Iran – Snowfall causes billions of dollars damage to crops

80 cm (almost 3 ft) of snow – Citrus orchards black 

25 Nov 2016 – “Winter has not started yet and there is already 80 cm of snow,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “No electricity, no gas, no water. I guess people in Amol are not enjoying the early snowfall. Neither are the farmers in the next news item. But the MSM never publishes that.

Damage to farmers billions cold / snow citrus orchards to be black!
No accurate estimates of the damage caused by the snow in Mazandaran citrus orchards yet, but the meteorological agency says  extensive damage.

According to Mehr News Agency, heavy snowfall in recent days in Mazandaran gardeners is bad, it puts them in peril

The Chinese news agency Xinhua has this photo story:
Young people enjoy the first snowfall this winter in Tehran


Photo / 80 centimeters of snow in Amol, Mazandaran is causing many problems for citizens. No electricity, gas or water in Amol.

According to Wikipedia, Amol (also Amul) is a city of 197,470 in Amol County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Lots of photos:

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

6 thoughts on “Iran – Snowfall causes billions of dollars damage to crops”

  1. late winter crop?
    citrus trees are hardy so they might lose fresh sales but surely they could juice whats damaged?
    better than total losses even if prices are lower.

    • Hi Laurel.

      I’m afraid Citrus aren’t generally “hardy” lower than zone 9.
      USDA hardiness zones:9 through 11
      Even in zone 9 they will occasionally need protection from cold, and sometimes even that won’t be sufficient. There were some serious freezes in Florida near where I now live.
      It was like a war zone. Dead groves for miles.

      Some cultivars will grow further North, but I don’t know about their commercial viability.

      That said, the photos provided in the top 4 links look more like pretty light, not even any accumulation on the ground. I can’t imagine the trees were seriously harmed, unless it was also below freezing.

      The depth in those pics is certainly not 80 cm. Looks like 10 to 15 cm in the other links, at it’s deepest, …maybe. And it’s wet snow (powder wouldn’t break tree limbs), so it’s not all that cold where the photos were taken. I’m from New England, and have seen a lot of snow.

      Maybe there are photos they aren’t showing us?

  2. Taroudant is a province in southern Morocco. I found this news on an Arabic language website, the MSM does not report this:
    Snow besieging villagers Taroudant and threatened with hunger November 26, 2016 16:42
    Snow surrounded a group of douars with soil group Amilmas Taroudant province, since last Tuesday, and prevented residents from meeting their needs and buying cold and harsh winter kits in these villages and remote Madeshr.
    According to the daily “Evening” in its issue to the end of this week, reported, quoting associative events, a group of villages Btaordant besieged and isolated by rugged tract, which compounded the suffering of the population and difficult of the movement process for the supply of firewood for warmth and food to feed their starving children amid warnings of a humanitarian crisis to those areas.

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