is the Financial Times calling for Dictatorship?

“Democracies are ill-suited to deal with climate change,” reads the headline.

“Giving ordinary people a say over public policy impedes climate action, because we don’t care enough about other people’s problems,” writes Edward Luce in the Financial Times,

This is “another green attack on Democracy,” says Eric Worrall.

“Sadly Edward does not go on enlighten us about his version of the ideal eco-fascist utopia which should replace our current freedoms. His feeble suggestion, “to talk about the economy”, undermines his position that Democracies are not well suited to dealing with long term problems.”

“If people can be persuaded to take climate action by talking about the economy, surely this means Democracy works?”

FT: “Democracies are ill-suited to deal with climate change”

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13 thoughts on “is the Financial Times calling for Dictatorship?”

  1. I tried going to the link you posted and got this instead: “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?”

  2. Just another display of “scratch a liberal, find a fascist” mentality.
    No different from the honest outburst from St. Greta when she declared that recalcitrants should be “put against the wall”.
    Hopefully enough good hearted Mensheviks will not lose sight of the fact that their cold blooded Bolshevik cousins are forevermore lurking nearby.

    We freedom loving stalwarts will certainly never forget.

  3. When authoritarians are craving power, they have turned to perfection to rationalize their compulsions for control.
    In the early part of the 1900s, International Socialists were out to create the “perfect man”.
    National Socialists were determined to have a “perfect” race and a “perfect” land space.
    Our control freaks are out to set the temperature of the nearest planet at the “perfect” level.

  4. It isn’t about democracy. It is about maintaining the rule of oligarchs in the information age through propaganda, taxation and regulation or if need be the use of communist techniques and or war. Normally oligarchs use democracy to provide a front organization that they control using propaganda, bought politicians, public and private institutions to control the public and the economy so that wealth extraction and social engineering projects and their personal security and interests are safe guarded. With the rise of information technology people are getting wise to the situation thus creating an opposition to the status quo…. The new right which Hillary Clinton called the deplorable’s is one such group and the global warming deniers is another.

    • With two of the largest Oligarchs being the un productive UN and Bankrupt EU. Both have pretentions of being a STATE in its own right, The former as the governing head of seven regonal Super states, with the EU and China founding members.

  5. prior commenatry by the fin times suggested that Chinas mode of population control was a model to follow for climate compliance.
    all those cctv /street cams with audio police linked doorbells alexa and siri etc hands the people TO the PTB on a platter
    just like the present example of social credits in China restricting travel employment housing etc to those who dare NOT comply.
    they are from the govt and they are NOT your friend!!!

  6. Some of these folks are starting to reveal their true colours. History has shown us where this kind of thinking can lead–Hitler, Stalin, Moe, etc.

    • The fledgling US managed though the later part of the Maunder GSM and during the Last UK/US war of 1812 during the Dalton GSM.
      The point is that carbon is a chemical energy source, and that renewables don’t work in winter. A great many people pay the price in early deaths to salve the Woke mentality of millennials too busy screwing up the political structures of the world, thinking they are safe from reeducation in Gulags and extermination camps.
      Appeasement never works with socialist/Islamic dictators.

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