Is our magnetic field weaker than we thought?

“This is not a good sign.

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers says there’s something going on with the sun that should not be.

“There is absolutely nothing in the history of space weather that advises the expectation of a strong geomagnetic storm off a mild CME produced by the eruption of a small plasma filament,” says Ben.

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12 thoughts on “Is our magnetic field weaker than we thought?”

  1. small plasma disturbances might not be a problem, unless of course the theory of the plasma universe is correct… then again it took what, 70 years to prove Birkeland Currents exist after it was theorized…

  2. Oh enough with the doom and gloom.We’re all gonna die regardless,and the weather,climate and sun cycles will go on long after we left this planet.These people don’t have other problems in their life it seems.

  3. Hey, the Sun does get a runny nose now and then, just like we do!

    Okay, this IS a weird thing to occur, but since we can’t track the last time it happened (so far), it’s valid to ask what the consequences may be. There is no clockwork pattern in the timing of the advances of ice sheets in the past, or at least, none that I’ve seen anywhere. If there’s more info on this, please let us know.

  4. if that was the cme the other day it was fairly long lasting
    but appeared to be a miss I thought?

    • Everything in our lives relies on electricity – if all components and cables are fried by a huge electric storm then what happens next? You will have no water supply, no heating, no communication, no fuel, no working electric devices…. The Carrington Event happened in the pre-electric age so didn’t do much but one now doesn’t bare thinking about.

    • CMEs can fry electronics and unprotected electrical equipment.

      Look up the Carrington event.

      CME hit the Earth, telegraph wires heated up and set fire to telegraph poles and stations. No insulation for wiring back then, such as we have now.

      In today’s electronic world, it might just fry your computer, phone, and yes, even your car’s onboard electronics. And think what might happen if a CME did hit Earth and the majority of vehicles are run by – wait for it – BATTERIES!!!! The horror! Dead cars all over the landscape! Oh, NOOOOO!

      Seriously, it is a real danger to a world that depends on electronics instead of brainpower.

      • That is why I have kept one old all mechanical Diesel in the fleet… A 1980. Runs with zero electrical functioning. Manual transmission so I can “roll start” it too. In a pinch, runs on jet fuel, kerosene, or vegetable oil (if warm).

        Yeah, my Mad Max car 😉

        So did we have abnormal flux events in the last couple of days? Friday to Saturday I was fighting computer gremlins with several unexpected crash / reboot events and one uSC card taking file system corruption…

  5. We haven’t really been observing the Sun close up for very long, so this may well be a natural occurrence that happens every hundred years or so.

  6. I just don’t understand why anyone is asking the question “Is our magnetic field weaker than we thought?”

    Shouldn’t the exact strength of our magnetic field from moment to moment be a matter of record? Isn’t anyone anywhere keeping track of this?

    If they are, I have not been able to find it. Does anyone else think this is strange, to say the least?

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