Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Questions that need to be answered.


Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Lyn Jenkins

Questions that need to be answered:

[1] WHAT caused the Mediaeval Warm Period circa AD 1000 when the Vikings were able to FARM much, much more of Greenland? It was not MAN that caused that “global warming”, was it?

[2] WHAT caused the warming of the Roman period in Britain, [ first century AD ] when grapes were grown as far north as York [ in Yorkshire, Northern England] . Grapes cannot be grown up there today. It wasn’t MAN !

[3] WHAT caused the “Little Ice Age” in the time of Charles Dickens, when the River Thames through London used to freeze so hard every winter that they could hold ICE FAIRS on the actual ice of the river? The Thames does not freeze now……..and MAN did not cause it in the 19th century ! Volcanic activity may have assisted natural solar cycles.

[4] On December 10th 2020 , the UK Meteorological Office [ official UK Govt Met Office] announced that snow will soon be a thing of the past in Lowland Britain , south of about Scotland.

Meanwhile, in 2021, we have had widespread snow and the coldest January for 10 years ……and the lowest UK temperature , MINUS 23 Celsius, for 25 YEARS! That was recorded in Braemar in Scotland in February.

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Wind turbines need 15 mph winds to generate ANYTHING of use. They are at their optimum output around 35 to 45 mph. If wind is gusting at about 55 mph, they can cut out to prevent damage.

After a strong wind, there is often no wind, because wind is really an equalisation of air pressure. Wind blows from high to low.

In the UK , land-based wind turbines with an installed capacity of 2 megawatts [MW] only generate 25 per cent or 0.5MW ON AVERAGE !

Check to view UK wind energy output around the clock. In 2020 , the UK wind energy TOTAL was as low as 95MW on one day last summer.

How on Earth can these unreliable, part-time machines POWER THE UK……AND ALL OF ITS CARS?

Greenies….and politicians…want to cease fossil fuel sourced electricity and power everything in the UK from renewables! How is that possible?

Even crazier….. they want to scrap UK manufacture of diesel and gasoline engine cars by 2030 and want to ONLY produce Electric cars! That is also impossible because there are 40 million vehicles in UK. 40 million EVs charged at 5kW would need 200 ,000,000 kWh over 8 hours charging to travel 150 miles per day.[ Based on Nissan Leaf]

So if they only averaged a QUARTER of that mileage, 37.5 miles a day, the 40 million EVs would STILL need 200,000 megawatts for 2 hours charging at a rate of 5kW, wouldn’t they? Plus most people would want to charge in the 6 hours from 6pm to midnight. They would CRASH the National Grid!

Yet the UK National Grid only averages 6000MW from wind energy at any one time.. So , if we shut fossil fuel power stations, how can the WIND power all our UK cars, PLUS homes PLUS offices, PLUS factories, PLUS hospitals, PLUS hotels, PLUS restaurants……when UK wind AVERAGES 6000MW a day…..and can be as low as 95MW??

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE ?? Can SOMEONE please explain??

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  1. Greenie overlords: It is our job to DETERMINE policy and it your job to IMPLEMENT policy. So stop asking questions!

    • BINGO! Go Nuclear. After all, its the only way as of right now. Perhaps they will eventually be able to gather the sun’s rays, in orbit, and convert it to electricity. Then they could beam it down to reception centers, but that is a good way off.

  2. The pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops, schools and most offices and factories would be closed. Why? How? Another deadly virus? Bad winter? Just close the whole thing down again. Rolling blackouts are not as bad if everyone is couped up at home. Unable to travel. Unable to get to the shops or work. Just put everything on hold. With half the system running on wind & solar, I see that as a possible solution. At the end of the day, they don’t care about us, only when it eats into their profit margins, hence the inflated electricity bills. Making hay while the sun shines – or doesn’t shine in this case.

  3. Let me take a shot at explaining why and how it will work on only solar and wind. Yes, that’s right, it will work! And now, here is how. You say there are 40 million vehicles in the UK. That’s probably less than there is in the west coast states in the US, but I digress.

    You can generate the power you need, in all likelihood, for 1 million vehicles. Given that, you merely reduce the number of vehicles on the highway. You do that by reducing the number of drivers on the highway. And you do that by vaccinating them for COVID! Problem solved. You probably can use the DRAX powerplant to get rid of the bodies. Might even be able to get a little power out of them!

  4. How is it possible? It’s not possible.

    The leftist elitists’ plan is for you to give up all those amenities. You’ll be living a hard-scrabble serf life before the totalitarians are done with you… and if those totalitarians become fabulously wealthy and demi-god powerful in the process, well, what’s wrong with that?

    The UK hoi polloi should have taken heed when those same leftist elitists installed more cameras than there are people, purportedly to ‘deter crime’, which they didn’t accomplish whatsoever… you should have realized back then that you’re dealing with totalitarians, with fascists, with people who will willingly slide your society into full-blown communism given the chance… as long as it’s you who suffers from it, not them.

