It has been cooling for 7,000 years – Must-see video

“We are in the midst of a perfectly, perfectly natural cycle,” says David Dilley, former NOAA meteorologist.


Cooling for past 7000 years

Seven thousand years ago there was 50 percent less ice in the Arctic than there is today, says Dilley. It has been cooling ever since, and it’s about to get worse.

The recent cold winters and expanding polar ice caps are ominous signs of a global cooling that has already begun, says Dilley.  Instead of warming, we need to worry about the coming 125-year cool period, which has already begun.

I ran this video a few days ago. If you haven’t seen it you must, MUST watch it. It will scare the pants off you.

In this must-see 49-minute video presentation – “Is Climate Change Dangerous?“- Mr. Dilley, CEO and senior research scientist at Global Weather Oscillations, Inc.,  explains why we need to focus on the real problem of a coming cooling.

During a glacial period you will have ice all the way down to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, says Dilley. During the last ice age, Central New England had ice a mile thick year round.

Dilley, who has forty-two years of professional experience in meteorology and climatology,  was with NOAA for twenty of those years.

The government is wrong with its claims of a coming warming, says Dilley, who accuses the federal government of fiddling with global temperature data thereby producing a false picture of what is going on.

Here are the points he makes in the video:

1. The 18+ years temperature pause is real. (4.09)
2. Natural cycles are behind the current pause.
3. Ice cores show CO2 lags temperature. (5.00)
4. 7000 years ago there was 50% less Arctic ice. (8.20)
5. The 1000-year cycle is real. (9.20)
6. Planet has been cooling over past 10,000 years. (9.34)
7. Natural cycles are driving our climate. (10.04)
8. Shows cooling from 2023 to 2150.
9. Current warming is perfectly natural.
10. Milankovitch cycles driving large-scale cycles. (13.00)
11. Gravitational forces can bulge Earth’s core by 1.4 km (15.35)
12. Gravitational forces impact global temperature (17.20)
13. Warming and cooling both begin at the poles (17.48)
14. Arctic warming/melt was caused by warm ocean pulses (19.50)
15. “Now starting to see a dramatic cooling in the Arctic“. (22.50)
16. “Arctic is cooling rapidly now. Rapidly!” (24.06)
17. Both poles are cooling rapidly now. (25.05(
18. Poles don’t show signs of warming. (26.30)
19. Western drought and Eastern cold due to 26-year cycle. (27.55)
20. Polar vortices due to Arctic/global cooling. (29.25)
21. Lunar cycles correlated with warming/cooling cycles. (31.30)
22. Rapid global cooling by 2019. (32.00)
23. “Temperature fiddling…more political than anything”. (32.56)
24. “Could be the biggest scientific scandal ever”. (33.20)
25. IPCC using “estimated temperatures”. (34.00)
26. How the government manipulated, rewrote data. (36.00)
27. “This is temperature fiddling.” Not the truth. (36.45)
28. NASA, NOAA’s “politically driven press releases”. (37.00)
29. Met Office calls NOAA’s 2014 claim untrue. (38.00)
30. Major data fiddling, cheating by NOAA. (39.50)
31. “The 97% consensus is bogus”. (41.00)
32. John Cook cooked the consensus data. (41.30)
33. 85% meteorologists say climate change is natural. (42.20)
34. Global cooling is the real danger. (43.20)
35. Volcanoes and cooling often correlated. (44.00)
36. Crop failures from cooling “very likely”. (45.45)
37. “Extremely cold” from 2025 to 2050. (46.36)
38. Global cooling next 125 years. (47.00)
39. “The cooling is coming”.

Thanks to Andrew Stranglen, Ronald Baker and Salvatore Del Prete for this info

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13 thoughts on “It has been cooling for 7,000 years – Must-see video”

  1. It’s not meant to scare your pants off. And it wont if you have an appreciation and some understanding of Geology, Time scales, and Earth’s climate history. What is truly scary to me is the vast numbers of people that have been persuaded to the AGW (opposing hypothesis) view that says we have already passed the climate tipping point, that it’s humanity’s fault and we must stop using ‘fossil’ fuel that emits CO2. A more rapid cool down has not set in quite yet, but the signs are beginning to show. Quite a lot of people could be in for a rude awakening.
    – – – – – – –
    Here is a good companion video from former television meteorologist John Coleman. I used to see him all the time on my local ABC affiliate WLS Channel 7 Television in Chicago.
    ‘How the Global Warming Scare Began’

    • If there’s one group of scientists that shouldn’t fall for the climate swindle, it’s geologists. Being one myself (M.Sc. and >40 years experience) I knew from the start that AGW is all nonsense. Those trained in chemistry, physics, statistics and history should also know better than to accept the conclusions of amateur scientists like Hansen and Mann.

  2. So he’s saying that we’re looking at a “little ice age” rather than a full-on regular ice age? I was a little confused by the graphs in the video, but I was not in a position to be able to pause them at the time. I’ll have to try to watch it again.

    So how do we plan to grow food? For example, would using green houses work? How many zones colder would you need to look at for vegetables and fruits? For example, if you’re currently in zone 7, would zone 5 be good to plan for? Zone 4? I’m trying to set up perennials and easy-to-reseed annuals that can tolerate colder temps and just wondering how cold I need to go! TIA!

  3. Solar activity is declining – what to expect?
    Is Earth slowly heading for a new ice age? Looking at the decreasing number of sunspots, it may seem that we are entering a nearly spotless solar cycle which could result in lower temperatures for decades. “The solar cycle is starting to decline. Now we have less active regions visible on the sun’s disk,” Yaireska M. Collado-Vega, a space weather forecaster at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, told

    But does it really mean a colder climate for our planet in the near future? In 1645, the so-called Maunder Minimum period started, when there were almost no sunspots. It lasted for 70 years and coincided with the well-known “Little Ice Age”, when Europe and North America experienced lower-than-average temperatures. However, the theory that decreased solar activity caused the climate change is still controversial as no convincing evidence has been shown to prove this correlation.

  4. It is interesting to note that the oak trees leaves are already turning brown and falling in my neighborhood at the Jersey shore . They never turned this early ten years ago…. Not that these plants know something that we don’t. But they may know something the AGW zealots don’t ! LOL.

    • I noticed the same thing myself whilst passing Dunville Park in Belfast (N.I.) this morning. In fairly calm sunny conditions the leaves were spiralling down to the ground. There was a significant amount of leaves on the ground which made the scene look more like mid September.

    • Maples turning colour early here in Scotland too–about 10 days earlier than the previous earliest I recorded in 2010—the year we got the worst December cold for 100 years.

  5. Andrew5; great post however we have already passed a climate tipping point, the direction of which is towards a mini Ice Age, not Warming as the AGW’s would have us believe. A rude awakening indeed.

  6. Robert the majority of the public need to have the pants scared off them and their butts kicked by the real world. It is the only lesson that will get through to them unfortunately. TV is the worst thing to happen to humanity because it has people brainwashed by lies and fairy tales told by the powers that be.
    Deprogramming will be brutal.

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