Iran – Snowfall in Ardebil

26 Oct 2016 – Many parts of Ardebil province are white as the snow continues to fall.

In the Northwest Territories snowfall continues in several cities in the province of Ardabil, Sareyn, Nir, areas of Meshgin and the slopes of Mount Sabalan.

The following images of precipitation IRNA news agency has published the first snow fall in Ardabil:

27 Oct 2016 – Mayor of Ardebil said snow removal has been finished on all main thoroughfares in the city of Ardabil, and we now move toward cleaning the streets, secondary streets, alleys and passageways.

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  1. Norway, 27.okt.2016 . Strong winds and snow provide difficult conditions in the mountains.
    Going on the mountain this weekend? Meteorological Department has issued obs forecast for the mountains of southern Norway, and encourage people to take it easy. AGDER: – There will be a lower snowline tomorrow. Will fall as snow down to 500 meters, said duty meteorologist Ingrid Bentsen at the Meteorological Institute.
    Note forecasts that are issued applies to both the counties and Telemark, Buskerud, Oppland and Hedmark.
    There are strong winds in combination with snow showers giving difficult driving conditions over the mountain passes.
    Exposed areas can wind speeds reach gale.
    – Allow plenty of time
    – The wind rises from the night, which will cause blowing snow. It gets most rainfall in the western area, said Bentsen.
    – Also in the areas surrounding Hovden will get snow during the day tomorrow, and you will notice the wind well!
    The temperature will fall during the Friday and in the areas surrounding Hovden will be around 2 degrees.
    – If one is to the mountains tomorrow, one should be careful. Allow plenty of time, said Bentsen.

  2. Moscow winter has arrived. Streets covered in snow
    27-10-2016 17:07
    White will also be in the coming days. In the Russian capital it became white. Snow fell on Oct. 27, but winter weather can get to keep for the next few days.
    Thursday greeted the residents of Moscow premature onset of winter. Although the grass is still green and the trees not yet fallen colorful leaves, the streets of the capital were covered with white fluff.
    Winter weather is partly due to the north-western part of the cyclone, which is currently in the Central Federal District of Russia. Snow on Monday
    Roshydromet meteorological service reported that snow and difficult weather situation in Moscow can keep up to Monday 31 October. In the coming days, meteorologists are expecting rain, wet snow, and the temperature will oscillate around zero degrees.
    White powder not only surprised residents of the capital, but also caused numerous difficulties, including in air traffic. At airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airport canceled 22 flights, and at least seven were put on hold.
    Authorities also warn against the difficult situation on the roads. Because ice and snow were issued orange weather alert.,27/do-moskwy-zawitala-zima-ulice-miasta-pokryl-snieg,215686,1,0.html
    First snow in Moscow that worked well with numerous entries in the social media.
    First #snow in #Moscow!
    – Jean-Claude Knebeler (@knebeler) October 27, 2016
    #winteriscomming in #Moscow. Just 6 more months of darkness and snow before summer
    – Jack FP (@jackffp) October 27, 2016
    First #snow in Moscow. Always refreshing and charming. By April, not so much.

  3. Snow and blowing snow are expected in Tatarstan at the beginning of the week. October 27, 2016.
    Weather republic awaits significant deterioration in weather conditions. October 31 and November 1, weather forecasters predict a significant deterioration in weather conditions. Expected snow storm with visibility reduced to 1000 meters or less, gusty winds of up to 15 meters per second. The roads are expected to roll forward, and sometimes the formation of black ice. The temperature will be 1-6 degrees of frost, in the afternoon – from 1 to 3 degrees Celsius below zero degrees.

  4. If you read the last story, don’t think I’m going to do to this one that I did to the Mexican story. Sheeesh, too many photos.

    But I would like to inquire to Argiris Diamantis, can you inform us here in the West, if you suffer the same idiotic global warming witchcraft that we suffer? I am just curious.

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