New island forming near El Hierro – Video

Video of underwater eruption as seen from the air.

Scientists and researchers have confirmed that the underwater eruption is currently located close to the coast of La Restinga at a depth of less that 150m and visible from land.

They also say that if the eruption follows its course, there may be a new small island emerging within 2 weeks.

El Hierro – Image courtesy of RapidEye AG

Juan Manuel Santana, Director General of Security, confirms that there is “bubbling” in the sea surface and pyroclastic material floating as a result of magma flowing in shallow waters.

I wonder if anyone is measuring water temperatures. With all that magma pouring into the sea, we must be looking at substantial ocean warming here.

Of course, someone will find a way to blame humans.

The underwater volcano off the coast of El Hierro has been given a name; it is to be known as  “1803-02″. The first two numbers correspond to the region (18 for Spain), the second two numbers correspond to the subregion (03 for the Canary Islands) and the last two numbers are the number of the volcano (02). 01 is the Teneguia volcano on La Palma and 01 is Teide on Tenerife.

This website seems very current with its El Hierro updates:

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