    You should have stood up back then. You should stand up now. Sometimes a people must throw themselves against the gears and wheels of the totalitarian machine in order to free themselves from the clutches of that machine.

    But you all have become too comfortable, too ensconced in your cushy chairs with your attention-diverting television, too reliant upon government hand-outs and programs, and who would want to risk losing their job (and their government-provided healthcare) over such a trifle as stopping your society from descending into a totalitarian oligarchy in which you are expected to lower your standards of living however much is necessary to ‘save the planet’ (which reads: enrich and empower the leftist elitists).

    No, just go back to sleep. Soon you’ll be dead, and it’ll be like none of what the leftist elitists did to you even mattered.

  5. Once the ongoing and increasingly successful campaign to eliminate the middle class is complete (the “bourgeoisie” always being the main source of resistance to Marxist takeovers) , there won’t be many EVs needing — problem solved! Most of us can then go back to cooking and heating with dung fires, which seems to be the goal of the Powers That Be. (Their goal for us, not for them.) Let the Hunger Games begin!

  6. Q: Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?
    A: Well TPTB understand Mother Nature’s cyclical nature very well… and are using that knowledge and P to full advantage.

    The British -American Pilgrims have governing control over the planet. Dominion (the Brits) SELECTS our candidates with their rigged fractionalized voting system. They will select our ‘rulers’, inject you with harmful DNA modifiers, rape and murder our children, spoof and short the markets, hyper inflate currencies until they are worthless, create blood wars all over the planet to feed their military-industrial-banking complex … with the final solution being extreme COLD to exterminate us all.
    The British-American Pilgrims know that the world will be cooling into a MINI-ICE AGE. This actually assists the Pilgrims in their plans for GLOBAL GENOCIDE. While everyone is frantically running around trying to ‘drain the swamp’ and avoid being shot with a bioweapon injection, the globalist dictators know full-well that our future COLD will cull the human herd quite nicely.
    CLIMATE FORCING | Geoengineering/Global Dimming plus Cosmic Ray Cloud Dimming – Our Future is Cold

    • Sorry, but I think that response to my initial posting is HIGHLY EXAGGERATIVE. I am 74 and I work 7 days a week much of the year with 3 little businesses in Wales. I had the Astra Zeneca jab almost a month ago and i am 100 PER CENT. I am writing this at 5 am and I have not even been to bed. I’ve dozed off on the settee in front of TV for 3 to 4 hours, and I’m raring to go. So THE ASTRA ZENECA JAB……WHICH I DID NOT EVEN FEEL……HAS NOT HARMED ME !!
      Covid 19 has been creating havoc with our UK hospitals and our economy, but THE NATIONAL HEALTH IS THE BEST ORGANISATION EVER INVENTED !! We in the UK would be in BIG trouble without its dedicated staff !
      So, let’s have less of these EXAGGERATIVE ARMAGEDDON conspiracy theories…….and more RATIONAL COMMON SENSE, please.
      We do need fossil fuel energy, because renewables cannot POSSIBLY power a densely populated country like the UK. One HIGH PRESSURE can cover the WHOLE country because it is only 94500 square miles, not like the USA which has huge empty areas.
      Just check UK Wind energy was giving only 860MW earlier.
      The greenies and politicians who support all this……are NOT EVIL !! THEY ARE JUST NON-TECHNICAL, INNUMERATE AND IRRATIONAL !
      So, let’s be SENSIBLE please ! These conspiracy theories about WORLD DOMINATION are really exaggerative. You won’t get international SUPPORT with such ideas.
      Have you TRAVELLED much through Europe? It is a fantastic continent full of interesting sights and places.
      It is German militarism in the past that has messed it up.

      • Lyn [Mr], it is very good to hear Sir that you are doing so well, and be assured that I’m still working steadily on the calcs to your question from over a year ago about how much heat is given off by all the underwater volcanoes ww. As for the vaxx(s), sometimes you have to give them a bit time to work their magic and sometimes you don’t. (I suspect that you are keeping up on your D3 and C.) But your comment [and progress] may eventually be of much help to thousands and hopefully millions. Jolly good of you to send this note and thanks much again. Cherio ‘ol Chap;).
        Winston Smith
        ht tps://

