods that are cold tolerant, have those that know how to produce and coordinate not just stash. And most importantly, you must have a zero tolerance to those which mean you harm(how sad). If you can not get a community based self sufficient and prepared group organized quickly, you will left alone to deal with ravenous wolves.
        May I restate myself?
        The Elite will be in their bunkers as the wolves and zombies feed on the weak and each other.
        Who can write the future? Who living on the Earth knows what will happen and what you should do? No one. But believe if we do organize with truthful and honest people we will stand a better chance of surviving longer.
        Geesh, wish those witches and warlocks would stop giving us all this bad media(har-har)

  11. Remember what Robert said: “Stock up on food”!

    I have listed several sites below that may help those interested in surviving the next mini ice age or even a big one.

    Fortunately, many stores sell long term (25 year shelf life) food containers. Prices depend upon quantity, but a 1 year supply for one person is about $720.

    One item they don’t stress enough is water! Most of the food containers are freeze dried, so “Clean” water will be a key ingredient. Remember that our utilities of both electricity and water will not be reliable, so plan ahead based upon your location. For instance: My Southern Nevada location has well water, but is run by electricity. Obviously, with the abundance of sunlight, I may have to rely upon solar to power my location, or at least a gas generator.

    Robert also said “They’ll be fighting in the streets”!

    They will be fighting for food, so all of us will need to defend our food supply. If you don’t have a gun, then get one with plenty of ammo. Unfortunately, ammo is in short supply. (Thank you, Obama!) Hunting and fishing will supplement your food supply. Remember that there is safety in numbers, so gather friends and relatives to help keep watch and help farm or hunt.

    Good luck!

    A) (A basic suggested list of items and food needed for survival.)

    B) (56 long term food and shelf life. Also note the non-food items listed at the end)

    C) (11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime)

    D) (Wikipedia’s version for survival)

  12. The definition of an Ice Age is a continent at or close to each Pole with a permanent Ice Cap. Therefore we are already in an Ice age. However, Ice advance in high/medium latitudes waxes and wanes with brief 11,000 year warmish periods. The warm period’s also have warm and cold periods. Due in the main, to the Solar Minimum and Solar Maximums where the Suns orbit around the Solar Barry Center is stable and a sequence of them form a warm maximum period, such as the Roman, Medieval, and recent Modern. We are entering a Dalton type Minimum with winters similar to 1890-1912. To go into a full on Ice advance we would need a large Super Volcano to erupt at the same time, or as happened previously, a Comet/Asteroid impact during a Solar Minimum period. Another trigger could be a significant sea level drop caused by an ocean entering a large land depression. The East African rift area is a candidate for such an event.

  13. oh don’t worry about those who scream that the Arctic is warming – just ignore them. They are called Dumbocrats. They’re the only ones who say that LOL. Yeaugh I know some people in my family like that. Oh-well. Stupid stays stupid !!
    People are naturally dumbed down these days with all the trash misinformation from the liberal media. Don’t even look in their direction.
    The next major ice age is right on track and it’s coming along very nicely.

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