Is the lockdown really helping? Or is it simply prolonging the inevitable?



Sweden, which did NOT lock down, has lower death rate than USA

Deaths per million of population
Sweden : 585
USA : 698


Thanks to Mike McEvoy for above image

Note: I did not take the time to confirm all of the numbers in the above image, but according to this CDC page, the 2,813,503 figure  for 2017 is right on the money.

5 thoughts on “Is the lockdown really helping? Or is it simply prolonging the inevitable?”

    • WUWT had some comentary about excess deaths avg deaths in uk
      and theres little to see different from what I remembered
      some areas of illness lower than normal

    • For England and Wales it’s hard to make a direct comparison at the moment, excess winter deaths cover two calendar years of data. There were an estimated 50,100 in the winter months of 2017/18 according to the Office for National Statistics, the highest figure since 1975/76.

      Using the dodgy criteria of CV19 deaths in the UK, having tested positive within 28 days of death counts as a CV19 death, and comparing with 5 years average then the ONS (Office for National Statistics) says in excess of 60,000 CV19 deaths. Compared to 2018 at the same time this year is about 40k higher. Deaths with CV19 mentioned on death certificate 53700, so it’s anyone’s guess what the real number is probably nearer 40k than anything else. Total deaths so far this year about 484000.

      It’s even more difficult find the survival rate for cases with an outcome, the NHS doesn’t seem to know how many people have now recovered. If you assume the global rate of 3.5% of cases with an outcome resulted in death then England and Wales then about 1.8 million have recovered.

  1. This data simply reinforces my belief that a significant chunk of America is pathetically dumb. With all the advances, with all the technology, with instant access to information, you’d think we’d all be explorers, trying to each discover what makes us, the world ‘tick’! Instead we seem more interested in allowing ourselves to be spoon-feed everything, never questioning!

  2. What is striking in England is that the latest week we are only about 6% up on the average deaths for the last five years – having had below average deaths for most of the period from April to the end of September. To give the whole thing some perspective Covid19 was the 19th most important cause of death in August and the 16th in September – ie there were 15 other diseases that you were more likely to die of!!!

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