        • Dear “Winston” ,
          Can I assume that Winston Smith is a mere pseudonym from George Orwell’s “1984 ” and not your real name?
          I believe in vaccines, not a world of exaggerative fantasy. NO VACCINE has ever done me any harm……but has always done me GOOD ! Here I am, at 3.10am , at 74, so Astra Zeneca has not put me in a box yet !!
          With your piss-taking….. ” Jolly good of you to send this note and thanks much again. Cherio ‘ol Chap”….. you assume I am some sort of “upper class ENGLISHMAN ! They are the ones who speak like that.
          In fact , I am a very PROUD WELSHMAN , whose first language is WELSH…..the ORIGINAL British tongue spoken across what is now England for a 1000 YEARS BEFORE our English friends came from their native Germany !
          You allude to “1984” with your pseudonym “Winston Smith” [ or did your parents have a wry sense of humour?].
          Well , Orwell got it wrong didn’t he? 1984 was 37 YEARS ago, and was nowhere near like it was depicted in the book.
          Funnily enough, the man who played Smith was Richard Burton, in his last film.
          Well, coincidentally, he was a Welsh-speaking JENKINS too, since he was born , Richard Walter Jenkins in Pontrhydyfen. That is a good Welsh, former mining, village.
          So neither Richard Burton nor myself are/were , part of the “jolly good ol chap set” that you surmise.
          What killed the talented miner’s son, Richard Walter Jenkins, unfortunately , was not “evil vaccines”….it was simply TOO MUCH ALCOHOL !!
          I don’t have that problem, fortunately.

          Felly ! Nos da “Winston Smith” a cofiwch nid Saes ydwyf ……ond Cymro glan !!
          Safwn yn y bwlch!
          Lyn y Clyn.

          • Herr Safwn yn y bwlch Lyn y Clyn, Funnily enough, the man who played Smith was John Hurt and it was Richard Burton played the part of O’Brien (known as O’Connor in the 1956 film adaptation of the novel). Lyn I’m an aging Kraut too… but like you I’m just beginning to ferment into sauerkraut as well;)

            From Robert below: Mother Nature has been trying to tell us something for a long, long time but, sadly, few have listened. Perhaps she is getting ready to hit us over the head with a rock? Bet we don’t even listen then! ,.. so please note that mother-nature-really-IS-trying-to-tell-us-something… her name is Henna.
            Fie-Fie-Foe-Felly ! as well to you Sir and Prost ;).

  7. Mother Nature has been trying to tell us something for a long, long time but, sadly, few have listened. Perhaps she is getting ready to hit us over the head with a rock? Bet we don’t even listen then!

  8. It has to rage out just like flu. Unfortunately, it comes togethers, as planned, with a pandemical flu. The green communists are harming a lot of people meanwhile promoting not harming the elderly. See Look what’s happening in Canada under Trudeau. One should better speak of the GreenBrigades, like the CCP had, telling children how they must influence their parents and so on. Be prepared for violence. Also see

  9. I recall 1970 movie..beneath the planet of the apes..Iunderground network subway burnt skin radioactive ..elite.with a few gorilla soldiers .trying to get to the sacred bomb.and Charlton Heston…i feel like were in that world fighters left bunch of money hungry godless satanists ready to kill us all..because money cannot buy health.We are doomed ..hate to say it..enjoy what’s left..satanist puppet masters are just starting the royal fuck..covid the ultimate average renamed flu lie has got all the retard sheep scared as hell..never realized how low I.q.was in this world till march 2020..I dont know..bring on the ice age god.

  10. Per paleo-climatologist Jan Theart’s graph posted in “Ice Age Now” on October 5th 2020, over 400 kiloyears –in fact, 3.6 million years from the late Pliocene– global ice ages averaging 102 kiloyears are a recurrent pattern, closely correlated with Earth’s axial inclination and equinoctial precession.

    Unique since pre-Cambrian Ediacaran times some 635 mm YBP –the Ordovician’s 1.4-million year Hirnantian Glaciation was a one-time episode, consequent on Pangæa’s plate-tectonic breakup– over 3.6-mm years these cyclical episodes trail Earth’s 35-million year Andean-Laramide Orogeny through the Eocene (56.0 to 33.9 mm YBP).

    In turn, this “mountain-building” juncture reflects plate-tectonic dispositions conjoining North and South American continents to block east-west hemispheres’ atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns. Given the pace of continental subduction processes, this geophysical vs. climatological pattern should persist another 12 – 17+ million years.

    • Well ! You’re going back a bit there , aren’t you butt??

