Ireland – One of coldest Augusts since 1851

31 Aug 11 – Following the coldest June in nearly 40 years and the coldest July in 50 years, this month is now one of the coldest Augusts since records began in 1851.

The last time August temperatures fell so low was in 1986 when Hurricane Charley brought record rainfall and flooding.

“Met Eireann records show temperatures have been up to 1.3C below average this month at all 10 of its stations across the country,” says this article by David Whelan. “The lowest temperature has been a nippy 2.7C in Mullingar, with highest temperatures across the nation ranging from 15-17C, at best.”

The max temperature this summer only managed to reach 25.5C in Co Carlow, on June 3.

The last time Ireland’s peak summer temperature dipped so low was 46 years ago when the top temperature was 25.2C.

Met Eireann said Dublin’s main weather station, at the airport, averaged just 13.8C, the coldest since July 1965, which saw 13.1C.

Any suggestions that the current weather dip is building up for winter were dismissed with Met Eireann saying it has no bearing on what can be expected towards the end of the year.

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5 thoughts on “Ireland – One of coldest Augusts since 1851”

  1. This is very interesting…on the same day Colorado Springs announces the hottest summer on record. Funny to watch the MMGW people jump on the ‘hottest summer’ news, yet ignore all of the cold records that have been set this year…all over the world. It would be comical if they were not trying to shove their agenda down our throats.

    • except the colorado springs temp data was…wrong. but the msm isnt likely to admit that.
      now if the irish temp station was NOT in a warmer area like the airport, wonder what the REAL temp would have been.
      Anthony Watts has masses of evidence of worldwide incorrect siting of weather stations, theyre ranged from bad to ludicrous.

  2. But Colorado, modern climatology knows that warm records are caused by climate change but low records is simple the weather.

  3. I live in Belfast in N. Ireland. What has been remarkable about July and August is the great lack of warm days which for us is anything above 20 degrees C. The cloudy skies have prevented temperatures from falling too low at night. We had a fine, warm and sunny April. In my experience of living in N. Ireland for 60 years, whenever we get a fine April, the following summer is invariably poor.

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