Iran – Snow and blizzards in 12 provinces

3,700 people rescued so far

10 Jan 2016 – Snow and blizzards in the provinces of West and East Azarbaijan, Tehran, Isfahan and Chaharmahal, Qazvin, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Mazandaran, Arak and Hamadan.

Nasser Chrkhsaz , head of rescue operations, said 3,700 people have been rescued from the snow.

He also noted that 2 pregnant women were saved by rescuers from death and frost.

Chrkhsaz also said that 332 vehicles had been released from snow on the roads of Azerbaijan and Caspian. He also  said 95 blankets and 242 food packages were distributed among the victims.

Rescue operations in Azerbaijan and the Caspian continue.برف-و-کولاک-در-12-استان

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  1. I watch a lot of news and the answer is no.

    Only local cold is covered and then it is as an odd weather event.

    International news is moatly restricted to wars and politics.

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