      Pangaea was a few years before my time. You mention Andean Orogeny….or mountain-building….but you don’t mention the part played by solar cycles and sunspots or modern volcanic eruptions . They are more current and valid than ancient “Pangaea” etc.
      Funnily enough, you mention “PRE-CAMBRIAN” and “ORDOVICIAN” in your posting. Do you know that early geological research work was largely carried out in Wales, hence terms relating to Wales litter official geological nomenclature?
      CAMBRIA was the Roman/Latin name for Wales, and the pre-cambrian rocks of the St David’s area, 30 miles from here, are amongst the oldest rocks in the world.
      Again , Ordovician Slate is what we have RIGHT HERE under Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park. The ORDOVICES were a Welsh tribe in Roman times, 2000 years ago. To be precise , we have NANTMEL MUDSTONE here, named after the village of Nantmel in Powys, Wales.
      SILURIAN takes its name from the Silures, a tribe from South Wales.
      I had interviews for geology in Leeds and Manchester universities, back in 1964. Instead , I became a Cartographic Surveyor. One of my best friends , Dr Roger Key MBE , went all the way to the top with the British Geological Survey, and spent 40 YEARS mapping Africa for them…….mainly Namibia and Botswana. At 65, he then set up a company called Kalahari Key Ltd to search for NICKEL in Southern Botswana , which he’d done the geology for ! They are drilling at the moment. See the company “Power Metal Resources”, who are also drilling for gold in Arizona. They look promising !
      By the way , the famous geologist and multi-millionaire, Eira Thomas, the “Queen of Diamonds” in Northern Canada , is the daughter of my friend’s friend, Gren Thomas , another Welsh-speaker , from Swansea Valley, South Wales. He emigrated and found DIAMONDS in Canada decades ago !! VERY wealthy man !
      We Welsh get about a bit !!
      Google Gren and Eira Thomas and note their achievements in Canada !

  11. The math works if you reduce the World’s Population to 500,000 and “replace” all Europeans with third world slaves.

    • THAT is exaggerative, Centurion ! What we need is COMMON SENSE ! World population is over 7 billion and heading for 10 billion by 2050. The really big birth rates are in Africa, Southern Asia and parts of Latin America.
      Meghan Markle is an ICON in Africa, due to her status and colour. She would do the world a big favour if she toured Africa with Harry and suggested smaller families to African women. The birth rate in most countries south of the Sahara is 8 children per woman. With better health care once this pandemic is over, the African population will really explode. Meghan Markle would be an excellent advocate for smaller families of 2 or 3 children. By the way EUROPE IS A FANTASTIC CONTINENT !! It is the most interesting I have visited.

  12. Thank-you , Robert , for giving me this posting on ST DAVID’S DAY…….the day of the national patron saint of Wales.
    By the way, did you know, that whilst David was born in Ceredigion, Wales, St Patrick, was also a WELSHMAN , who took Christianity to Ireland ? The Romans brought Christianity to Britain in the First Century AD, whilst the people of the whole of what is now England and Southern Scotland spoke BRYTHONIC/BRITONNIC or BRITISH [ all the same thing]. That is EARLY WELSH.
    The Angles and Saxons [English] did not even arrive in Britain from Germany until after AD 410, when the Romans left. The Scots came from Ireland [Ulster] during the same period and became the Gaelic [ Q-Celtic or Irish] speakers of the Scottish Highlands.
    But when Hadrian built his famous Wall in the First Century……THE PEOPLE BOTH SIDES WERE WELSH-SPEAKERS ! The oldest existing Welsh poetry was composed in the Welsh-speaking kingdom of Mynyddog Mwynfawr in Din Eidin, now called EDINBURGH.It is called “Y Gododdin” [ the Votadini] , by the Welsh poet , Aneirin. It was almost 400 years LATER , that the Scots came from Ulster, Ireland and the English from Germany.
    Do they teach you that FACTUAL HISTORY in America?
    They don’t teach it in England!
    By the way, St George, the patron saint of England NEVER LEFT HIS NATIVE MIDDLE EAST….around Lebanon.
    As for St Andrew of Scotland; he is buried in Amalfi Cathedral in Italy. Only a few of his bones were taken to Scotland, as relics.
    The word “WALES” comes from “WEALAS” . It is the Germanic for “Romanised foreigners” and is the term used by the Germanic Anglo-Saxons , for the NATIVE BRITISH PEOPLE, who had inhabited what is NOW “England” for at least 1000 years before their arrival.
    Being that yesterday was St David’s Day , I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain WHO we are ! Many Americans don’t know.
    Famous modern Welsh people are :- Sir Tom Jones, Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones , Bryn Terfel, Ray Milland, Richard Burton, Rhys Ifans, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Rhys [The Americans], Dylan Thomas and Richard Oernant.
    Famous Americans of Welsh descent are Abraham Lincoln, William Penn, John Adams , John Quincy Adams and Frank Lloyd Wright…….to name but a few !!

    • Well I don’t have any answers to the questions you asked in this post… but I wanted you to know (in honor of St. David’s Day since you mention it) that in my life there have been two people of Welsh decent here in the US who were or are very important to me.

      One was a man I loved back in my 20s… we were engaged, but for various reasons of no interest to anyone here … we broke things off and did not marry. Too me years to get over him, and as a consequence … I did not keep in touch with him and that was 50 years ago.

      The other person is my very dear friend of mine for over 50 years… Libby from Maine whose family was Welsh; she is very much in tune with that and has been to Wales numerous times doing genealogy work. I don’t recall her maiden name (her married surname is Spanish, which doesn’t help me remember any), but she named her oldest daughter Gwenyth (not sure if I spelt that right), which she told me a Welsh name.

