It is now overdue for the next ice age to start

There is nothing we can do to stop it but we may be able to learn to live with it.


It is now overdue for the next ice age to start

Joseph Kraig

The earth has been warming from way before man used fossil fuels. We’ve been warming since the end of the last Ice Age, it’s normal and it is normal for sea levels to rise with the warming as ice melts.

For the last couple million years or so we’ve had ice ages that have lasted about one hundred thousand years and then warmed a little for about ten thousand years. We are at the long end of one of those ten-thousand year periods. It is now overdue for the next ice age to start. There is nothing we can do to stop it but we may be able to learn to live with it.

We need to harness nuclear and fossil fuels to the best of our ability. We need to learn how to indoor farm.

Perhaps we can reduce the depth, that is keep the ice farther north than in the past ice ages by spreading soot, coal ash over snow in lower latitudes, but we must stop this insane idea of man-made global warming.

Instead of thinking of blocking the sun as Bill Gates proposes we need to learn how to reflect more of it to earth.

Previous to the present age the most wonderful time for mankind and civilization was the Roman Warm period. We still aren’t as warm as then. Temperatures have been falling for the last 8,000 years.

The worst time in modern history was the Maunder Minimum, or what we now call the Dark Ages. Millions of people died of starvation, disease and wars. When we started warming after the Maunder we called that period the awakening or Renaissance. The next mini ice age or full on ice age could easily kill Billions.

Ignorance is not bliss. Al gore was at the bottom of his class. Bill Gates was a drop out. They could possibly be intelligent but they are ignorant about climate science.

The truth is easy to find if you look. Don’t take the word of people who don’t have facts. When someone tells you this is the warmest period in history you know they are ignorant of the truth or liars, look at temperatures from just 90 years ago.

Read, don’t be ignorant.

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  1. Robert the Dark ages proper started in the 5th century with the down fall of the Roman empire and ended some where around the 10th century and yes mini ice ages were part of the problem. Still there is a linkage between climate issues and political , social and economic problems.

    • The Dark Age started in the year 536AD. It was called the Dark age because it actually was Dark for 18 months in many areas of the planet. Half the population of the planet died of starvation. You can’t grow anything in the dark and I am sure it was colder too.
      There were some good articles on the year 536AD on google, but the last time I looked, I couldn’t find them? Maybe Google removed them for some reason? I believe it was figured out that 3 large volcanoes went off about the same time, which caused the Darkness for 18 months.

  2. When (not if) the Iceman Cometh (and he will), civilization will either collapse in its entirety or we’ll be moving (somehow) to other planets in other systems. Living on Saturn’s moon Titan would be no better than staying on Ice Age Earth. The longest cold period (on this continent) in the last 600,000 years is the Nebraska cold period (180,000 years in length) and those before it and after it look like a giant sine wave.
    We are 18,000 years INTO this warm period.
    It appears more and more that the only thing staving off the prolonged cold is the four greenhouse gases that inhabit the atmosphere (nitrous oxide, methane, CO2, water vapor, not in that order).
    And CO2 is what keeps plants alive so what is the REAL problem, again?
    Let’s just keep the place clean, shall we?

    • At least we can breath on this earth regardless of the temps. Try breathing on Titan with its abundance of methane and ammonia. Then you have to deal with Saturns intense radiation.

      No thanks. I’ll stay here on earth.

      • At least we can breath on this earth ?
        No, that is being taken away. Dr. Fraudci wants everyone to start wearing 4 masks due to this scamdemic. One can hardly breath wearing one.

      • Excellent choice, however we should continue encouraging others to head for Titan since only fools will leave and it will result in more room for non-fools here on lovely Earth.

    • The idea of living on other planets is loony in the extreme. It takes millions of tons of fuel to launch a rocket to another planet. 99%+ of a rocket’s weight is fuel. Transporting anything to another planet that would allow humans to live there is prohibitively expensive in both money and fuel. No nearby planet has a breathable atmosphere or enough light and heat to grow anything.

