Island of El Hierro Prepares for Eruption

Government officials have begun informing residents of evacuation protocols in case the worst should happen.

26 Sep 11 – “Any eruption would form cones on the high zones of the island and lava flows which would flow to the sea, although they would do so at a speed that would be slow enough for the population to be evacuated. It is something that could happen in days, weeks or months,” says volcanologist Juan Carlos Carracedo.

El Hierro currently has a population of around 10,000 and regional government officials have begun informing them of evacuation protocols in case the worst should happen.

The last volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands took place on the island of La Palma in 1971, while the mainland town of Lorca was devastated by an earthquake of 5.2 on the Richter scale in May this year.
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4 thoughts on “Island of El Hierro Prepares for Eruption”

  1. I am just a dumb old country boy but I suppose that all the undersea volcanoes that are erupting under the sea would cause sea water to warm up a bit and with warmer sea water that might effect currents which in turn could cause things to warm a bit. I see some warming as a good thing, I hate cold weather and that is why I choose to live in Hawaii.

  2. Numerous quakes on El Hierro today. In the past 12 hours there have been six 3.0 or greater quakes, the largest being a 3.8 at about 15.45pm (GMT)

  3. Isnt that the area that caused a large tsunami long ago when the side of a Mt slid into the ocean? And that wave hit the east coast of the USA. Saw some thing on TV about it last year , that if the same thing happend now ( and it looks like its fracturing again ) a wave of about 100 to 200 ft would hit the east coast of the USA.

  4. The news has finally reached the UK.. the authorities seem to be taking the threats quite seriusly.

    “”I have never felt shaking like it,” said Herminio Barrera, 25, a mechanic in the town of La Frontera. “I notice it especially at night. We can also hear a rumbling and sounds from deep down.”

    A municipal official who asked not to be named told AFP that 53 residents and tourists had been evacuated to protect them from the occasional flying volcanic rock and the defence ministry said it was preparing emergency shelter for 2,000 people.

    “I am staying calm but there are people who are more worried, particularly those with children,” Mr Barrera told AFP. “We are very close to the mountain. My father-in-law left yesterday.”

    The Canary Islands regional government said it was in a state of pre-alert and was stocking drinking water and medical supplies, but officials played down any risk of a disaster.”

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