      • Nice to hear from you ! Yes Gwenyth is a Welsh girl’s name , and so is Gwyneth, as in Gwyneth Paltrow.
        They both derive from the word for WHITE. “Gwyn ” is white in Welsh and is the masculine form.
        Gwen is white in the feminine form. We have gender in Welsh words, just like the Latin/Romance languages. “Gwenith gwyn” means “white wheat”.
        There is a lovely Welsh folk-song called “Bugeilio’r gwenith gwyn” or “shepherding the white wheat”.
        This was a metaphor for courting a young lady.

        • Thanks for that info Lyn.

          Gwen is what we call her normally (ha ha … unless her mom is mad about something). A rather feisty redhead, one of 10 kids in that family. Pretty much raised as “free range” kids and they call turned out to be great adults!

  13. To return to climate matters. Please go to
    At around 1 pm on March 2nd 2021, the UK was using 41.04GW or 41040MW ! Of that, the WIND was only contributing 0.84GW or 840MW !!
    So, how on Earth can wind energy power 68 million people in the UK PLUS up to 40 million electric vehicles?
    Just work out the arithmetic for the Nissan Leaf !!
    How can WIND ENERGY charge even 10 million electric cars?
    Yet the UK is to SCRAP the manufacture of diesel/petrol [gasoline] cars by 2030 !! They also want the UK to be “CARBON-FREE” !!!
    Our politicians are CRAZY !!They must be innumerate and non-technical.
    What you call “MATH” in America…… simple arithmetic in this case !

    • Yes. UK is having a whole week in which it is calm everywhere. Today 3rd March wind has been providing less than 2% of current electricity demand and for much of this afternoon barely 1%. So what will happen when we can no longer use natural gas for heating and it has to be all electric, or all our 40 million vehicles are electric. Madness

      • I agree with you Chris ! You sound sensible. Do you live in the UK? Whereabouts?
        Wind energy dropped to 860MW yesterday, when the UK was using 45000MW with only a small number of electric cars around.
        We MUST have natural gas for heating and diesel/petrol to power our vehicles.
        Renewables are OBVIOUSLY totally inadequate.
        Could I please suggest that you write a punchy 100 word letter and send it to the Daily Mail?
        Even better, if we could get a Daily Mail INVESTIGATIVE journalist to look at the FACTS on and, say, the Nissan Leaf electricity requirements , then write a FULL PAGE expose of the FACTS…….we may get somewhere in the UK.

  14. IT IS 5.42 pm ; UK ELECTRICITY DEMAND IS NOW 41.19GW  ;
    The TRUTH is on
    HAVE A LOOK !!

  15. On a technology point I recently watched Ewan McGregor’s travel show Long Way Up where he travelled South America on an electric motorbike. One thing that struck me was that the bikes struggled to charge overnight at all in cold weather, and they had to fall back on other methods of charging the them often leaving the travelers potentially stranded. If this is the future then we are all in trouble

    • Yes, and a prog about travelling across England in an electric car [EV] found that nearly ALL ECOTRICITY charging points were “out of order”. Probably an excuse!
      Ecotricity is POWERED BY WIND ENERGY! The truth was that there was NO ELECTRICITY for the EVs because there was NO WIND !!
      Ecotricity, set up by a hippy, would not even EXIST were it not for the highly subsidised price paid for wind energy in the UK !
      Since all electricity generation generally goes into the NATIONAL Grid, the electricity that comes OUT is most likely from fossil fuels.

  16. I have read that grapes were actually grown as far north as Newcastle in Roman times as it explains Vine Street in the city.

    The Braemar temperature misses that an all time record low for February was set in England.

    • Hi Gerry ! Yes , you had very low temps in England too……but was it an “all time low” for Feb?
      If so, why not point this out…….and the need for fossil fuels……in a letter to the DAILY MAIL, which is the BEST campaigning newspaper in the UK, with a BIG readership !
      PLEASE send them a 100 word letter.
      It WAS warmer during Roman times.THAT was not MAN’s doing ! Nor was the Mediaeval Warm Period when the Vikings farmed much more of Greenland.
      The UK is on the same latitude as Newfoundland.Only the Gulf Stream keeps us warm. A HIGH over Sweden in winter will ALWAYS negate that and bring in freezing easterlies from Siberia. That’s what happened in early Feb. More cold weather coming next weekend.

  17. Have you explained to Robert how the flag of Wales is a “Great Red Dragon” (Rev. 12: 1-4) and how your crown prince is involved with Klaus Scwabb in “The Great Reset”?