      • It’s my greatest hope that the invasive species of humanity never leaves this Prison planet. Our entire history is exploitation and war. Take care of what we have.

  3. Canada already exports tomatoes and herbs to the US year round. Grown indoors hydroponically under grow lights.
    Essentially they are exporting hydroelectric power in the form of tomatoes and herbs.

  4. ‘We must stop this insane idea of global warming’
    And we must also stop the insane idea of Bill Gates about
    covering the sun to stop global warming:
    Doesn’t he know that when erupting Volcanoes do this it brings on seasons when no crops will grow i.e. 1815 ‘the year without summer’.

    • Gates is not stupid – he knows what he’s doing. You have to read it in context of his larger goal – reduction of the world’s population by some 90%.

  5. Indeed. You need to look back hundreds of thousands if not millions of years to truly understand Earth’s climate cycles. Yes we are overdue for another ice age, will it come tomorrow?, probably not, but it will come sooner or later. Mother nature knows her stuff, and she is infinitely older and more powerful than this little thing called man.

  6. Well, I am totally on your/our side Robert. But, you have to comment when an author says that the Maunder Minimum was called the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages were 500 AD to 1000 AD, hundreds of years before the Maunder Minimum.

  7. I think it’s important to be careful of our terminology when it comes to describing climate. Otherwise there’s a danger of confusion.
    In geological terms, during any time period when there’s a permanent (perennial) ice cap at either pole, Earth is said to be in an ice age. For maybe 85% of geological history, there were no permanent ice caps at the poles, so polar ice caps – and therefore ice ages – are unusual.
    Around 34 million years ago, an ice-free Antarctica started to accumulate permanent ice, due to the breaking of the land bridge between Antarctica and South America, which allowed the establishment of the circumpolar ocean current. So, in correct geological terms, Earth has been in an ice age continuously since that time. The Arctic also grew a semi-permanent ice cap about 2-3 million years ago, although it’s clearly thinner and much more prone to occasional melting. Having a permanent ice cap at BOTH poles at the same time is especially unusual and tells us our planet is currently much colder than normal.

    So, we’ve been in the same ice age for 34 million years now. Only the severity of the cold varies, in a cyclical pattern, with full glacial conditions lasting some 90,000-100,000 years interrupted by milder interglacial periods of about 10,000 years in between.
    Our current interglacial warm spell, called the Eocene, started around 10,000-11,000 years ago and all of the human history we know of has occurred during that time. But yes, time is running out and the Eocene isn’t going to last very much longer.

    We’re going to need a means to keep warm for the next 90,000 years and windmills and solar panels won’t achieve that. We may have enough fossil fuels for the next couple of centuries and atomically fissile and fertile elements like uranium, plutonium, and thorium may give us another thousand years beyond that. But either successful fusion reactors or currently unknown energy sources will be needed for the rest of the imminent glacial period.

    The fear of global warming is a contrived fear born of political motives. Paleo-climate studies show us unequivocally that a warmer world has always been a more liveable and more abundant world. It’s not warmth we need to fear; it’s the ferocious cold of the next glacial period.

  8. I agree that we are headed into another ice age, and that this interglacial is waning.

    When the last ice maximum ended 18,000 years ago, it took 10,000 years for the ice to melt, sea levels were higher than they are now, temperatures were warmer – scientists call it the climatic optimum, I call it the warmest period of the interglacial – and that was 7,000 -11,000 years ago.

    Since those highest temps, the curve has slowly gone over and temps have been decreasing in cyclical fashion, and we are now in the acceleration phase of the temperature decline.

    From a chartist viewpoint, a confirmation would be a break below the little ice age temps.

    Just think, during the Roman warming people ran around naked. Then we plunged into the Little Ice Age and we went into the Dark Age. So weather is correlated with human societal norms.

    So if we go back into an ice age, human society will trend into severe repression – just as we can see unfolding right now with the New World Order and world police state, global surrveillance, etc.

