It. Does. Not. Quit.

“A storm of this severity and duration is rare in the middle of winter, maybe unprecedented in early October.”
Joran Gackle, Kulm Weatherman

See video of “Day 3 of the blizzard in Kulm, North Dakota. It. Does. Not. Quit.”

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6 thoughts on “It. Does. Not. Quit.”

  1. A few weeks back, I wrote about a local Big Box store running out of a particular soup-stew……..they still have not recovered the inventory for that product,……. and I got grief about it from some readers here……………But just recently I noticed a new thing at Panera Bread.

    My town has 2 of them. I frequent both, but last week I went to the “South” one and ordered what I have been ordering for the last few year, the “half-half” soup and salad and I always get the Greek Salad.

    Well, well, well. I noticed it was very different. Mostly lettuce. They used HALF of all the other ingredients. Usually there are 6-7 Olives…only 3…There are usually 6-7 Onion “rings”….now only 3…Before there were 2 Chili Peppers…now only one….Before there were 3-4 (small) tomatoes, cut in halves…while now there was only ONE cut into about 8 pieces.

    So, first I thought it was only this location, but 2 days ago I went to the “North” location, ordered the same thing….and got the EXACT same thing……..It appears one chain has made a real effort to decrease the ingredients…I wonder what is happening……Oh, there was even less Feta cheese……..Coincidence?

    • That’s because of the $15 minimum wage push and corporate eateries trying to extend profitability by reducing expenses. If the cost hasn’t changed by 1/5 of the ingredient list has been left off, guess what? The suckers ordering it have just been short changed out of their dining experience.

    • I know that you can’t be the only poster in the world with the handle “Centurian”, although it does seem to be fairly rare, but I used to post on FL1, when I lived in NYS, and one of my favorite posters there used that. Would you be him, by some slim chance? If so…VMS, here.

    • During the Fifties a UK Chancellor (the)( man was born out of wedlock) introduced a tax on sweets, a Mars Bar, my favourite tipple at that age (6 ish) went out of my weekly pocket money range and still shrank to half its size. That was my first experience of legalised theft via taxation without representation even at the age of six, my mother chuckled at my remonstrations.
      Capitalism is about providing a product that works, look the same, provided the same value that a given fraction of an 8 hr. days labour would produce. That time slice of value is then effected by commodities, availability and economic condition, and taxes imposed by the legalised theft organisations. When thing are going well a Mars bar will increase of time to twice the size of a bar in the middle of a heavily taxed recession.
      It’s just the same with milk teeth and the tooth fairy, then, it was a silver sixpence, now the tooth fairy has to have a C130 to carry the £25 quid in silver!

  2. no can watchee
    Ive noticed twit materials are unfriendly html5 format and wont play..even off twit and you cant bring up the file to upload save and get in pc programs to run them for the majority;-((

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