    • Here we go ! Yes the Red dragon is the symbol of Wales from Roman times, but it is no good quoting the BIBLE to get facts. The Old Testament was written in Aramaic and the new testament in Greek. NEITHER were written in the MODERN language called English, which is a mixture of WEST GERMANIC FROM THE SAXONS IN GERMANY AND NORMAN FRENCH AFTER 1066 !
      So when Bible bashers quote the ENGLISH bible, they are only quoting ROUGH ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS OF FOREIGN TEXTS !
      I’m pretty sure if you returned to the Aramaic, the Biblical word would not be DRAGON, would it?
      As for Prince Charles. He is part of a RECENT German family that have only been involved in the UK since the House of Hanover . George 1st was GERMAN , without a word of English. You know all about him in America!!?
      No, the last TRUE Prince of Wales was Llywelyn y Llyw Olaf……the last TRUE WELSH PRINCE! He died in the 13th century. We also had OWAIN GLYNDWR circa AD 1400.
      This “Great Reset” sounds like another load of exaggerative stuff to me.
      Why are so many of you Americans OBSESSED with conspiracy theories? Most UK people are not EVIL……they are simply non-technical and innumerate.
      The TRUTHS regarding energy generation must be explained to them. Wind energy CANNOT power the UK.

      • What on earth makes you think I’m American?

        Most UK people are as thick as two planks, especially those who claim David had anything at all to do with Wales and admit to reading the Daily Mail.

        You must be like my old man, believing in that “British Israel” garbage.

        And if you don’t believe in the great reset it’s all there, for all to see, on the WEF website, including your crown prince assuring us how much he cares about the planet and us. I was so overcome with joy to hear him tell us how much he cares. That’s deep sarcasm by the way.

        • So did you take the name Zebedee from the Old Testament….or the Magic Roundabout??
          OF COURSE , St David was WELSH… he was from Ceredigion…… was Patrick! The English did not arrive in Britain from Germany [ Angeln and Saxony] , until the 5th century.
          Why are you “Zebedee”? Are you Jewish?
          Charles is not MY “crown prince” . He is just one of German descent who has inherited a title from the House of Hanover / Saxe-Coburg Gotha…who INVENTED the “House of Windsor” to sound English during the First World War….when Britain fought Germany.
          Montbatten was BATTENBURG !
          I hope you don’t “Boing!, Boing! when you move Zebedee !!

    • Our crown prince will not be there long as the public dont want him and the way the other so called Royals are going on there might not be a monarchy after the present queen goes.

    • Plus the wind turbines were frozen solid. They are USELESS in severe weather. It is common sense, how could they work with thick ice hanging from blades ?
      You seem to be making an excuse for wind energy. Besides a 400 ft wind turbine only averages 0.5MW in the UK.
      When the wind drops below about 15 mph , they produce almost ZILCH……..without heavy frosts.

  18. What am I missing here?
    There are 1,000,000 Watts in 1 Megawatt & 1,000 Megawatts in 1 Gigawatt. UK demand is 41.88 Gigawatts as at 13-10 GMT on 3rd March 2021. Wind is producing 1% of UK demand, 0.5 Gigawatt or 500 Megawatts .

    40 million EVs charging at 5kW would need 200,000,000 Kilowatts for each hour of charging, which represent 200 Megawatts per hour, not 200,000 Megawatts as stated in the article. The article further states the UK National Grid only averages 6000MW from wind energy at any one time. 6,000 Megawatts represent 6 Gigawatts, which average would represent just under 14% of UK demand.

    Am I correct?

    • NO ! Check your MATHS !
      200,000,000 kilowatts equals 200,000 megawatts not 200MW ! 1000kW in one MW !!
      DIVIDE BY 1000 !!
      YES! …..UK wind energy AVERAGED 6000MW in 2020, but check it this Saturday. It was only 460MW on March 2nd around 5 pm

      40 million EVs charged at 5kw for TWO hours a day to travel 37.5 miles would need 200,000 MEGAWATTS FROM THE NATIONAL GRID OVER TWO HOURS.
      Granted they would not all charge at once…….but the bulk would need 2 hours charging in the 6 hour slot from 6 pm to midnight ! HOW COULD THAT WORK?

      • Well, I did ask what I was missing.

        200,000,000 Kilowatts are 200 Gigawatts or nearly 5 times more than the National Grid is able to generate. May I suggest that’s a clearer statement about the futility of present technology EVs..?

        For some months now, I have been following the fortunes or otherwise, of a company that is trying to develop what they call a recyclable Aluminium-Air power technology. One would have thought HMG or some other interested scientific investor would take an interest? Judge for yourself.
        The company is scrabbling for investors.

        • How the heck can that company produce electricity from aluminium smelters using RENEWABLE energy, which is TRIVIAL?
          England is around 50000 sq miles with 58 MILLION PEOPLE…..ON MAINLY FLATTISH OR LOW LAND !
          Hydro would be no good in England! They could put a few small plants in the Pennines and that’s all.
          No way could the WIND AND SUN POWER SMELTERS ! That’s crazy !! Smelters need a lot of power.