  9. Listen to Douglas Vogt about the causes of ice-ages . The proof that the sun novas is on the moon and the other planets and also here on earth . You must be open to observe it , because you will not find clues in mainstream science . The more you study his viewpoints the more convincing our adam and eve story becomes .Praise for Velikovski who initiated this perspective based upon our first human written experiences .

  10. According to Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers and Douglas Vogt of The Diehold Foundation, an ice age starts suddenly and violentlyat the time of a geomagnetic reversal when the Sun novas. The heat from the nova on the Sun side of the planet engulfs the world in steam from the oceans. The sudden reduction of atmospheric pressure on the night side of the planet, as air rushes to equalize the low atmospheric pressure, causes a catastrophic cooling which causes an instant ice age. This catastrophic cooling is exacerbated by the nova dust shell arriving some 18 hours later, which darkens the Sun. Robert Felix, the owner of this website, also believes that geomagnetic reversals cause ice ages, but he does not believe in the nova hypothesis. Instead he believes that the massive cosmic ray flux during the geomagnetic reversal causes massive land and sea volcanic eruptions, which cool the planet and drive the snow storms that bring on the ice age.

    Right now the Earth’s magnetic field is in the process of weakening and reversing.

    • Is the Earth’s Magnetic Field related in any way to a nova of the Sun?

      And, yes, the (hyper detailed) Videos by Vogt are amazing and so is the series of videos by Ben Davidson concerning the Sun blowing off it’s “outer shell” every now and then.

      I could NOT stop watching them. Especially when they tie in the manned Flights to the Moon, and their reasons of WHY we went to the moon in the first place.

      Of course the “Adam and Eve” book they talk about is frightening.

      If those guys are correct, then someday we are in a “world” of hurt. Vogt actually gives an EXACT date for the next Nova but I can not remember. It is in around 30 (?) years from now. Vogt it either a total genius or a great spinner of Stories.

  11. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” – Orwell

    …the Dark Ages. Millions of people died of starvation, disease, Vatican inquisitions/purges, French Revolutions, major flu hoax(s), WWWcons [both kinds], Agitpropcons, Covidcons, Vaxxicons, Mask-a-thons, lockup/lockdown-a-thons ww… TPTB are not ignorant or innocent… same ‘actors’, same motives same MO/eugenics for the same old game… we’ve always been In The Dark Age(s) [and Ice Age(s)] as the hard and soft kill democides of today are still being covered up in real time, fake histories erased, fabricated or re-written over and over again… and the temporary Age(s)_of_Enlightenment (logos) are likely just that, very brief windows of time for all but the very few PTB. Note the current Memory_hole(ing), engineered logosless/idiocracy and democide increasing exponentially by the day ww now.
    Are we not… right here, right now… living in a relatively Dark [and Ice] Age ‘normal’… as per Orwell, RWF et al?
    ht tps://
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    Only the actual [not recorded] undisturbed geological and fossil records contain any guaranteed factual history records. The main demociders (genie’s of genocide deciders) are the ultimate ongoing end of any/every current day… ‘his’… ‘story’… deciders.
    ht tps://

    Logically this blog is, more now than ever, actually about the ongoing [or currently increasing]: ‘Dark Ice Age Now’ as the internet ‘Temporary Age_of_ [likely relatively very modest] Enlightenment’ is likely coming to a close or a major dumbing down as the end of this interglacial and/or mini/maxi Ice Age cold/precip accum and tectonics/volcanism and Technocracy tyranny ramps up again… enjoy while many of the ‘systems’ including the current ‘AI… Mr. Roboto’ right here, right now are still functional… and the lights still come on and function better than Mr. Biden’s;)

    • Wow, it’s always big business, big toys per usual with you Oly.

      When complete, the new bridges will take traffic up and over a series of engineered avalanche paths designed to direct future sliding snow, rock and debris between the piers and towards Keechelus Lake.

