The IPCC was designed to achieve a deceptive result

Guest opinion by climatologist Dr Tim Ball

Guest opinion by Dr Tim Ball (Excerpts)

“The Trump administration is well aware of the political use and scientific abuse of climate for a political agenda. I learned how aware while attending the Heritage Foundation Climate Conference on Thursday December 8 in Washington D.C. The majority of the public sense there is something wrong as reflected in their lack of concern measured in all polls. They will be very angry when the extent of the deception is explained to them, as will happen as the new administration lays out the foundation for their policies.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “was designed to achieve a deceptive result by limiting the research to only human causes of climate change. They effectively made reform or change impossible because each set of Reports is cumulative. That is, each Report simply adds new information to a very limited number of variables. The reality is you can only determine the human impact by knowing and understanding all the variables and mechanisms of natural climate. Most of the public think the IPCC look at climate and climate change in total and IPCC participants and promoters did nothing to dissuade them of that error. This is part of the proof that IPCC creators had a singular political objective for which natural variability was a problem. ”

This graph says it all:

South Pole cooling even as CO2 levels shoot upward.

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  1. Not only have the IPCC failed to examine all solar factors but it would appear they applied mathematical projections in such a manner as to accentuate any warming in their models. Christopher Monckton claims to have found errors but it is still under peer review.

  2. These people are the enemy of all Human Beings !!

    They are “not” wolves in sheep clothing, everything about them is completely evident !!!

    Wolves no, Devil’s YES !

    These “things” worship the Earth (Literally), Earth is their “God” and Mankind is their enemNow I read the article !

    Their ideology is Satanic in nature (Literally), out to extinguish “all” technological improvements to inhibit the welfare of Mankind and they will strive at all costs to accomplish their goals and You and I mean nothing, We are simply in the way !!!

    Literally if you listen to their leaders, We are no different than “insects” and the fly has just as much right to possess Planet Earth as any-“Thing” else !

    The People who dwell amongst our Planet need to “wake” up and rid us of this disease while we still can, while we still have the power to do so because if they could, You wouldn’t still be here…


  3. What we are really seeing in the IPCC is the inner workings of a huge cartel. Let’s call it the AGW Cartel. Members: 1) United Nations IPCC, 2) EU, 3) United States, 4) Australia, 5) Japan and 6) China. Of course there are sub-players.

    The scientific reports are generated by small sub groups of climatologists and Universities mostly to get funding and increase their prestige. The various media publish information with only a bare minimum of fact checking. Usually a Jones or Mann type will step up and lend support if questions arise. After all this is lofty science, it shouldn’t be questioned.

    Cartels manipulate, restrict, control, collude, are anti-competitive and are capable of using judicial, legislative, administrative, financial and bureaucratic entities to achieve their goals.

    Like any scheme, many well meaning persons are taken in by lofty goals like “Save the Earth” “Stopping pollution”, etc.

    Everyone can easily see how the AGW Cartel has operated. With pronouncements like “the science is settled” and “97% consensus” indicate a close minded approach. It’s much more comforting to take it on faith and make it a religion. It’s very easy to arm ourselves (with models and government purchased science) and scour the world to slay non-believers. Why would anyone ever question the established AGW/climate change orthodoxy……

  4. like so many “enquiries set up to examine dodgy deals and fraud etc
    limit the scope to a nitpicking carefully targeted result only
    and refuse to allow outside info or look at the total data available
    works all too well too often;-(
    its EXACTLY how they continued to hide the BoM trickery here in Aus also

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  6. Moscow – The coldest night of the winter season are updated absolute minimum.
    The night of December 14 at the weather station “ENEA” temperature dropped to -17.0°C. The previous season was a minimum of -14.4°C and was recorded on 7 December.
    The absolute minimum of the season in Moscow is now 26.9°C. Former extreme (-22.8) was recorded on December 13 at the meteorological station “Cherusti”.
    On this frosty records do not end the week. Night on Friday, 16 December, will be the coldest. Moscow is expected to -20°C, and in the field to -28°C.
    -Are these “cold” data and records included in the “Hottest Year of All” statistics? It’s just the beginning of the cold, I guess.
    Here In Brazil: Much of the summer (December to March) tends to be ‘normal to below average’, the first 2 weeks are below average and the next 45 days …

  7. Looking at that graph, I tried to think of an analogy to explain the futility of CO2 Global Warming theory to someone who believes the hype. I imagined my brick built house being the atmosphere, and myself being all the atmospheric CO2. Then I imagined punching the house and ‘expecting’ it to fall over. That I think sums up the absurdity of the assumption that such a miniscule amount of a trace gas can heat up the whole atmosphere and create some imaginary tipping point.
    Thanks to anti gravy-train experts like Dr Ball, we can all see clearly the size of the lie that is Global Warming.

  8. The IPCC is made up of scientists and policymakers. Not all the scientists are bad – unfortunately the report summaries are re-written by non-scientists to cover up the weaknesses in the global warming “science”.
    The reports include some nuggets of truth that sneak through (although they will never be reported in the MSM):
    1. They admit that climate is so complex and there are so many variables that no one can predict what will happen in the future.
    2. they admit that storms, hurricanes etc have not been increasing and there is no scientific basis for making the claim that global warming has caused or will cause any such increases.
    A large number of member scientists refused to sign on without the above cautionary language. Of course, it was buried in the reports and never acknowledged by the global warming crowd or disclosed to the public.

  9. They are the nazi scum who is in on the geneticly modifying of the planet. There can’t be much there but satanic black death, black goo, black magic death cult scum. They have infiltrated most of the governments on the planet and are using our money and mentally selected midgets to kill us off and destroy our food and soil. The current gov. here in the US. seems to be infecting our war vets with vaccines and getting rid of people who know too much is the agenda.

  10. As a result of the CO2 myth, the Dutch government is going to go completely overboard in building windfarms in the Northsea and scrapping conventional powerplants.
    Even the Shell consortium is now planning to build massive windfarms, instead of drilling for oil !
    So if there’s a little or no wind, where will our electricity be coming from ? From neighbouring countries with conventional powerplants ? How vulnerable our industry and economy will become, once all these expensive and continuous maintenance needing windfarms are in place !
    The government has chosen poorly, I’m afraid.

  11. Human activity does NOT affect the climate in anyway what so ever..end of story! Some areas of large deforestation in past epochs may have contributed to low rainfall but on a small local scale. That would be about all.
    IPCC models are deliberately fraudulent, to push the ‘AGENDA 21, now called 2030’

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