  19. GB Fuel type power generation production
    last update 2021-03-04 07:00:00 GMT

    Nuclear 4.04 GW 12%
    Combined Cycle Gas Turbine 19.24 GW 58%
    Coal 0.47 GW 1%
    Wind 1.98 GW 6%
    Wood pellets from USA 2.31 GW 7%

    Fossil fuels & nuclear are generating 71% of base load demand, but we are importing 4.41 GW or 14% from France, (mostly nuclear) Belgium & the Netherlands to balance our National Grid. Allowing for the vagaries of rounding up the averages & including Hydro at 0.28 GW 1% Ocgt & Other, that’s about100%, although we have exports to Ireland & Northern Ireland of 2%. Without the subsidies paid for wind generated electricity, even if the wind does not blow, UK electricity would be 40% less expensive & more reliable. Electricity is still far more expensive than natural gas for domestic heating.

  20. Yes, but French utility companies can get power direct from France. They don’t have to tell the customer when they do this.

    • Agree……and EDF …is mainly NUCLEAR….and own UK generation in a big way….along with the Germans.
      By the way, the French dump nuclear waste in the Cotentin Peninsula, near Cherbourg………AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO ENGLAND !

  21. “Yes, but French utility companies can get power direct from France. They don’t have to tell the customer when they do this.”

    I would rather expect they can, but I don’t understand the significance of your comment.

    OTOH, I am still awaiting a reply from Lyn + Jenkins about the validity of my arithmetic.

    • Energy moved around inside a company, even an international company, is company business. A company only answers to its shareholders, not its customers.

      So if a French utility company chooses to supply British customers from a French nuclear power station, rather than the windmills in the channel, that company is acting in the interests of its shareholders and not its customers, nor the interests of so called greens.

    • In short, if our so-called leaders took all energy companies into public ownership they could build a green economy, but as long as energy companies continue to only answer to shareholders there is no green energy supply.

      Just more BS from a Tory government.

    • Check BACK, Perry !!

      I’m surprised you have not spotted your basic error…..and Zebedee has not told you !!
      If we rely on wind energy…..we’ll ALL need springs to bounce around !! Boing ! Boing !

  22. How the hell does anybody still have three companies still running after so many lockdowns? Anybody claiming that has just got to be part of the imperial establishment.

  23. Nonsense Zebedee ! You could not be further from the truth.

    I am 74 and still writing at 4.53 am….not been to bed yet. I’m off in 10 minutes!
    [1] I have a 340 acre coastal farm. I let some to a neighbour who milks, but I still have about 120 sheep , 15 ponies , donkeys , pigs, goats and alpacas to feed all winter.
    [2] I have a tourist attraction on the farm called Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, where people come to see seals and dolphins and above animals. That is CLOSED at present. We closed last October until we open in the Spring. We still have WORK to do when we are closed ….with NO INCOME !
    [3] I have a separate little camping/caravanning business, closed since last Oct until the Spring.
    Still WORK to do in closed season….with NO INCOME!
    I do not tell LIES, which is why I use my REAL NAME here and not a pseudonym !

    • We get the picture, all sheep and welly boots.

      Why does your version of history omit the Roman occupation and the Vikings?

      And what makes you think you sleep any less than me? Hey time for bed.

  24. For example, who pulled down London Bridge?

    Was he Saxon?

    Was he Welsh?

    Was he Scottish?

    No! He was Viking.

    All the Welsh ever do is sing “Somebody did me some wrong” songs and it gets ever tiresome on the ear.

      They occupied England and Southern Scotland for 1000 YEARS before the English came from Germany and the Scots from Ulster in the 5th century.


  25. And when they killed your children at Aberfan, what did you do?
    Oh yes, sing some more “Somebody did me some wrong” songs.

    And when Thatcher decided to destroy the miners union, what did you do?

    “Oh I’m alright, I have a farm and three businesses so f**k the miners.”

    I’ve been reading Robert’s website for 20 years now and I would never presume to use it to sell my business, but suddenly you pop up and take over, and I wonder why that is?

    Because the ice age is here and panic is setting in among our lords and masters maybe?

    • The NATIONAL COAL BOARD were responsible for the Aberfan tragedy !
      Some of my friends were miners , so don’t insult the Welsh people !! Other friends of mine lived nearby !!

      What do you KNOW? You won’t even say WHERE you live or WHO you are, because you are too cowardly !
      You sound like chip-on-the-shoulder nutter with such words.

  26. What’s your PROBLEM Zebedee? Why don’t you post YOUR NAME? Why do you HIDE?
    I have been writing for YEARS on this web-site. I have not SUDDENLY popped up , as you put it !
    You don’t have to reply to my posting.

    BE A MAN !!!

    MADNESS – March 2021 Begins with an Unparalleled Series of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tremors Around the Globe

    State of the Nation
    According to all the scientific data coming in from around the world, there is a dramatic uptick in earth movements during this first week of March, 2021. The major earth movement activity listed below is unprecedented given that each ongoing event is occurring within just the first few days of March.

