Irish advised to take out the winter woollies again

 Temperatures to drop to as low as -2 degrees tonight. Colder than usual for this time of year.

Snow and sleet is forecast for tonight on higher ground in the northern and eastern parts of the country. Frost will be widespread and sharp in places, Met Eireann says.

Tomorrow will also be a cold day with a mixture of sun, showers, sleet, hail and snow in places.

Tomorrow night temperatures will again drop to between zero and minus two degrees.

Met Eireann says it will remain colder than usual for the time of year out to the end of the week. 

8 thoughts on “Irish advised to take out the winter woollies again”

  1. Hi,
    Well, I don’t know about you but as far as I can recall here in Scotland prior to the recent warm period mid-April snow was not that unusual. Not every year but I recall going home from school for the Easter break during the 70s through heavy wet snow. Having said that the previous year and the year later could be warm.

    • The current forecast for the British Isles from Sunday looks interesting for the following four days with Snow at high levels.
      Snow is possible during early Tuesday Morning and Evening over most of the UK down to low levels in a strong Northerly air stream. The Germanic states could get quite a dump over that period, as will the Alpine regions.
      More Arctic plunges dropping polar cold air down the length of Europe into Italy and the Balkans, the cold spring continues, with this cold spell significantly reducing the effects of the El Nino warming during the first half of the NH winter.

  2. The predictions are much longer than one week. Two additional Meridional Arctic Plunges are predicted for each weekend up to the end of the month. Snow has already fallen in the English Midlands at low levels this morning. Not a lot, but it has still happened.
    This very cold and wet spring continues as the El Nino winds down. But for the significant wet weather pumped into the westerlies and the warmer air from the Pacific with it The North American and European Winter has been less harsh than it could otherwise have been.
    No doubt the Democrat Gullible Warmists will claim the credit for the El Nino warming as being due to AGW rather than a normal, 7 years cyclic event which has happened throughout most of this Interglacial. The UK Met will once again claim another record warming year for 2015-2016 based on the modified data records provided by the corrupt NOAA climate team.

    • That makes a lot of sense. It has been unusually wet here in Ireland for most of the winter and early spring. Wet means cloudy skies and cloudy skies mean higher than normal night minimum temperatures which raise monthly mean temperature figures.

  3. There’s been light snow showers in amongst what has been quite a pleasant day, but brisk, so far here is West Scotland.

  4. I live in the northern part of Ireland. Tonight temperatures at inland stations will fall below freezing. This month has been colder than average. Yesterday in Belfast at lunchtime it was 6C as against the seasonal norm of 12C. My cherry blossom tree still refuses to bud and I have yet to cut the grass in my garden this year. Most days it feels like winter hasn’t gone away!

  5. Our new norm here in the UK seems to be wet mild – ish winter with cold spring and cooler than usual for the remainder of the year. Of course we are a tiny island at a weather system crossroads so short term we get vast changes but the underlying trends are that – for now.

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