Irene devastates Vermont – 3 confirmed dead, 1 missing

29 Aug 11 – “Vermont is reeling today from what is becoming the state’s worst natural disaster since the epic flood of 1927,” says this article in the Burlington Free Press. “At least three people have died in the storm, one man is missing, hundreds of roads statewide are closed, and thousands of homes and businesses suffered power outages and serious damage from flooding associated with Tropical Storm Irene.”

“The Winooski River at Essex Junction was expected to reach 23.6 feet by late afternoon — nearly twice as high as flood stage.”

With many fields covered by mud, the newspaper warns that “many fruits and vegetable in gardens and farm fields that have come in contact with flood water might be contaminated. Produce that has matured, such as lettuce, greens, herbs, tomatoes, squash and other items that can’t easily be washed and cooked, should be discarded.”

I was born and raised in Vermont, so this flood has more than passing interest to me. Three covered bridges even washed away! Luckily, at least one of the bridges was insured for a million dollars.

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2 thoughts on “Irene devastates Vermont – 3 confirmed dead, 1 missing”

  1. I am a retired professional engineer, and I specialzed in highway engineering including drainage design, and transportation issues.

    It is my professional opinion that the cost and duration of restoring at-grade roads and highways will be huge, and even restoring many of them to the point of even being traversable is going to be extremely difficult.

    The wheels of commerce have large trucks over them. The economic consequences are hugely negative, let along the suffering of so many people.

    The Army Corps of Engineers should have been brought into action by now.

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