  28. Zebedee,

    Be nice or be off!

    I appreciate it that Lyn + Jenkins does not hide his identity. He is right & I was wrong in my understanding of the numbers & I do not feel diminished by his explanation. I know what a kilowatt is, but three zeros played tricks & escaped the coop, so to speak.

    FWIW, at 19, I joined the NCB in 1962 as a Clerk grade II & attended night school to gain qualifications necessary for promotion within a civil service style regime. I believe the miners were poorly served by Scargill. My father-in-law was a Durham miner who went down the pit at 13 & was 43 when Craghead Colliery closed. He then worked mending roads for 20 years, before taking employment sweeping floors in a factory. He retired at 65, suffered a massive heart attack at 67 & died at 68. Physically small he hewed coal by hand, lying on his side in 2′ seams. That man had more courage in his little finger & far more charity in his heart than you. Be told pal.

    • It’s just when you encounter somebody telling others how they are part of a special chosen people, you are actually meeting one of the dividers; the ones who create the divide and conquer mentality that those who rule us just love to encourage and utilize.

      And so, if you are from Durham, along this way of thinking that our rulers like to deploy upon us, you and I are both Viking, and Vikings are nobody’s slaves. Be told Pal!

      • A VIKING called ZEBEDEE !! How bizarre !!
        I am not part of a group that RULED YOU !!
        You brag about being Viking……who raped and pillaged their way across Britain ! GREAT !!
        VERY democratic people !!
        Who’s bragging about being a “special chosen people” now ?? HYPOCRISY RULES !!

    • Perry,
      I RESPECT hard-working people like your father. He did a tough job in tough times. It did take courage. Mining in narrow seams was a difficult job. They had them in South Wales too.
      All the farmers of West Wales had relatives who went to dig coal in the South Wales Valleys in the 19th/20th century.
      They were attracted by better money than they could earn from small farms.

  29. Oh and you might like to check out Fimbul winter.

    “First came the Fimbul winter that lasted three years. This was a warning of the coming of Ragnarok, when everything living on Earth came to an end. ”

    This is how the story of the long harsh winter, called the Fimbul winter in Norwegian, begins, both in Norse mythology and in the Finnish national work of epic poetry, the Kalevala.

    But why are stories that warn of a frozen end-time found in Nordic mythologies?

    In recent years, researchers in Norway and Sweden have found increasingly clear evidence of a disaster that struck the planet 1500 years ago.

    The disaster must have hit Norwegians and Swedes extremely hard — as hard as the Black Death. The same may have happened in the Baltics, Poland and northern Germany.

    And what do we see happening now, as the Welshman tells us the lie that there is a return to “normal”?

    • In recent years, researchers in Norway and Sweden have found increasingly clear evidence of a disaster that struck the planet 1500 years ago.
      Ilopango eruption 536 DARK AGE VOLCANO | Documentary
      (give’em hell Zebedee, yer doing good, cheers)

    • What are you talking about? You are putting words in my mouth…….or is it some other Welshman?
      There have ALWAYS been climate cycles on Earth…….mainly ruled by the Sun and volcanic activity.
      You don’t need Nordic mythologies to know that !!
      If that DID happen 1500 years ago, it could have driven the GERMANS AKA ANGLO-SAXONS to Britain in the 5th century.
      The original British were the Welsh who spoke Brythonic or British. The Oldest WELSH poetry was composed in Welsh speaking Din Eidin, now Edinburgh, around AD 600. The Welsh of Din Eidin fought the Angles of Northumbria, at Catraeth…….thought to be Catterick.
      Where have I said ” there is a return to normal”????

  30. According to my DNA, I’m 99.97% Northern European, 0.01% Southern European, 0.01% North Africa. & 0.01% unassigned with 2.4% Neanderthal, but Durham is not where I hail from. Danish DNA is indistinguishable from Anglo Saxon DNA, so whether I have Danish ancestors is unknown. I behave as befits a Jarl, but you are well named as a sad, victimised & mustachioed Þræll, spring heeled in readiness for Ättestupa.

  31. And when I see an American giving special rights to the indigenous peoples of the US, I might take Welsh rights into consideration over here.

    To the victor goeth the spils! That’s the way it has always been. It’s certainly the American way.

  32. Z,

    What in hell are you whining about now? Its better to be thought stupid than to post online & confirm it. You are deranged. “To the victor goeth the spils! ”

    Do you have friends who care about your insanity?

  33. As you say “Danish DNA is indistinguishable from Anglo Saxon DNA” but the difference is in the mind.

    The Vikings knew about the Massacre of Verden at which time Charlemagne slaughtered 3000 Saxons.

    The Saxons appeased their Christian psychopath and died as a result. The Vikings consequently attacked Christians because they knew you should never try to appease the psychopath.

    In other words, the Saxons suffered “Stockholm Syndrone”. The Vikings didn’t!

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