      Obviously more that a few PTB big project planners are also expecting/planning for it [not] to be different this time ? [that’s Ice Age-wise]

  12. id love to be able to see the planet after the ice grows and the oceans drop back to their older levels
    just to laugh at all the now distant from shoreline mega mansions of the rich n nasties
    waterless marinas and posh homeswaaaay from the waterviews theyd paid so much for;-))

  13. Don’t forget, Ice Ages always start when we are at the warmest and warming start when we are at the coldest….

  14. None of us alive today will have to deal with an “Ice Age”, as we all remember from the pictures in our Elementary Books.

    Colder, yes. Less food, yes, More snow to shovel? Yes.

    The only way we will suffer an ICE AGE is if snow falls massively and it does not melt much, with another snow dump. Rinse and Repeat.

    I don’t see that happening in our life times.

    • Of course as it takes years and years and years for ice to expand into the states none of us will live today to see that.but the effects on food prizes and colder snower longer winters we could experience.there a reason the cycle last 90 to 100 thousands years humans are only alive to to experience at the most 75 to 100 years worth of weather.

  15. Stick with Cap at Electroverse, Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers, David at Adapt 20/30, Diamond at Oppenheimer Ranch and the wonderful Tony Heller; these courageous climate observers tell it like should be told.

  16. The problem with climate commentary is that, having made points once, there’s little new to add. As we’ve said time-and-again:

    The 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch lasted from 14,400 YBP, when continental Wṻrmian ice-sheets ended after a cyclical Pleistocene Ice Age lasting 102-kiloyears. Skewed 1,500 years by the meteorite/volcanic Younger Dryas “cold shock” of 11,950 – 10,450 YBP (at Sol’s requisite 27.5-million year passage through the Milky Way Galaxy’s ecliptic), that benign interstadial remission ended in 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum to AD 1420 presaging a 500-year Little Ice Age through 1850/1890.

    Now 670 years into a new Ice Age, a plate-tectonic phenomenon recurring regular-as-clockwork from Late Pliocene times 3.6 million YBP, within 2 – 3 millennia some 60% of Earth’s habitable landmasses will lie beneath two miles of glacial ice. Given today’s human population of some 7.8 billion souls, either 90% remove off-planet during the next few centuries, or seven billion deep-frozen hominids will wish they had.

  17. Replying to ‘interested’, Thorium is very abundant here on earth. More so than uranium. Thorium salt reactors have been built experimentally here in the US. The development of these reactors which are also safer was halted by the US government so they could obtain plutonium from the uranium fission process. They wanted the plutonium to make bombs. If we run out of energy it is the governments fault in more ways than one.

  18. An Ice Age is not a problem. The world’s population my be reduced to 3 billion people, but that is plenty. People living within 4,000 of the equator will thrive. Within 4,000 miles of the poles where the ground is always covered with thick ice, instead of billions the population may be 60,000 because the population may primarily be limited to what food they can get from the oceans. However, that is more than enough for genetic diversity.

  19. I never heard of a Sun Nova? What is the difference between that and a Super Nova?
    What exactly happens when the Sun Novas?
    Just curious.

  20. Much as I am curious to see what happens, Ice Ages happen over geologic time. Barring catastrophic geoengineering projects or supervolcano eruptions, the next Ice Age will not start building significant ice caps until everyone posting here is long gone. Good luck to our descendants who will have to deal with this.

  21. Man make artifacts have been found in the last 200 years in strata that is 100s of thousands old to even millions of years old, Humans or some intelligent human like being has been on this planet for one bitching long time. Present human being are just the living manifestation of these many civilizations that have existed between and during the several ice ages through the millions of years.

  22. When I consider the coming ice age, the Covid fraud, the Federal Reserve counterfeiting racket, the communist takeover of the entire solar system, voting machines, television ‘news’, space weapons, rap music, Hollywood, peak oil, driverless cars, Obamacare, and AOC, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be old. My only worry is that I am still in such good health.

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